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Cookies 2011. 2011 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program Welcome to the largest girl-led business in the country!

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1 Cookies 2011

2 2011 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program Welcome to the largest girl-led business in the country!

3 7 Great Cookies No New Varieties Thin Mints Samoas® Tagalongs® Do-Si-Dos® Trefoils Dulce de Leche Thank U Berry Munch Lemon Chalet Crèmes will not be available this year $3.50

4 Good health news for Girl Scout Cookies®! N O T R A C E O F H Y D R O G E N A T E D O I L S in the 2011 Nutrition Labels for many of our cookie varieties!

5 what matters most ITS ALL ABOUT GIRLS!!!

6 5 skills for Girls Goal Setting Decision Making Money Management People Skills Business Ethics What Girls Learn


8 Cookie Activity KIT for Volunteers 1 per troop Daisy, Brownie and Junior Activities in one book Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors activities in one book Service Unit Cookie Managers have been given one book for every troop in their service unit

9 Cookie VIP Codes in Each Age-Level Cookie Activity Kit Downloadable resources at: Working smarter... Little Brownie Cookie Volunteers get a World of Resources Online

10 Troops must set up girls in cookie club and assign girls passwords to access Cookie Club Details on Cookie Club set up can be found in your Troop Training Manual pages 8-11. Online ASK feature with electronic order card Girls reach new customers with eCards Girls Learn the Power of Goal Setting Girls Can Track Their Progress and Achieve Their Goals Its Safe, Its Easy, Its Fun! Cookie Club patches will be available in all Showcases Cookie club – the online cookie business

11 Girl Features Online ASK Home Page Electronic Cookie Order Form My Promises Dashboard Follow-up/Reminder eMails Troop Leader Reporting eMails that get thru spam filters Girls go online to market their sale

12 C O O K I E C L U B Girls have fun while they learn! Now, more than 200,000 girl members! Girls with Goals go online to ask for cookie orders

13 Average cookie order per ask: 5.8 packages! Compared to 3 packages face to face 75% of eCards viewed were returned with an order Key metrics & Outcomes 2010 Cookie Club Report generated 3.5.2010

14 To access ebudde: Visit Click on ebudde link on the main page Enter the e-mail address that you gave to your service unit cookie manager Enter your temporary password: samoas Note: Your troop training manual states your temporary password is ebudde – This is no longer valid. Your new temporary password is: samoas Change your password once you are in ebudde Reference your training manual pages 13-15 for more detail eBudde - A great tool again in 2011!

15 Council wide Operation: Cookie Drop Donation Project Continues for 2011 See your Troop Training Manual pages 18-19 For more details Last year we donated over 5,000 cases to men and women serving our country

16 Your troops initial cookie Order is due in Ebudde No later than: January 25, 2011 See pages 19-21 in your Troop Training Manual For assistance Cookie delivery locations Must be selected when initial order is placed. See page 24-25 of your Troop Training Manual Placing your Initial Order

17 Cookie Cupboards Open February 14, 2011 See pages 28-35 in your Troop Training Manual For locations and assistance Cookie Cupboards will require that you show your cookie Access Card this year to receive additional cookies. Your troop as been given 2 Access Cards If you cannot find your 2 Access Cards call Your Service Unit Cookie Manager NEW THIS YEAR: Cookie Cupboard Access Cards No Card = No Cookies Cupboards

18 Cookie Booths Requested via Ebudde on the Booth Tab See pages 36-41 in your Troop Training Manual For assistance Cookie Booth System Opens for Hot Spot locations February 14, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. (Reserve 2 booth locations) February 16, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. (Reserve 2 additional locations) February 18, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. (Reserve unlimited locations) Booths

19 Business Cards Booth Business Cards Available at Cookie Cupboards While Supplies last!

20 All Cookie Money is due In the bank no later than MARCH 22, 2011 See pages 44-46 in your Troop Training Manual For assistance Remember : Bank Early and Bank Often! Suggested banking dates: February 26, March 11 and 22 Banking

21 Cool Incentives = Motivated Girls Incentive Program

22 For Girls Selling 200+ packages on their initial order sold between (Jan 8 - Jan 25, 2011).

23 All girls in troop Receive T-shirt when Troop averages 140 packages Per girl selling

24 Troops averaging 225 packages sold Per registered girl Entire troop receives Concert tickets! Artist To Be Announced

25 1000+ Event Girls Selling 1000+ packages of cookies will be invited to a special top seller event.

26 2000+ Packages Sold Girl receives her own personal laptop

27 As an individual Girl Scout, you can connect with a troop to facilitate your cookie program. If there is a group of individually registered girls in your service unit (your local community), you can sell together as a group. Your group of selling girls will decide how you want to use the cookie sale proceeds. A registered Girl Scout adult would need to help you manage the sale. Your service unit may already have someone lined up for this position, but if you know of an adult, who would like to help, be sure to tell us! If you are the only individually registered Girl Scout in your service unit who is participating in the cookie sale, then your sale would be managed by the service unit cookie manager (or another adult designated by the service unit). The troop proceeds that are generated from the sale are retained by the service unit to be used to support individually registered girls. You could request funding for Girl Scout related program, membership, supplies, or other related fees from your service unit.

28 Thank You for investing in my future!

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