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Africa as a Global Player in the Supply and Demand of Energy Nithin Seenivasan Frank Südbeck FH Aachen, Jülich. 4 th November, 2011.

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1 Africa as a Global Player in the Supply and Demand of Energy Nithin Seenivasan Frank Südbeck FH Aachen, Jülich. 4 th November, 2011

2 Contents of the Presentation 1.Introduction 2.Fossil Fuels in Africa 3.Uranium in Africa 4.Renewable Energies in Africa 5.Problems plaguing Africa 6.Possible Solutions 7.Conclusion 8.References

3 Facts About Africa I Population: – 920 Mio. people – 2,3% annual growth – Nigeria is the most populous country (162,471,000 inhabitants) Size: – 30 322 573 km² – Algeria is the largest country (2,381,741 km²) Sources: UN, African Development Bank, creative commons

4 Facts About Africa II GDP per Capita: – Africa (average)970 USD/a – Burundi300 USD/a – Germany 35.700 USD/a Life expectancy: – Africa54,4 years – Lesotho45,6 years – Germany80,1 years (retirement age 67) Sources: CIA, African Development Bank

5 Energy in Africa Source: Source: “Oil and Gas Journal”, 2005

6 Fossil Fuel in Africa

7 Proved Oil and Gas Reserves in Africa Source: BP 19.10.2011

8 Source: Afrique Avenir – Rise of African oil production Oil Production in Africa

9 Oil consumption Source: BP Although Africa has about 15% of the world‘s population and has a 12% share in global Oil Production it only consumes 3% of the globally consumed oil

10 Gas Production and Consumption in Africa

11 Potential Huge Oil and gas fields are expected to be found in Africa: Ghana, Kenia, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda are currently investing for on- and offshore hydrocarbon exploration Not necessarily good news for Climate activists and CO2 reduction policies!

12 Coal Reserves Source: BP Statistical review of world energy June 2010

13 Coal Production South Africa has Africa's only significant coal reserves. It had 2009 coal production of 250.02 million tonnes, 4.13% of the world total. South Africa is the world’s third largest coal exporting country, exporting around 25% of its production internationally Total proved reserves 80408 Mt.

14 Coal Consumption Electricity generation accounts for 43% of all coal consumed in South Africa (1997 estimate). Around 35% of liquid fuel used in South Africa is derived from coal Still a primary energy source for cooking, lighting and heating in many lower income families

15 Uranium in Africa

16 Uranium Reserves Source: World Nuclear Association Source: BBC, Sept 2002

17 Renewable Energy in Africa

18 Solar Energy in Africa Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory

19 Solar Collectors Covering 0.3 Percent of the Sahara Could Power All of Europe Source: Popular Science, 22 Jun 09

20 DESERTEC Source: Desertec Foundation

21 Current Utilization of Solar Energy Source:

22 Wind Potential in Africa Source: Global Energy Network Institute

23 Biomass in Africa

24 Source:

25 Hydropower Potential vs Installed Capacity Source:

26 Hydropower Ethiopias Millennium Dam Project: -5,250 MW of electricity -4.7 U$ Billion investment -Operation start planned for 2017

27 “If Africa is so richly endowed with natural resources and such a huge potential for renewable resources, why is it still not a Global Player in Energy export?” The Trillian Dollar question

28 Problems Businesses Face Most problematic factors for doing business in Africa

29 Political Risks Source: Aon Risk Map, 2011

30 Political Risks – The Libya Example Source: African Development Bank

31 Possible Solutions I Millennium Development Goals “They are the eight international development goals that all 193 United Nations member states and at least 23 international organizations have agreed to achieve by the year 2015 ” Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women Goal 4: Reduce child mortality rates Goal 5: Improve maternal health Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability Goal 8: Develop a global partnership for development

32 Possible Solution II Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Source:

33 Conclusion Africa has the theoretical Renewable Energy Potential to power the whole world, so there is no doubt that Africa is richly endowed with Energy Resources. But it’s biggest obstacle today is ITSELF, since political instability and poor governance hinders rapid development. The Global Community has the duty to help Africa solve its internal problems and to develop its Energy sector in a Clean and Sustainable way, for the Energy future and Environmental benefit of the world.

34 References %20Global%20Economic%20Trends-3Q2011.pdf ook_2010_web.pdf etitiveness_Report_2011-1.pdf y-in-south-africa-at-a-glance&Itemid=123 ment%20-%20Oil%20and%20Gas%20in%20Africa.pdf

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