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English is taught by Miss Ding every day.. be + p.p.

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3 English is taught by Miss Ding every day.. be + p.p.

4 6 English is taught by Miss Ding every day. English was taught by Miss Ding last week. English will be taught by Miss Ding tomorrow. English has been taught by Miss Ding for a year. English had been taught by Miss Chi by last March. English may be taught by a new teacher next term. am/is/are + p.p. was/were + p.p. will be +p.p. have/has been + p.p. had been + p.p. can (/must…) be + p.p.

5 The trees must twice a day. A. water B. be watered C. is watered D. watered B

6 1. The window by Tom yesterday. A. is broken B. broke C. was broken D. has broken 2. Eight books by Miss Smith since last year. A. were written B. had been written C. has been written D. have been written 3. Thousands of words by the end of last term. A. have been learned B. had been learned C, have learned D. had learned 4. The 28th Olympic games in Beijing in 2008. A. held B. will be held C. will hold D. is held 5. If you listened carefully, what the teacher said. A. could be understood B. can be understood C. were understood D. is understood 6. The song by the students once a week. A. is sung B. was sung C. will be sung D. are sung 7. the picture last week? A. Did, be drawn B. Was, drawn C. Did, was drawn D. were, drawn C D B B A A B

7 1. No one knows how the huge rocks and without our modern machines 800 years ago. (2001) A. Are cut; moved B. were cut; move C. Are cut; moving D. were cut; moved 2. The man who lived alone on that island thought he never. (2001) A. will; find B. would; be found C. is; found D. had; been found 3. If you carefully, you the report well. (2002) A. will listen; will be understood B. will listen; understand C. listen; will understand D. listen; understand C D B

8 Page 3 1. Our TV set _____ yesterday. A. is repaired B. was repaired C. had been repaired D. would be repaired 2. A new building _____ in our school next year. A. will be built B. is built C. is being built D. has been built 3. When ____ the People's Republic of China _____? A. did; found B. was; found C. was; founded D. did; find 4. This maths problem _____ out by little Tom. A. can be easily worked B. can easily be worked C. can is easily worked D. can easily worked B A C A

9 5. Trees _____ in winter but in spring. A. not can be planted B. can be not planted C. cant be planted D. can not be plant 6. Many books on science _____ since I went to college. A. were kept B. have been kept C. will be kept D. are kept 7. _____ the work _____ yet ? A. is; finished B. Will; be finished C. Has; been finished D. Would; be finished 8. English _____ all over the world. A. speak B. speaks C. are spoken D. is spoken 9. She knew that Tom already to the party. A. is asked B. was asked C. had been asked D. has been asked C B C D C

10 We play the piano every day.( ) The piano every day. is played

11 We play the piano every day. The piano is played (by us) every day. 1 2, ) 3

12 1. She told a story before her daughter fell asleep. A story by her before my daughter fell asleep. 2. They watch football matches every night. Football matches every night. 3. He visits his grandparents twice a year. His grandparents twice a year. 4. We have known the news for a week. The news for a week. 5. We will hold a class meeting tomorrow. A class meeting tomorrow. 6. Did they find out the answer? the answer out ? was told are watched are visited by him has been known will be held Wasfound

13 1. Two years ago we used that machine to make shoes for children. (2001) Two years ago that machine shoes for children. 5. Miss King saw Bill helping a blind man cross the street yesterday afternoon.(2005) Yesterday afternoon Bill a blind man cross the street. 6. We should water the young trees every two days.(2006) The young trees every two days. was used to make was seen helping by Miss King should be watered

14 Page 5 1. We should keep everything tidy before we leave it. Everything in the lab tidy before we leave it. 2. They will build a new library over there. A new library over there. 3. Two years ago we used that machine to make shoes for children. Two years ago that machine shoes for children. 4. We clean the classroom every day. The classroom every day. 5. Everyone has given back the library books on time. The library books on time. should be kept will be built was used to make is cleaned have been given back

