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Bones of the Skull.

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1 Bones of the Skull

2 Frontal Forehead Superior eye orbits Frontal sinus Inferior connection
Zygomatic process Temporal bone

3 Parietal Paired bones Anterior – Frontal Middle – Sagittal Suture
Coronal Suture Middle – Sagittal Suture Inferior – Temporal Posterior – Occipital Lambdoid Suture

4 Temporal Paired bones Articulates with: Processes: Zygomatic process
Parietal bones Mandible Processes: Mastoid Styloid

5 Occipital Foramen Magnum Occipital Condyles

6 Sphenoid Greater Wing - Foramen Rotundum Lesser Wing – optic foramen
Cranial Nerve V Lesser Wing – optic foramen CN II foramen passage Sphenoid sinus

7 Ethmoid Mid-Sagittal Cribriform Plates Cranial Nerve I

8 Lacrimal Smallest facial bone Medial wall of the eye orbit

9 Nasal Bridge of the nose Articulates with: Mandible

10 Zygomatic Cheek bones Processes: Frontal Marginal Temporal Maxillary

11 Maxillae Upper Jaw – Alveolar Process Inferior Eye Orbit
Upper teeth Inferior Eye Orbit Maxillary Sinus Zygomatic Process Palatine Portion Anterior portion of the hard palate

12 Palatine Posterior ½ of the hard palate

13 Mandible Lower Jaw Alveolar process – teeth Articulates with:
Temporal (TMJ) Maxillae

14 Vomer Forms part of the nasal septum Articulates with: Maxillae
Palatines Ethmoid Sphenoid

15 Questions?

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