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Vodacom Microsoft Hosted Lync

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1 Vodacom Microsoft Hosted Lync

2 Microsoft Hosted Lync

3 What is Microsoft Hosted Lync?
Presence Desktop Sharing Instant Messaging Online Whiteboard Video Conferencing

4 Lync to Lync – VOIP &Video
Microsoft Hosted Lync Microsoft Lync is a unified communications platform suited for organizations of all sizes. With Lync, users can keep track of their contacts’ availability; send an IM; start or join an audio, video, or web conference; or make a phone call—all through a consistent, familiar interface. Instant Messaging & Presence Lync to Lync – VOIP &Video Lync Meetings Enterprise Voice – SIP trunks IM & Conferencing Voice

5 Microsoft Hosted Lync Features
PSTN Calling Features Integrated Presence: Integrated presence across all Microsoft applications allows you to see who’s available to connect with. Hover over a users presence icon to display a contact card And menu that can be used to initiate a conversation from the application you’re using. Contact Card: View detailed contact information, organizational charts. Instant Messaging: Get in touch with someone quickly when a phone call may not be appropriate. Conversation history can be saved, inclusive of participants, dates and times. Posting messages: Text, images, file posts, hyperlinks and emoticons are all supported. Filters and notifications: Automatic notifications can be created when messages of interest are posted. Anywhere access: Calls can be made from a desktop, laptop or mobile device without requiring a VPN Device Switching: Switch from a headset to a speakerphone without interrupting a call or without having to place the call on hold. Call Handling: Answer a call or have it forwarded to voice mail, a mobile phone or another PSTN number, or to a person assigned to answer calls. Collaboration: Work together as if in the same room, across the globe. Program or desktop sharing: Share programs or the entire desktop in one click. Whiteboards and polling: Share a common whiteboard or initiate a poll directly from within a lync meeting. Seamless Transition to include video: Transition to a video conversation with just one click from a multi-party IM or audio communication. Support for High Definition video: HD and VGA video are supported for peer to peer calls and lync meetings.

6 SIP Integration SIP Trunking connects Vodacom’s Hosted Microsoft Lync Solution to all fixed and mobile networks globally, thereby enabling Microsoft Lync to deliver high definition audio communications securely and reliably to anyone, anywhere and on any network or device worldwide.

7 1 2 3 4 5 Hosted Lync Benefits Cost Management Improve Productivity
Integrated audio, video, and Web conference facilities helps reduce business travel as well as the cost of third-party conferencing solutions. Voice over IP telephony enables communications throughout geographically dispersed company locations without long distance call charges. . Improve Productivity Virtually connection between people you work with -communicate in real time whilst sharing desktops and Microsoft Office applications rather than ing documents back and forth for approval. Both the mobile and desktop Lync client provides access to enterprise voice, messaging and conferencing from one connected platform. Support Mobile Working The use of the same rich functionality and security features for those not working within an office environment is available without the implementation of an expensive VPN. Making searching the Global Address List, viewing presence information and joining or managing conferences simple. Presence capabilities with mobile location information make mobile workers easier to find and contact. Increase Responsive ness Advanced delegation features, one-click call routing and management features for receptionists, and rich presence information in both help ensure that opportunities are routed to the right person at the right time. Maintain High Security Built in security, encryption, archiving and call detail records help meet regulatory requirements. By using your own network and servers, you maintain control over sensitive data that would otherwise be transmitted over public telephone networks and third-party conferencing platforms

8 Microsoft Hosted Lync Pricing
ONCE OFF SETUP FEE LYNC STANDARD LYNC ENTERPRISE R 3 500 R 75 R 90 Audio, Video Conferencing Desktop Sharing Audio, Video Conferencing Desktop Sharing PSTN Voice and call management functionality

9 Why Vodacom? Microsoft Certified Partner
SIP CERTIFIED Microsoft Certified Partner One of only a few SIP Certified Service Provider in South Africa Zero up-front investment Enterprise-class unified communications service International Enterprise calls, reduced call charges – VOIP call rates

10 Case Study

11 Competitive Matrix

12 Thank you !

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