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Comprehensive Review of National Development Strategies Lesotho.

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1 Comprehensive Review of National Development Strategies Lesotho

2 National Planning Framework There is currently no national operational document covering the period 2007-2015/20 However, various national development policy documents exist –Vision 2020 –National Goals –Millennium Development Goals + 5 Report –Poverty Reduction Strategy 2004/5-2006/7 –Sectoral policy papers (Agriculture, Health, Education HIV & AIDS etc.) Process of harmonizing these planning documents is underway

3 Ambition: Are the targets aligned with the MDGs? National Vision and PRS aligned to MDGs 9 PRS Priorities – Mapped to MDG targets and indicators MDGs give targets and indicators – PRS articulates priorities and strategies for the achievement of the MDGs Overriding development objectives are to: –Create wealth and accelerate economic growth from an average of 3% to 7% per annum – Reduce poverty

4 MDGPRS Priority(ies)IndicatorMDG indicator 1990 National target 2015 Ambition GOAL 1 Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Employment creation and income generation Increase agriculture and food security Developing infrastructure Population below Poverty line Unemployment rate Proportion of undernourished people in total population 59% 23.4% 27% 29% 15% 14% Equal GOAL 2 Achieve Universal Primary Education Improving quality and access to education Net enrollment rate76%100%Equal GOAL 3 Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women Deepening Democracy, Governance, Safety and Security Primary education per 100 boys Proportion of seats held by women in the National Assembly 121 4% 100 30% Equal GOAL 4 Reduce Child Mortality Improving quality and access to essential health care Under-five mortality rate per 1000 live births 113 (2000)37Equal GOAL 5 Improve Maternal Health Improving quality and access to essential health care Maternal mortality rate per 100,000 births 282 (1993)70Equal GOAL 6 Combat the Spread of HIV/ AIDS, and TB Integrating HIV/AIDS, Gender, Youth and Children into sectoral plans (mainstreaming) Adults (15-49) HIV prevalence Death rates associated with sputum positive TB 4% (1990), 23.2%(2005 ) 10% 17% 6% GOAL 7 Ensure Environmental Sustainability Managing and conserving the environment Soil erosion (lost top soil per annum in million tons) Proportion of people without access to safe drinking water 40 36% 20 19%Equal GOAL 8 Develop a Global Partnership for devpt.

5 Check listStatus in Lesotho Scope All MDGs are included in PRS and other national policy documents Rigor There is a draft intervention based analysis of the inputs needed to achieve the MDGs which needs to be reviewed and validated Timeframe Yes (draft). Broken in two 5 year time frame (2006-2010, 2011-2015) Financing Yes (draft), guided by Millennium Project benchmarks for sub-saharan Africa M&E To be developed.

6 National process for MDG-based Planning – Way forward MilestonesTime lineChallengesUN support Political endorsement of proposed process MarchRC follows up with minister Institutional arrangements put in placeMarchFunding, facilitation and donor mobilization Needs assessment buy in by stakeholders (MDG+5 report - part B) March- May Coordination of stakeholders Funding and technical support National MDG Indicators and Targets for 2015 reviewed and validated by stakeholders March- May Data availabilityTechnical support Road map for MDG based PRS implementation developed JuneTechnical support Review and roll over of MDG-based PRS (2007-2010) – using sectoral plans May- November Stakeholders participation Harmonization of sectoral plans Technical support, funding, donor mobilization Alignment of PRS (2007-2010) and MDG reviewed and validated May- November Same as above Develop M&E framework for MDGMar-DecCapacity in the governmentTechnical support

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