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© Aastra - 2010 Aastra Mobile Client AASTRA provides FMC solution from small to big companies.

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1 © Aastra Aastra Mobile Client AASTRA provides FMC solution from small to big companies

2 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 Cellular revolution My Corporate Communications Environment My Mobile Communications Environment

3 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 Problems Office identity vs. mobile identity Office number vs. mobile number Office voic vs. mobile voic Enterprise dial plan vs. external number dialing Corporate directory vs. local contact lists Corporate conferencing vs. mobile conferencing service User Complexity, Inefficiencies and Loss of Control

4 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 DWOS

5 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 DWOS Seen as the solution by Corporate Enterprises Not accepted by Mobile Communications Operators

6 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 Solution – Fixed Mobile Convergence Consistent services across mobile device, PC and desk phone Flexibility to choose networks and devices Cost savings, improved utilization, efficiency and ROI Simplicity of deployment and use

7 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 Mobility…Spends and Trends

8 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 Mobility for Enterprise Communication Services Road Warriors and Executives Rich functionality Mobile office professional General voice mobility Campus mobile worker On-site mobility AMC Mobile Extension DECT Handsets Mobile User Aastra Solution Preferred Device Smartphone Cell Phone Wireless DECT Handset Smartphone AMC

9 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 The Aastra FMC advantage One FMC solution across all Aastra platforms (same mobile client and controller) Supported Aastra platforms INTELLIGATE BP MX-ONE

10 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 AMC+ 2.0 mobile OS support: Symbian S60 3rd edition Symbian S60 5th edition (touch screen) RIM 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 and 5.0 Android iPhone AMC+ 2.0 mobile OS support

11 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 AMC solution overview AMC plus using AMC controller integration towards Aastra communication systems Aastra Mobile Client Aastra Communications System AMC Controller (AMCC) Applications Voice (SIP user) Directory search (LDAP) Presense & Mobile Instant Message (SIP simple or XMPP) Dual mode AMC+ 2.0 (dual mode with AMC Controller)

12 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 Mobile Applications and Services Least Cost Call Routing Enterprise Dial Plan Access PBX Features Security Presence Unified Messaging Single Number/ID/Vmail Instant Messaging Multi-network Directory Access

13 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 AMC+ Directory search & name / number AMC Controller connection to Enterprise directory via LDAP A-Number presentation via mobile data network* MX-ONE AMC Controller A-number Data https A-number Voice PLMN *In GSM mode for Symbian, BlackBerry and iPhone A-number presentation is activated after the answer. Corporate directory LDAP

14 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 AMC+ User presence & Mobile IM My Activity Mobile IM Corporate directory Mobile Presence & IM federation Call Manager Deskphone Softphone XMPP LDAP AMC Controller Integrates mobiles to the Enterprise & federate presense & Instant Message My Presence SIP

15 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 AMC+ 2.0 Presence & Instant Messaging AMC Controller connection to Enterprise presence and IM sever via XMPP or SIP SIMPLE: Enable presence/IM federation between AMC+ and presence severs like Yahoo, Google Talk, OpenFire, Microsoft, IBM…

16 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 Examples AMC+ different features views Integration of mobile phone with its business communications system Short number dialing and PBX features Mobile GUI with the most used end-user features Mobile Least Cost Routing Dual mode Directory search Mobile Presence and Mobile IM iPhone AMC+ dial pad iPhone AMC+ Mid call services iPhone AMC+ not in call services iPhone AMC+ Presence & IM

17 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 AMC+ 2.0 configurable call methods for MLCR PBX Voice User makes a regular call. AMC+ calls PBX & sends the phone number with DTMF (0,5 sec per digits) AMC+ Mobile Call Through (DTMF) PBX Voice User call as normal AMC sends the phone number with data https. AMC+ Mobile https Call Back PBX calls AMC+ & called party. AMC+ answers the call in the background Voice AMC+ Mobile1 Direct cellular (used with Operator ME or Travel SIM) PBX Voice VoIP Call over WLAN or over 3G AMC+ Mobile VoIP WiFi / 3G Call (Dual Mode)1 2 SIP extension AMC Controller SIP extension AMC Controller SIP extension AMC Controller

18 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 Wi-Fi Telephony (Handover) The AMC+ performs an automatic handover from Wi-Fi to cellular networks if quality is fading. ©Comdasys 2009 All rights reserved PBX transfers the call to the AMC ControllerAMC Controller checks whether the user is available over Wi-Fi. If so, it transfers the call to the AMC+ of the user. AMC+ informs the AMC Controller that the Wi-Fi signal is fading The AMC Controller establishes a cellular connection The AMC+ accepts the cellular connection and terminates the Wi-Fi connections The AMC+ measure the quality of the Wi-Fi connection and of the voice. In-coming call for the office number of the user AMC

19 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 AMC+ 2.0 Dual mode Seamless handover between VoIP & PLMN (e.g. WiFi / GSM) AMC+ and AMC Controller measure VoIP and signal quality and make a handover automatically from PLMN to Wi-Fi or in opposite direction from Wi-Fi to PLMN* PLMN Wi-Fi * Large VoIP Wi-Fi network deployment requires WLAN planning

20 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 AMC+ 2.0 VoIP Security TLS encrypted signaling SRTP encrypted voice in VoIP calls PLMN Encrypted VoIP over data channel Wi-Fi Encrypted VoIP over WLAN

21 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 AMC+ remote deployment and management

22 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 AMC+ 2.0 fast and easy deployment over the air AMC Hosted Over The Air (OTA) Provisioning & Licensing Services AMC Web portal OTA 1. SMS with AMC download link 2. AMC+ installation 3. SMS with AMC+ Configuration 4 (optional). Settings & Feature file installation 5 SMS AMC+ license activation (optional). Mobile LCR table file installation Note: Step 1 & 2 iPhone AMC+ is installed via iStore & Android AMC from the Android market

23 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 AMC+ and AMC Controller portfolio AMC portfolio Mission to work with all Aastra communication systems For Symbian S60, RIM, Android, iPhone AMC Controller Mission to work with all Aastra communication systems SW only AMC Controller AMC Controller (HW & SW) Large Enterprise AMC Controller (SW) AMC hosted provision Service & Mobile LCR management AMC provisioning center OTA VM Ware & Linux Installer AMC License options: AMC Mobile Integration AMC Mobile LCR AMC Travel SIM AMC+ Dual-mode AMC+ Directory integration AMC+ IM / Presence AMC+ VoIP Sec AMCC SME up to 30 AMC+ users AMCC v1 up to 125 AMC+ users

24 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 AMC solution highlights Supports the enterprise mobility need Service simplicity and business efficiency Mobility cost control and reduction

25 © Aastra FUTURECOM 2010 Thank you! Aníbal Villanova

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