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TENSE Affirmative/Negative/Question

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1 TENSE Affirmative/Negative/Question
Simple Present A: He speaks. N: He does not speak. Q: Does he speak? Present Progressive A: He is speaking. N: He is not speaking. Q: Is he speaking?

2 Simple Past A: He spoke. N: He did not speak. Q: Did he speak
Simple Past A: He spoke. N: He did not speak. Q: Did he speak? Past Progressive A: He was speaking. N: He was not speaking. Q: Was he speaking?

3 Present Perfect Simple A: He has spoken. N: He has not spoken
Present Perfect Simple A: He has spoken. N: He has not spoken. Q: Has he spoken? Future Simple (will) A: He will speak. N: He will not speak. Q: Will he speak?

4 Future Simple (going to) A: He is going to speak
Future Simple (going to) A: He is going to speak. N: He is not going to speak. Q: Is he going to speak?

5 VERB “BE” Simple Present Affirmative I am He – she – it is We – you – they are Simple Present Negative I am not He – she – it isn’t We – you – they aren’t

6 Simple Present Questions Am I? Is he – she – it? Are we – you – they?

7 Simple Past Affirmative
I was He – she – it was We – you – they were Simple Past Negative I wasn’t He – she – it wasn’t We – you – they weren’t

8 Simple Past Questions Was I? Was he – she – it? Were we – you – they?

9 Last week I asked my Mum if I could go to a rock festival
Last week I asked my Mum if I could go to a rock festival. `No', she said, `the music will be too loud ... there'll be crowds of people ... you won't know anybody ...'. These excuses were so lame I decided there was some other secret reason why she didn't want me to go. After all, this is the first time my mum has ever shown any concern about the dangers of loud music. I think the real reason Mum is worried about my going to the festival is that my friends and I will have to survive by ourselves for a couple of days.

10 This might not sound like much of a challenge, but surviving means preparing food as well as eating it, putting tents up as well as sleeping in them ... Mum has obviously realized that if I went to the festival I would soon find out how totally dependent on her I am. And once I realized how incapable I am of surviving on my own, I would never leave home again. Then Mum would have a pathetic teenager / adult under her feet for the rest of her life.

11 First student: "At the moment. " Second student: "
First student: "At the moment . . ." Second student: ". . . I am sitting in a classroom." Second student: "Last year . . ." Third student: ". . . they went to Europe." Third student: "Every day . . ." Fourth student: ". . . she takes the bus to work."

The train leaves tonight at 6 PM. Windows are made of glass. They are reading their books I saw a movie yesterday You called Debbie You were studying when she called. You have seen that movie many times. She has traveled to Italy.

13 You will help him later. You are going to meet Jane tonight. Nobody has ever climbed that mountain. New York is a small city Cats like milk. I am meeting some friends after work.

14 QUESTION WORDS 1. …………… are you happy? Because I finished school.
2. …………… is your birthday? May 12th. 3. …………... are you going for holidays? I'm going to London. 4. …………… are you going for holidays? Because I need a rest. 5. …………… did you do yesterday?

15 6. ……………..happened? 7. ……………..trousers are these? 8. …………… do you have? 9. ……………..children do you have? 10. ……………were you yesterday evening?

16 Which Object form of the personal pronoun can substitute the underlined phrase in the sentence?
1) The teacher always gives the students homework me them you 2) I am reading the book to my little sister her us him 3) The boys are riding their bikes it them her 4) My father is writing a letter to John me her him 5) I don't know the answer she her it

17 6) Sally is going to Anne. her him me 7) Open the window, please
6) Sally is going to Anne. her him me 7) Open the window, please. it them us 8) Can you tell the people the way to the airport, please? you them us 9) The books are for Peter. him her you 10) Can you help my sister and me, please? her me us

18 Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives:
Where is (I) ………book? Here is (we) ………teacher. She goes to school with (she) ……….brother. (They) ………..father works in a car factory. (You) ……….laptop is very expensive. (He) ………..favourite hobby is tennis. (I) ……….husband and I want to go to Paris. We ………..want to see (it) historical monuments. Leila likes (she) ……….dog ! (It) …………name is Bobby.


20 HOW MUCH – HOW MANY 1 We need some tea. ______ do we need? How much - How many 2 We need some eggs. ______ do we need? How much - How many 3 We need some paper. ______ do we need? How much - How many 4 We need some money. ______ do we need? How much - How many 5 ______ cigarettes do you smoke a day? How much - How many

21 6 ______ packets of cigarettes do you have
6 ______ packets of cigarettes do you have? How much How many 7 ______ work have you got to do? How much How many 8 ______ sleep did you get last night? 9 ______ children have you got? 10 ______ bottles of wine are there in the cellar?

22 1. "How does it work. " "Can you explain _____________________
1.   "How does it work?" "Can you explain _____________________ ?"   A   how it works     B   how it work           C   how can it work

23 2. "What are you doing. " "Do you have any idea ________________
2.   "What are you doing?!" "Do you have any idea ________________ ?!"   A   what you do   B   what you are doing     C   what are you doing 3.   "Where's the station?" "Can you tell me _____________________ ?“ A   where is the station B   where be the station     C   where the station is

24 4.   "What's the the matter?" Please tell me _______________________ .“
  A   what's the matter          B   what is the matter            C   what the matter is 5.   "Does Susana like classical music?" "I can't remember if _____________________ ."     A   does Susana like classical music     B   Susana likes classical music     C   classical music Susana likes

1. ________ a terrible earthquake in Japan in 2005.  There was  Was  There were 2. The cake _________on the table when I arrived home.  were  wasn't  there wasn't 3. _________ any apples left when I came back home yesterday.  There weren't  There wasn't

26 4. How many children __________ at the party?
 there were  was there  were there 5. _________ any water in the bottle? No, _________ any!  Was there / wasn't there  Was there / there wasn't  Were there / there weren't

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