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Empowering UC & CEBP Anywhere, Any Device, Any Network

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1 Empowering UC & CEBP Anywhere, Any Device, Any Network
name date

2 Presentation Outline Avaya Microsoft Strategic Alliance Overview
Communications Today Avaya Microsoft Joint Solutions Solution Demo Customer Testimonial

3 Microsoft and Avaya: Empowering UC/CEBP Everywhere
The power of the desk phone on the cell phone Meeting Exchange Fully Integrated Communication Manager Modular Messaging IPOffice Communicator, Portal, Mobile, Speech Integrated, holistic Communications within your LOB applications 3

4 Relationship Objectives
Innovate, develop, and sell integrated IP telephony, UC and LOB solutions across all direct and indirect channels Deliver best-of-breed Integrated Desktop, Mobile & LOB Applications Simplify Communications Within the Enterprise and Beyond Streamline End-User Communications Across Devices, Networks and Locations Develop Market Leading, Presence Enabled CEBP Solutions Leverage Avaya and Microsoft Market Leadership to Provide Increased Customer Value.

5 Avaya & Microsoft Leadership Will Take Customers There
Desktop & Business Applications IP Telephony, Presence Integrated Desktop, Mobility and LOB Applications Security, Reliability, Usability, Governance Identity IM & Presence Unified Messaging Audio, Video, Web Conferencing O/S and .NET & Calendar Mobility Speech Access Team Workspaces 5

6 Communications Today

7 Environment: Chaotic, Cost-conscious, Fragmented, and Demanding
25/03/ :29 AM Environment: Chaotic, Cost-conscious, Fragmented, and Demanding Communication Overload How can I prioritize and react to the sheer volume of communications and be more productive? Global/Distributed Customers, Partners and Teams How can I get a global organization to act in concert across boundaries? High Cost of Communications How can I leverage existing enterprise infrastructure and the Internet to lower communications costs? Disparate, Complex Networks How can I integrate my communications and PC networking infrastructures? ©2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary. 7

8 Intelligent Communications Embrace the Opportunities of Change
Optimize your business by embedding communications into the fabric of business processes Communications Enabled Business Processes Unified Communications Contact Centers Optimize your people wherever they are, across devices and interfaces Optimize your customer relationships globally across all points of contact Optimize the connections of your people, customers and processes IP Telephony A strategic, business-focused, approach to communication delivering competitive advantage today

9 Microsoft and Avaya Solutions – Embracing Customer Value and Choice
March 1, 2005 Microsoft and Avaya Solutions – Embracing Customer Value and Choice Integrated Connect instant messaging and telephony to existing Windows and Exchange infrastructure Enterprise Grade Scalable, reliable, complete unified communications solutions Increased Productivity Connect with trusted colleagues across geographic and organizational boundaries Connected People Standards Based Reduced Cost Unified Approach Customer Experience Microsoft Corporation 9

10 Avaya Microsoft Joint Solutions

11 Click-to-Communicate
Click-to-IM Click-to- Click-to-Communicate Click-to-call The Cornerstone of Integration Applications

12 Linking Avaya Communications to Your Desktop, Mobile Devices and LOB Applications
Seamless communications: any device, location, network Anywhere Access to Unified Messaging Integrated IM and telephony presence Telephony devices and Microsoft Office Communicator stay in synch (Shared Control) Click-to-call or conference from Microsoft Office Communicator, MS Smart Tags and Microsoft Office Integrated Web/Audio Conferencing (Live Meeting and Microsoft Office Communicator) Group IM session can be switched to a conference call Forward desk phone automatically based upon Office Communicator Status (Busy, Away)

13 Unified Communications
Integration Streamlines Communications Simplifying Communications for People and Organizations Unified Communications Click-to-Communicate within Applications Find the right person at the right time with “Presence” Transition seamlessly between , IM, voice, and video conversations Deliver /voic /fax into a single inbox with unified messaging Extend LOB applications with integrated presence “Anywhere access” from any Device including Mobile One Number Access to place and receive calls Mobile, Deskphone, VPN Phone, PC and web client Use a familiar experience on mobile devices for and voice mail messaging (OWA, OVA, one-X Mobile, one-X Portal, one-X Speech) Provide “VPN-less” access to , voice mail, IM, SharePoint, advanced call control Enhance Collaboration with Conferencing Collaborate with audio/video/web conferencing Bring together geographically dispersed teams

