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Services Transformation Offer Update

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1 Services Transformation Offer Update
Alcatel-Lucent PowerPoint Design Guidelines When necessary Portfolio/Program Name can wrap to a second or third line to maintain consistent typographic spec For title slide only, a 5% gray background has been added General specifications Page Setup set to “On Screen” format Update footer to include appropriate “Portfolio/Program Name” Ensure that only one font “Trebuchet” is used throughout. Following pages provide font sizes for text and graphic pages. Ensure all text boxes sit in proper location. Sometimes the automatic PowerPoint settings are not exact Titles on slides, Agenda and Division pages use “Title Case” Text is set predominantly with regular weight. Bold Trebuchet is used to highlight key words or phases When a slide has more text than comfortable fits on the page using standard font sizes, treat this instance as an exemption and reduce the font size of the entire block until it fits For graphic only slides, use as much of the object area as possible to enhance legibility and emphasis Slides with multiple logos should be adjusted so all logos appear visually equal in size and weight Please remove any tinted or light color backgrounds from slides other than Agenda and Division slides Nigel Jones Marketing & Business Development Manager UK & Ireland

2 Top 3 Business Challenges
1st Downward pressure on prices 2nd Updating existing products and services 3rd Entering the market with new products and services CIO Trends and Market dynamics Report Extracts from NCC report 2007

3 Real Time Enterprise – RTE – The New Competitive Weapon
"The RTE is an enterprise that competes by using up-to-date information to progressively remove delays to the management and execution of its critical business processes..." Is my working environment adapted and adapting to my growing need for communication and collaboration ? Do the tools available to me help me to improve my efficiency and better serve my clients ? We must differentiate ourselves or else simply participate in a grim “race to the bottom””

4 Real Time Enterprise – The New Competitive Weapon
40 percent of productivity growth in Europe driven by ICT European Union 2006

5 Real Time Enterprise – The New Competitive Weapon
72 percent of UK businesses that say business process improvement is their number one priority. CIO Census 2006

6 Real Time Enterprise – The New Competitive Weapon
37 percent of UK businesses who have integrated internal business processes European Union 2006

7 Business Process Improvement – Here’s how they’re doing it

8 IP Transformation The Corporate Agenda The Market The Global View
Align ICT Strategies with Business Reduce and Control Costs Generate More Revenues Improve Business Processes New Players New Technologies New Usages New Business Models Boundaries to Break: Private/Public Fixed/Mobile IP Transformation

9 IP Transformation – making a difference
IP Transformation - Building a Competitive Advantage NETWORK TRANSFORMATION SERVICES TRANSFORMATION BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION Network Transformation Services Transformation Business Transformation Converged V/D/Appls Simplified Management Tighter Security Personalised & Consistent Blended Services Unified Communication enabled business Processes and Applications Linking core business with Communication and customer services capabilities Network Foundation IPT Centralization Convergence Solutions Security Management User Profiles Telephony Services Mobility Collaboration Unified Communications Terminals Desktop Integration Contact Center Industry-Specific Applications Business Critical Enabled, Efficient and Productive Employees Satisfied Customers & New Market Opportunities Optimized and Efficient IT Operations

10 Consultative & individual approach with User Profiles
Knowledge Access Collaboration Challenge : Matching technologies to individual needs and demonstrating ROI Mobility Telephony

11 Improving Business Operations User Profiles
Executives Mobile Worker Onsite Roamer Office Worker Team Worker Advanced Applications Phone + Telephony + Wired Desk phone Soft phone Wireless Cellular WiFi Dual mode Voic Call by name Call logs Multi-line MLA Supervision UM, IM, UC Presence Audio conf Web conf Video Softphone Mobility Essential Premium Privilege WiFi Alcatel-Lucent uniquely offers in its corporate offer five key user profile solutions, which just not cater to specific needs of these profiles but also offers an attractive price proposition for the same.The users are enabled with right blended solution offer based on their needs at an affordable price . These profiles are drawn on the basis of the following user need criteria : Telephony services Mobility Collaboration Unified Communication Devices DECT Cell and dual mode

