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Best of Breed Unified Communications Virtual Platform Solutions for GCAAU Steve Boston Convergence Engineer.

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1 Best of Breed Unified Communications Virtual Platform Solutions for GCAAU Steve Boston Convergence Engineer

2 Agenda Business User Communications Unified Communications Midsize Business Template 2

3 Unified Communications Leads to Improved Business Outcomes 3 Productivity Speed & Execution Effectiveness & Efficiency Content and Context Customers Simplification Availability Responsiveness Collaboration Work Flow Decision Making Social Network Cost Collaborative & Mobile Expenses Customer control & retention Opportunity costs Unified Communications

4 What are your current challenges? Reduce the IT Budget Remain competitive Prepare for the future Mergers and acquisitions, downsizing

5 Business and Operations Continuity Business Continuity Planning –Should be integral part of Continuity Planning –Uninterrupted operations in crisis or planned event –Capabilities are in place before you need them –Employees have full access to their office communications and information at alternate location –Includes all employees essential personnel, remote Small Office Home Office (SOHO) teleworkers On the go mobility workers F L O O D Severe Weather Tornado Earthquake F I R E Business continuity planning is driving Unified Communications as a contingency solution

6 Unified Communications Enables the Effective Anywhere Worker Access to Office Communications Capabilities Employees have access to all features and functionality as their co-workers and more Client or Browser-based Access Employees have an option to connect using client-based software or a browser from their home computer One Number Access Employees in-bound calls will ring simultaneously on their office phone and up to four wireline and mobile phones Presence/Instant Messaging/E-mail Employees know who is available at any given time and how to reach them Broadband or Dial-up Support Employees can connect over broadband or dial-up while using home line or cellular for voice VPN Remote Telephone Employees can have an Avaya IP telephone in their home Mobility Employees can access their office communications through most mobile devices

7 Intelligent access in various settings TeleworkerCampus RoamerRoad WarriorDesk Worker Home/ Remote Office Desktop Voice, Video, IM, Presence Web Collaboration MS Outlook, Lotus Notes MS Communicator, Sametime WiFi Dual-mode Mobile One Number Speech Access Conferencing Speech

8 Adaptable For different users, needs, industries Simple to use and deploy Contextual How and where you work Analytics and intelligent assistance Business process integration Multimodal Speech, mobile devices, PCs, phones Video, Web 2.0, collaboration, kiosks Open Multivendor integration, no lock-in Industry standards Business User Communications

9 Avaya Multi-Vendor Best of Breed UC Solutions 9 Unified Messaging Audio, Video, Web Conferencing Mobility Speech Access IP Telephony, Presence Instant Messaging, Presence Email & PIM Web Conference Unified Communications Award Winning #1 Award Winning #1

10 Avaya UC All Inclusive 10 Avaya one-X® Communicator Available Optional Video Avaya one-X Portal® Microsoft OCS IBM® Lotus® Sametime VPNremoteAvaya one-X® Mobile Standard or Enterprise Edition System Manager Session Manager Application Enablement Presence Communication Manager Avaya Aura Extension to Cellular Avaya one-X® Speech Included with Modular Messaging Avaya one-X® Speech Included with Modular Messaging

11 Enhanced Collaborative Communications Avaya Telephony & Microsoft Office Communicator 11 Quicker, more intelligent access to colleagues / greater efficiency – Status info (presence) – Multiple modes of contact (IM, voice, email) – Tag contacts Avaya enabled telephony in OC – Click to Call in OC, SmartTags – Escalate IM to call – Phone & OC stay in synch – Presence is shared – Call Control - Hold, Transfer, etc. Optional Avaya feature tab with Avaya one-X ® Communicator

12 Ubiquitous Telephony Presence* Microsoft Office Communicator * Provided the user is logged into Microsoft Office Communicator one-X Deskphone (SIP or H.323) TDM / Analog Office Cell Phone: Extension to Cellular / Avaya one-X Mobile Mobile Teleworker/ Remote one-X Communicator one-X Portal one-X Portal IP Softphone Any Phone IP Softphone VPN Remote

13 OCS Presence in Avaya one-X Avaya one-X ® Communicator Avaya one-X ® Portal OCS presence: Available Busy Off Line OCS presence: Available Busy Off Line Aggregated presence: Telephony + OCS today; more in future