14 Integrated Presence: Driving Productivity Enhancements
/ Calendaring Identity & Presence Across Devices Team Workspaces Across Networks Persistent Group Chat Application Integration Instant Messaging Conferencing VoIP Streamline communications for end users Increase operational efficiency Provide built-in protection Build a future-ready foundation on software 14

15 Microsoft Office Communicator Extension to Cellular /
Presence Enabled Intelligent Communications: Click to Call Across End Points and Applications Microsoft Office Communicator Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft Outlook Office Mobile Teleworker/ Remote one-X Deskphone Communicator one-X Portal one-X Portal VPN Remote Communicator SIP/H.323 TDM / Analog Cell Phone: Extension to Cellular / one-X Mobile

16 Avaya Telephony & Microsoft Office Communicator
Provides Avaya features as extensions to Office Communicator on tabbed UI Includes features provisioned on your telephone Send All Calls to Voice Mail (SAC) Extend Call (to Mobile phone) Speed Dials Click-to-call from Internet Explorer (or any application) Extends Communications Applications Managed Video unified with Voice Work Remotely (deskphone, any phone, VoIP via PBX) Leverages your investment in Avaya Communication Solutions

17 Unified Communications from Anywhere Avaya Browser-based Communications Portal Integrates with Active Directory, IM, and Presence Portal Telephony Extension to Cellular Conference Management Voice Messages Presence Active Communications Instant Message Directory Integration Microsoft presence support Q2 ‘08 17

18 Effective Group Collaboration Audio & Web Conferencing
Microsoft Office Live Meeting & Communications Server integration w/ Avaya Meeting Exchange Service Provider integration with Live Meeting or In house integration with Office Communications Server web conferencing Desktop integration from Live Meeting and Microsoft Office Communicator clients Control audio conference Graphically see who is talking Meeting Exchange integrated with Outlook Schedule conferences in Outlook with access to key information and features Customer Value Bring audio conferencing in house to reduce conference expenses Increased user productivity by integration of web and audio Easy, ad hoc conferencing with multi-party click to call

19 Simplified Efficient Access To All Messaging
Unified Messaging: Voic integrated with desktop, , fax, and calendar Speech enabled to provide true mobility Various Notification options for faster responses MWI, Call Me, Find Me, Notify Me. Integration Options: Exchange Unified Messaging Avaya Communication Manager Native SIP integration between Exchange UM and Avaya Communication Manager Allows customers to leverage investments in Avaya telephony Avaya Modular Messaging Supports Exchange 2007 and 2003 message store Outlook plug-in for unified client access Restricted Outlook plug-in provides tighter control of messages. Customer Value Unified voic , , fax, and calendaring client increases productivity Reduce TCO on server maintenance and administration by combining message stores

20 Effective Message, Calendar, and Contact Management Speech Enable Your Outlook Client
‘Make a call.’ …to one of your contacts, somebody within your corporate directory or simply speak the number you want to call! ‘Schedule a reminder.’ …and let yourself be called at any number and reminded, so you won’t forget any of your tasks or appointments! ‘Send a message.’ …to a contact, to a voic mailbox or somebody within your corporate directory. ‘When am I free today?’ …keep track of your time wherever you are! ‘Read my messages.’ …voic and/or . Filter by status or by sender. You can reply, forward, delete, … ‘Follow Me!’ …and have all your calls flexibly forwarded to you wherever you are.

