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2 SKULL BONES Cranial Bones Facial Bones

3 CRANIAL BONES 8 Cranial Bones

4 FRONTAL BONE Forehead Roof of Eye Orbit Anterior Cranial Floor
Supraorbital Margin Frontal Sinus

5 PARIETAL BONES Cranial Roof Cranial Sides

6 TEMPORAL BONES Zygomatic Process External Auditory Meatus
Mastoid Process Styloid Process Carotid Foramen Jugular Foramen Petrous Area Squamous Area Mastoid Area Mandibular Fossa

7 ETHMOID BONE Cranial Floor Lateral Nasal Walls Nasal Septum Nasal Roof
Cribriform Plate Olfactory Foramina Crista Galli Perpendicular Plate Superior Nasal Concha Middle Nasal Concha

8 OCCIPITAL BONE Foramen Magnum Occipital Condyles
External Occipital Protuberance

9 NASAL CAVITY Roof: Superior and Medial Lateral Walls Septum

10 SPHENOID BONE Greater and Lesser Wings Pterygoid Processes
Sella Turcica Optic Foramen Lateral Wall of Eye Orbit Roof of Eye Orbit Medial wall of Eye Orbit Floor of Eye Orbit

11 FACIAL BONES 14 Facial Bones

12 MAXILLARY BONES Floor of Eye Orbit Floor of Nasal Cavity
Maxillary Sinus Alveolar Processes Roof of Oral Cavity

13 ZYGOMATIC BONES Cheekbones Lateral Wall of Eye Orbit Temporal Process

14 MANDIBLE Body, Angle, and Rami Condylar Process Coronoid Process
Alveolar Process Only Moveable Facial Bone

15 PALATINE BONES L –Shaped Roof of Oral Cavity
Posterior Portion of Eye Orbit

16 VOMER Nasal Septum Supporting Structure for Hard Palate

Turbinates Inferior Lateral Nasal Walls

18 LACRIMAL BONES Medial Wall of Eye Orbit Lacrimal Fossa

19 PARANASAL SINUSES Ethmoid Frontal Maxillary Sphenoid

20 NASAL SEPTUM Perpendicular Plate Septal Cartilage Vomer

21 NASAL CAVITY Roof: Walls: Septum: Floor:

22 HARD PALATE 2 Maxillae Bones 2 Palatine Bones 1 Vomer Bone

23 ZYGOMATIC ARCH Zygomatic Process Temporal Process

24 TMJ Mandibular Condyle Mandibular Fossa Articular Cartilage
Synovial Membrane Synovial Fluid Synovial Space Fibrous Capsule


26 BONE SURFACE MARKINGS Foramen Meatus Fissure Fossa Condyle


28 EYE ORBIT Roof: Lateral Wall: Medial Wall: Floor:

29 SUTURES Lambdoid Suture Sagittal Suture Coronal Suture Squamous Suture

30 FONTANELS Anterior Fontanel Posterior Fontanel Anterolateral Fontanel
Posterolateral Fontanel


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