15 4. Dont worry. All the children by the nurses. A. are well taken of B. take good care of C. are taken good care of D. take good care 6. Mr Johnsons story by everyone who heard it. (2003) A. laughed at B. was laughed C. laughed D. was laughed at 8. A neighbour helped to keep our dog. It while we were on the holiday. A. was taken care B. took care of C. is taken care of D. was taken care of 9. As usual, Meihua at 6:30 this morning by her mother to get ready for school.(2006) A. has woken up B. woke up C. wakes up D. was woken up D D D C

16 2. You must throw the broken pottery away at once.(2002) The broken pottery at once 4. You must hand in your history homework by the weekend.(2004) Your history homework by the weekend. must be thrown away must be handed in

17 10. Kate has a high fever. A doctor must _____ at once. A. send for B. is sent for C. be sent D. be sent for 11. Joan said the wallet ____ at once. A. will be handed in B. would be handed in C. had been handed in D. would be handed 12. Jack often does things foolishly, so he ____ sometimes _____ by others. A. is; laughed B. is; laughed at C. was; laughed D. has; been laughed at 13. Food and clothes ____ by women. A is often talk about B. are often talked C. are often talked about D. often talked about 6. They have sold out the light green dresses. The light green dresses. 7. He looked after his grandmother. His grandmother. D B B C Page 5 have been sold out was looked after Page 3

18 happen/ take place open/close ( / ) start/end ( / ) Where the accident ? A. did; happen B. was; happen C. were; happen D. does; happen 5. -- Its time to do your homework. -- Yes, Mum. Ill turn off the TV as soon as the programme.(2003) A. ends B. end C. will be ended D. will end A A

19 Page 4 14. Great changes ____ in the village since then. A. have been taken place B. took place C. have taken place D. were taken place 15. He ____ much better today. A. is felt B. felt C. was felt D. feels 16. Do you know _____? A. when did it happen B. when was it happen C. when it was happened D. when it happened 17. His book well. A. sells B. sold C. is sold D. are sold A D D C

20 see sb. do sth. do to to We saw him pick up the wallet. He up the wallet. (feel) (hear, listen to) (let, make, have) (see, watch, look at, notice) 3. The policeman made the young woman move her car. (2003) The young woman her car by the policeman. was seen to pick was made to move

21 Page 4 21. The Browns ____ leave the hotel already. A. has been seen B. have being seen C. have been seen to D. have be seen to Page 5 8. The policeman made the young man stop his car. The young man by the policeman. 9. We saw some boys playing basketball behind the house. Some boys basketball behind the house. C was made to stop his car were seen playing

22 to for e.g. 1. I gave him two pens. He a new pen by me. Two pens him by me. 2. My mother bought me a watch. A watch me by my mother. I a watch by my mother. give, show, pass to; buy, bring for. were given to was given was bought for was bought

23 Page 4 23. Miss White said some beautiful coat ____ her in the shop. A. had shown to B. had been shown to C. had been shown D. had shown 24. A nice gift ____ her daughter on her last birthday. A. is given B. is given to C. was given D. was given to Page 5 10. Tom has shown us the new MP4 player. A new MP4 player. 11. My mother bought me a beautiful watch last week. A beautiful watch by my mother last week. B D has been shown to us by Tom was bought for me

24 7. At the end of the meeting Miss Green two minutes to decide whether she should join the project or not.(2004) A. gave B. had given C. was given D. was giving Page 4 18. Mr Li, you _____ on the phone. A. are wanted B. were wanted C. are being wanted D. will be wanted 19. Jack ____ answer the question in French. A. asked to B. was ask C. was asked D. was asked to 20. We _____ to be here at six o'clock. A. were told B. told C. are told D. will tell 22. Jack to stay at school. A. will ask B. is asked C. was asked D. had asked C A D A C

25 . 1. 2. 3. to 4. 5.

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