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World History Chapter 14D

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1 World History Chapter 14D
The Hundred Years’ War and the Plague

2 A Church Divided Philip IV of France breaks the power of the Pope
Philip gets the College of Cardinals to choose a French Pope (Clement V) The new Pope moves from Rome to Avignon, France When Gregory XI dies while visiting Rome a new Pope is chosen The College of Cardinals picks Urban VI (an Italian)

3 Continued French Cardinals don’t like the choice and pick Clement VII a few months later Urban VI and Clement VII call each other “false Popes” This begins the Great Schism By the time of the Council of Constance (1414) there will be three Popes With the help of the Holy Roman Emperor, Martin V will be selected as the genuine Pope and the Great Schism will end With all the problems of the Catholic Church professors will challenge the Church

4 Pope Martin V

5 John Wycliffe John Wycliffe (Englishman) will state that Jesus Christ, not the Pope, was the true head of the Church Wycliffe will also teach that the Bible alone-not the Pope-was the final authority for Christian life

6 John Wycliffe

7 John Huss John Huss (Bohemia)-taught that the authority of the Bible was higher than the Pope

8 The Bubonic Plague Strikes
Approximately 1/3 of Europe’s population died of the deadly disease also known as the Black death The plague began in Asia It was spread along the trade routes It shows-up first in Sicily on a Genoese merchant ship It ripped communities apart Jews were blamed for the plague It will kill almost 25 million Europeans

9 Effects of the Plague Reduced the population Trade declined
Prices rose Farmland was abandoned Serfs left Manors Manor systems crumbled Peasant revolts occurred The Church lost prestige People become pessimistic People become occupied with something other than religion Middle Ages society collapses

10 The Hundred Years’ War Reasons for the War
Last Capetian king dies without a successor Edward III claims the French Throne

11 Major Battles Battle of Crecy-English victory
English archers win the battle Key weapon used was the English longbow Battle of Agincourt-English victory Battle of Poitiers-English victory

12 Joan of Arc She believed that heavenly voices spoke to her
The voices said to drive the English out of France and crown Charles VII, King of France She led French troops to victories over the English (Orleans) She was captured by Burgundians and turned over to the English The English find her guilty of witchcraft and burn her at the stake (May 30, 1431) She will become a saint

13 Joan of Arc

14 Charles VII

15 Impact of the Hundred Years’ War
At the end of the war England only retains the port city of Calais War raises the power and prestige of the French monarch War gave birth to a feeling of nationalism for England and France War strengthened the English Parliament (“power of the purse”) Considered the end of the Middle Ages

16 Complete Your Test Review
After the Quiz Complete Your Test Review

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