14 Office Worker Desk Phone Call Control Voice My Desk Desk Phone Call Control Voice Visiting Desk WAN or LAN Enterprise Mobility User Optional Maintain enterprise identity/presence for all inbound/outbound calls Optimum voice quality & call control

15 Teleworker/Remote Worker 15 VoIP via PBX Call Control Voice Call Control Any PhonePC Call Control VoIP via PBX VPN Phone Virtual Office Remote Worker Hotel / Internet Only Teleworker Optional Maintain enterprise identity/presence for all inbound/outbound calls Optimum voice quality & call control

16 Mobility Solutions for Remote Workers Enterprise communications in the palm of your hand Avaya one-X® Mobile –Visual Voice Mail, Call Logs, Call Routing, Dial through PBX –Single-Number, Single-Identity, Single-Voice Mail, Single-Telephony Presence –UC version supported on Windows Mobile 5 or 6, RIM, Palm, J2ME, iPhone –Telephony version supported on Windows Mobile 5 or 6, Symbian Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile –Enterprise IM/Presence –Supported on Windows Mobile 5 or 6, Nokia S40, Motorola Razr Avaya one-X ® Mobile Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile Device Level Unification split screen for illustration purposes only Easier to reach and connect with colleagues One number access Lower cell phone bills Easier to reach and connect with colleagues One number access Lower cell phone bills

17 Avaya one-X® Speech Personal Assistant eyes-free / hands-free / speaker independent 17 Follow Me! …and have all your calls flexibly forwarded to you wherever you are. When am I free today? …keep track of your time wherever you are! Schedule a reminder …and let yourself be called at any number and reminded, so you wont forget any of your tasks or appointments! Read my messages …voicemail and/or email. Filter by status or by sender. You can reply, forward, delete, … Send a message …to a contact, to a voicemail mailbox or somebody within your corporate directory. Make a call …to one of your contacts, somebody within your corporate directory or simply speak the number you want to call! personal assistant that learns session based concatenated speech iterate between applications

18 Simplified, Efficient Messaging Avaya Modular Messaging & Microsoft Exchange Email, voice mail, fax accessible simultaneously Flexible access enhances productivity –via touch-tone based menu –via Outlook –via browser –via speech Notification options support faster responses to customers & colleagues –MWI, Call Me, Find Me, Notify Me (Automatic & Caller Requested) –Message store options to meet enterprise needs Exchange Separate store for voice

19 Effective Group Collaboration: Avaya Meeting Exchange integrated to Outlook Meeting Efficiency Schedule Conferences in Outlook with access to key information & features Click-to-Join

20 Unified Conferencing Microsoft Live Meeting integrated with Meeting Exchange – Live Meeting from Service Provider – Live Meeting from OCS Integrated audio controls in participant roster: – Mute individuals – Mute All – Lock Conference – Hang up participants – Add new participants – Dial out to add new participants Click to join Live Meeting from Outlook invitation

21 21 Making Communications Simpler and More Cost Effective for Enterprises of All Sizes Avaya Aura for Midsize Enterprises with System Platform technology 21© 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

22 22 Evolving Avaya Core Architecture Avaya Aura includes: Session Manager Application Enablement Presence System Manager Communication Manager System Platform technology BranchStandardEnterprise

23 23 Avaya Aura Solution for Midsize Enterprises How It Works… Communication Manager / CM Messaging SIP Enablement Services Application Enablement Services Media Gateways + Survivable Servers (for each app) from… Simple to add further applications on separate servers UC all Inclusive Contact Center Express SUPERVISOR 3 rd Party Applications + Embedded Survivable Servers Meeting Exchange Modular Messaging Up to 2400 users, 250 locations High Availability backup server High Availability backup server Integrated install, backup, upgrades Integrated install, backup, upgrades Secure remote monitoring to… S8800 Midsize Enterprise Solution with Avaya Aura System Platform technology Utilities Server (DHCP, HTTPS)

24 24 Avaya Aura Midsize Business Template 5.2 Network Diagram Overview H.323 SIP Other Applications: One-X Portal, MM, etc. JTAPI, Web services, … PSTN Web console HTTPs S8800 System Platform software Midsize Business Template Optional: S8800 High Availability standby server Same apps as Main server Private network connection WAN Network Switch Optional: Gxxx/LSP: Not on System Platform (250 gateways) Optional : H.248 media gateway to support Analog and TDM T1/E1 SIP Analog phones, Modems, FAX Analog Gxxx/S83xx CM 5.2 LSP with gateway

25 Thank You!

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