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2008-09 Cookie Program ____________ SUCM (h) ________________ (c) ______________ email _________________ Troop Cookie Manager Training.

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1 2008-09 Cookie Program ____________ SUCM (h) ________________ (c) ______________ email _________________ Troop Cookie Manager Training

2 Overview Participation All registered girls can sell Independently registered with troop Program materials Meeting kits by level Cookie Club Goal Setting for both Troop and Girls Price of Cookies $3.50/box Troop proceeds $.60 – traditional $.65 – cash incentive

3 Getting Cookies Initial orders Inter-troop Transactions Cookie Depots (Booths) Gift of Caring Program

4 Logon- after you are entered as a user Email address Ebudde temp password Two contacts per troop TCM and Troop Leader update contact information Deadlines are Deadlines System locks out at 11:59 P.M Use aides in the system eLearning modules Help menu ebudde manual

5 Dashboard- Main page. Look for messages from SUCM and Council. Important dates listed here Contacts- need 1 TCM & 1 Troop Leader Settings- Edit settings Girls – loaded by council by 1/12/09- manually add any newly registered girls Initial order – placed by girl + booth + any others Delivery – reserve a slot after initial order has been submitted Girl orders – orders and payments, by girl Transactions – will show initial, depot and any inter-troop trans Incentives – auto loaded based on girls orders. Manually order earned Super Troop, Vol. patches or cash troop patches. Submit by deadline to ensure receipt! Deposits – Post immediately and forward slip to SUCM Sales report – shows initial order, additional cookies, troop profit, deposits and debt to council. Manually add GoC boxes.

6 Update troop information from Settings tab Include # girls registered # girls selling Troop GOAL and Program level.

7 Sale dates 1/2/09 (Friday) Start sales 1/27/09 by 11:59 PM in Ebudde Submit Initial Cookie order Submit Initial incentive

8 1/27/09 (cont) After order is submitted do Delivery pick-up reservation Documentation due to SUCM Initial order report Initial incentive order Parent permissions 2/13/09 Delivery date Must pick up cookies that day Location to be announced

9 2/27/09 Depots open First weekend restrictions limit 25 cases Exchange dates 3/20/09-3/29/09 Guidelines p. 33 of guidebook 2/27/09 Booth sales begin 3/20/09 Walk-About begins 3/29/09 Cookie sales ends

10 Final eBudde deadlines 4/3/09 at 11:59 PM Final incentive submitted Complete final deposit information posting

11 Final deadlines 4/4/09 Paperwork due to SUCM Final troop sales report Final incentive order report

12 Final deadlines 4/4/09 Paperwork due to SUCM Troop final detail – NC-9 Delinquent account information Incentive delivery – late May

13 Traditional Plan Cumulative Cash Plan Teen troops only Patch and Super Troop eligible Early Achiever Pin 150 boxes by initial order Super Troop 150 per girl average at end of sale Teen troops eligible See

14 Parent Permission/Responsibility – NC-G1 Registered girls only Order forms Daisy Standard (Spanish available) Teen Goal Getter Card

15 Initial Order Tracking eBudde entry by girl Troop worksheet T-1A – optional Signatures required for all transactions NC-T1A signature sheet

16 Additional Order Tracking eBudde entry by girl to assign booth sales Troop worksheet

17 Troop transaction report N-6 Used for anytime a troop gets cookies Initial order pick up confirmation Additional orders from Depot Inter-troop transactions Deposit slips Post in eBudde as deposits are made Forward to SUCM ASAP Troop Final Detail NC-9 List 500+ girls List Gift of Caring partners

18 Troop transaction report – eBudde Reflects all troop transaction from the sale period

19 Delinquent account NC-18 If full payment is not received by April 1, family is delinquent Delinquent incentive summary NC-18A All incentives ordered with troops Delinquents will be held by SUCM until debt is satisfied Evaluation NC-14 – page 42 Guidebook

20 Banks available Bank of America, Chevy Chase, PNC, Sun Trust Selecting a Bank Collecting from families Post payments in eBudde Get signatures NC-G3- families record NC-T1A- councils record Making deposits Posting deposit information ASAP Forward pinks to SUCM

21 Withholding troop proceeds Make regular deposits into troop accounts Do NOT pay council for families not yet paid up with the troop Documentation is key Good records ensure a successful effort Delinquent Account Information Form Required for all debt Any family who has not paid as of 4/1/09

22 Depot operations Web listings by mid February cookie pages – keyword morecookiespls Frequent updates Use signed copy of NC-6 from SUCM for first visit Subsequent visits – submit deposit slip to Depot Manager, they give you NC-6 and cookies Inter-troop transactions Use NC-6-Filled out by the dispensing TCM Person picking up cookies is the receiving TCM Submit completed white & pink copies to SUCM for posting in eBudde

23 Location discussion Estimating cookie needs Behavior standards Processes for assignment Tally sheet – p. 31 of Guidebook

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