12 User Profile ‘Enablers’
IP Telephony Unified Communication Carrier - class, secure, resilient IP or TDM/IP telephony Fixed /Mobile convergence applications Unified Messaging PC telephony Smart Call routing Rich Presence Audio, Web & Video conferencing OmniPCX Enterprise Internet standards: XML/SOAP, SIP, VxML, J2EE Communication Web Services Contact Centre Integration into business appls Communication enabled process Fast answers & 1st call resolution Personalised services The dynamic CC Let’s now review the Alcatel applications & products enabling the transformation. Telephony services that used to be available in the office are now available everywhere, from home, on the road, anywhere and from any device (desktop phone, mobile phones or browser based interface Unified communication is based on the state of the art Java platform( J2EE), and is fully compliant with web services (XML/VXML), this modern framework provides a full suite of application (PC Telephony, Unified Messaging, personal assistant and collaborative SW) Communication web services simplifies the integration of those communication functions into any XML compliant business application Definition of Web Services: A service is a software component enabling heterogeneous applications to communicate. A web service is a component of that type using Internet standards: - XML: eXtended Mark up Language) a language for data exchange on the web. - SOAP: (Service Oriented Application Protocol) protocol to make a service request via XML messages. - WSDL: (Web Service Description Language) a meta language to describe Web Services. - UDDI: (Universal Description Discovery Integration) a standard to list & register Web Services. Finally Alcatel & Genesys provide a full range of contact center solutions starting from call distribution, call routing, multimedia contact center to voice portal.

13 User Profiles Enablers - Integration with the Desktop
Multiple Desktop Integrations Integration with LCS/MOC and Lotus Sametime Audio Conferencing services Recording and Playback take/release/hold/transfer/conf Access to communication log Toast Integration in Windows System tray Instant Communicator Integration with Business Applications Portals, CRM Web Services No client (Web) Unified Communication PC and Phone Key Advantages Same User Experience in all environments Flexibility in the Desktop design Minimize end user training Matching all corporate needs

14 The complexity of communication…
Telephony Audio Conferencing Voice mail Video mail Web Conferencing Fax Instant Messaging Personal Video SMS Room Video

15 My Instant Communicator
For Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch phone sets For Business Line applications (through OmniTouch XML Web Services) For PDAs, PDAPhone’s & Smartphones For Personal Computers

16 My Instant Communicator
My Instant Communicator provides options to meet user needs and user profiles: VxML messaging system (software based) and/or legacy Alcatel-Lucent 4635/4645 messaging system Audio conferencing Data conferencing Video conferencing Voice broadcasting Text To Speech Fax services Voice encryption Resilience / Redundant systems

17 Consistent User Interface Innovative user experience
My Instant Communicator: Enterprise real-time communications foundation Consistent User Interface Innovative user experience Teamwork services Adaptive to your needs Telephony services One number services Messaging services

18 Manage your incoming communications through “toasts”

19 An innovative user experience on your PC Incoming communications
Incoming voice call Incoming Instant Message (IM) Incoming video call Incoming voice mail A contact signs in A scheduled conference is starting First person joins a conference Invitation to view a shared application Invitation to view a presentation

20 Consistent UI whatever the device Notifications at a glance
Same view on the PDA/PDAPhone

21 Adaptive to your needs Compliment the Microsoft desktop
My Instant Communicator inside My Instant Communicator inside

22 Adaptive to your needs Compliment the IBM desktop
My Instant Communicator inside My Instant Communicator inside

23 A new licensing model Single user license + Options
My Instant Communicator Telephony services (with VoIP) One number services Messaging interface Presence (Tel. + IM) Instant Messaging Peer-To-Peer Video A Single User License Audio conferencing (ports) Data conferencing (ports) Video conferencing (enabler) Voice broadcast (users & ports) 4980 Softphone application (users) Voice encryption OPTIONS OPTIONS TTS (ports) & Additional languages 4635/4645 infrastructure Fax server (users & ports) VxML ports Redundancy Multi-site

24 My Teamwork – R5 - Increasing End User Experience
Intelligent & Rich Presence Enhances applications and user interfaces My Teamwork Directory lookup & Communication logs

25 IBM Sametime – My Teamwork Integration Release 5
Full-featured audio conferencing and click-to-conference for users of IBM Lotus SameTime 7.5 TDM or VoIP Premised-based or managed service Save money in months — hard, tangible ROI Ad-hoc calling and conferencing through SameTime 7.5 Connect Schedule My Teamwork audio conferencing resources through SameTime 7.5 Meeting Center

26 My Teamwork – Lotus Sametime Demo Movie

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