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Inanimate Alice Episode 4: Greece My name is Alice. I’m 15 years old. >>

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2 Inanimate Alice Episode 4: Greece

3 My name is Alice. I’m 15 years old. >>

4 I’m in Athens, Greece. It’s nice here, I like it. >>

5 Unexpectedly I got a letter in the mail, I never get mail. John’s the one who always get’s mail. This is so weird.

6 Ming’s too busy to realise – she paint’s while I draw. >>

7 I go outside and see the great view of the blue sea. I open the letter, It says... I know it’s a school - but what do they mean by boarding? >> “You have been accepted to the international Greek boarding school.” IGBS


9 “We applied for you to go to a school, where you can live, out of home.” John says “We both knew how much you wanted to go to an actual school.”

10 I’ve always wanted to go to a real school instead of being home schooled - like a hippie. >>

11 I stop and think... “but wait, how can we afford it?” I ask puzzled. “We’ll tell you later, Alice” Mum says. They both look worried. >> ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

12 It’s going to be awesome! I just realised that there are going to be BOYS!

13 Tech, the pool BOYS! And boys at tech and the pool! >>

14 “Mum what about all my stuff? Do I bring them or keep them here?” “No silly you take all your stuff with you!” Say’s John. “That’s the reason why we moved to Greece, besides the fact about the big leak.” >>

15 “Will you visit?” I asked. “Maybe.” Said mum. >>

16 Today’s the day the day I go to school. We visited earlier in the week to enrol me. >>

17 Mum and dad drive me. We’re there. The school looked friendly and a bit old but I’ll get used to it. >>

18 Before I go mum says how she’s going to miss me and I say I’ll be okay. Dad says stuff about don’t trust strangers. >>

19 I say good-bye. I don’t know how everyone will treat me; I’m not good at making new friends because I don’t have many. I sit in a corner and take out my player.

20 ANIH H e l l o A l i c e ! L o c a t i n g... G r e e c e A t h e n s A boy who looks just like Brad comes around me and then starts talking to me... “Hey is that a Ba-XI?” he asks. “Ye- yeah it is” I tell him

21 >>

22 He introduces himself and he’s name is Brad! We start talking and he show’s me around. He’s been at this school for years now. He came from America. >>


24 I’ve been here for 3 terms now but for the last 3 weeks Brad hasn’t been here. I bring out my player and see my drawing of Brad. I’m lonely because he is my only friend, I wonder where he is... >>

25 I call him on my player. 1 4 32 56 89 0 32 7 169 C a l l i n g B r a d...

26 “I’m on holidays in Kurdistan, it’s beautiful here except it’s really cold and snowing!” “It’s a spur of the moment thing.”“In two weeks. I have to go and see you, bye” “Were are you? I haven’t seen you for three weeks!” Why didn’t you tell me where you were going?” “When are you coming back?” >>

27 Mum has been sending me paintings and messages, a lot of them! Except I haven’t gotten one for days. I’m worried now. >>


29 I’m in tech right now. I like tech, it’s interesting. In fact, I think I’m the best at it in my year. My teacher - Mr. Droopie always asks me for help. I also like swimming in the pool. >>


31 It’s lunch and I think I might call back, it’s been two weeks and he hasn’t came – he was supposed to be here yesterday. I’m calling him now... C a l l i n g B r a d...

32 “Yeah it’s me, wait. Alice I kind of have to go...” “hi? Is this brad?” “Oh okay, bye.” >>

33 The phone hung up I’m scared I wonder what’s going on? I’m worried >>

34 I hear Brad inside my head. He’s saying to not be scared because he will be okay and better later. >>

35 A couple of weeks later I see him... >> “BRAD!!!” “ALICE!!!” “How was Kurdistan?” “It was so awesome! I bought so many things.” “Okay cool, how come you didn’t come back two week’s ago?” “The plane tickets got mixed up.” “Oh, okay.”

36 “What’s going to happen?” Wait, I see someone in the background... it’s my mum and dad! I run like I've never ran before.“What are you doing here?” I say in a puffed voice. “Why haven’t you sent me anything?” “Well, we’ve been in dept.” “How?” “We took a loan to pay for you to go boarding school.” I break into tears. >>

37 “Were going to...” “to what? where?” “To jail for four years”. I stay still, terrified like I’m paralysed. I’m not thinking about anything but my parents going to jail. Why don’t they just take me out of boarding school? I thought of saying, but I didn’t want to leave Brad, I also don’t want my parents in jail! >>

38 What will happen to me? Does this mean I have to drop out of school? And if I do stay, will they watch me graduate? I’m about to ask but..... >>

39 It’s too late, the Police have come. “Goodbye Alice.....” >>


41 By HANI Productions… (thanks for watching)

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