21 “In Office” Communications Extended To Mobile Workers
Avaya one-XTM Mobile Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Remote mobile worker solution Mobile phone / desk phone “pairing” Enhanced accessibility Improved responsiveness Windows Mobile 5 & 6 Avaya IP Softphone for Windows Mobile 5 and Pocket PC In-building mobility solution Your desk phone on a PDA Enhanced accessibility Improved responsiveness Treo 700W HTC Symbol MC70 HP Pocket PC

22 Anywhere Access To Any Device
Enhanced Call Routing Options Route incoming calls by Schedule, Location or via quick entry feature VIP Screening User controlled presence minimizes interruptions Access to Corporate Directory Search and click to dial functionality Visual Voic Local access to voic messages Review messages from GUI to increase responsiveness Synchronizes with Corporate Modular Messaging Platform Broadest Mobile Device Support RIM, Palm, iPhone, J2ME ,WAP and WM 5/6 environments

23 Delivering Value To SMB Business Customers
Avaya Microsoft IP Office: PBX, Key System, Internet Access Voic Microsoft Office Communications Server Integration Outlook Plug-in for Vmail Phone Manager: Manage profiles, directories, speed dial, call history Microsoft Office Communications Server Integration Instant Messaging/Presence IP Office Compact Contact Center (CCC) & Contact Center Express (CCE): Real-time contact center solutions Internet Explorer Dynamics CRM

24 Avaya Services Help Derive Maximum Value and Speed of Implementation
Get the most out of new technologies To maximize the value, these questions must be answered: How can this technology help my company achieve our business initiatives? Who specifically needs these applications and which applications do they need? How do we deploy this technology to achieve maximum results? Value Gap Communication Technology Value Maximization Value from Technology Rate at Which Companies Traditionally Leverage New Communication Technology Time Envision Analyze & Architect Build Enable Support

25 Integrated Desktop, Devices and LOB Applications In Action….
Chapters covered (Link to entire demo) Presence (link to presence demo) Improved Communication with Avaya Integration with Office Communications Server (link to OC demo) Click-to-Communicate (click to communicate demo) Advanced Voice (advanced voice demo) Real Time Collaboration (real time collaboration demo)

26 Streamlined Desktop and Mobile Communications within Redback Networks (delivered by BrantTel, an Avaya BusinessPartner) Business Challenges Rapidly growing global presence Mix of office, work-at-home and remote locations Leverage existing assets to provide more efficient communications The Avaya & Microsoft Integrated Solution Avaya Application Enablement Services (AES) and one-X Mobile integration with Microsoft Office Communicator (OC) Redback Networks Benefits Employees see availability of co-workers for IM and phone conversations Escalate IMs to live conversations using click to call from Microsoft OC Increased access to employees via One-X Mobile on Blackberrys also reduces cellular network costs Rich presence allows 24/7 tech support team to quickly see available experts Smart phones transformed to fully functional, mobile office phone for mobile workers “The interoperability between Avaya and Microsoft allows us to have the best of both worlds and eliminates disruption to our employees since they are already familiar with both platforms.” Chris Lahey, Vice Preseident IT, Redback Networks

27 Avaya / Microsoft Integration Plans for Enterprise UC
2008 Unified Clients Messaging Conferencing 2009 2007 .NET Directory SIP and Presence Telephony Mobility one-X mobile Windows Mobile 5 Call Control (CSTA) Via IP Softphone 6.0 (AV features on OC tabs) Via AES 4.0 on network Presence Federation Communication Manager w/Exchange Unified Messaging Modular Messaging w/ Exchange 2007 Meeting Exchange Outlook Scheduling w/Live Meeting Active Directory OC, MM & DEM .NET Access CCE CTI to CM (via AES) Windows Mobile 6 OCS 2007 via AES 4.1 Advanced Call Control OCS 2007 via One-X Communicator one-X Portal one-X Speech: , voice mail, calendar, task lists, directory one-X Speech: Exchange 2007 one-X clients display MS Presence OCS SIP integration w/Live Meeting in OCS Integrated Presence User call state in OC Please regroup this slide. (We ungrouped to move a few boxes and good not be regrouped)

28 Summary How Microsoft and Avaya Integrate Your Desktop, Device and LOB Solutions
Presence enabled intelligent communication Anywhere access to any device Simple efficient access to all messaging Effective group collaboration Effective Message, Calendar, and Contact Management “In office” communications extended to mobile and remote workers

29 Backup Slides for Click-to-Communicate without Animation

30 Click-to-Communicate
The Cornerstone of Integration Applications

31 Click-to-call

32 Click-to-IM

33 Click-to-

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