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Axial Skeleton Bones of the Skull.

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1 Axial Skeleton Bones of the Skull


3 The Skull: Two Sets of Bones
The Cranium: Facial:

4 Cranium = 3 Sutures Three Sutures Coronal Sagittal Lamboidal

5 Cranium = 8 Bones Frontal = 1 Parietal = 2 Temporal = 2 Occipital = 1
Sphenoid = 1 Ethmoid = 1

6 Frontal = #1(single)

7 Parietal = #2 (Pair)

8 Temporal = #4 (pair)

9 Bone Markings of the Temporal Bone
External Acoustic Meatus Canal that leads to the eardrum

10 Bone Markings of the Temporal Bone
Styloid Process Needle-like projection The site of muscle attachment for many neck muscles

11 Bone Markings of the Temporal Bone
Zygomatic Arch The bridge that joins with the cheek bone

12 Bone Markings of the Temporal Bone
Mastoid Process Rough projection posterior and inferior to the acoustic meatus Filled with air cavaties called mastoid sinuses Attachment site for neck muscles

13 Bone Markings of the Temporal Bone
Openings: Jugular Foramen Carotid Canal

14 Occipital = #3 (single)

15 Bone Markings of the Occipital Bone
Foramen Magnum Large opening that allows the spinal cord to connect with the brain

16 Bone Markings of the Occipital Bone
Occipital Condyles Rest on the first vertebra of the spinal column

17 Sphenoid Butterfly shaped, spans the width of the skull

18 Markings of the Sphenoid
Stella Turcica: “Turk’s Saddle” that holds the pituitary gland Foramen Ovale: Oval opening that allows Cranial Nerve V to pass to the chewing muscle

19 Ethmoid

20 Features of the Ethmoid
Crista Galli: “Cock’s Comb” where the brain covering attaches Cribiform Plate: Nerves carrying olfactory receptors

21 Extensions of Ethmoid Bone
Superior and Middle Nasal Conchae Form lateral walls of the nasal cavity

22 Facial Bones Maxillae (2 Fused) Palatine (Paired) Zygomatic Lacrimal
Nasal Vomer Inferior Nasal Conchae Mandible

23 Maxillae Upper Jaw All facial bones except the mandible join the maxillae Carry the upper teeth

24 Palatine Bones Paired bones form the posterior part of the hard palate

25 Zygomatic Bones The cheekbones Form the eye sockets

26 Lacrimal Bones Medial walls of the orbit (eye socket) with a groove for tears (lacrima = tear)

27 Nasal Bones = #4

28 Vomer Bone

29 Inferior Nasal Conchae

30 Mandible

31 Hyoid Bone Not included with skull Closely related to the mandible
Does not articulate (suspended) Base for tongue movement Attachment for neck muscles Not the Adam’s Apple, that is the thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx

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