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1 Intuitive Easy to Use Fast Dependable

2 Login Page Enter the Login & Password assigned to you by your Council and select the 2013 Fall Product Sale Campaign. Click Sign-In

3 Home Icon The home page is where you will find messages from your Council. It is also where you will find recap sales and contact information.

4 Troops Icon The is where you will find a listing of all your Troops. Just click the pencil icon to get to the Troop Detail page.

5 Troop Detail Page On this page Troops should enter or verify all of their information. Note that the Level is a drop box so please confirm that the correct level is selected. Highlighted fields are required.

6 Girl Orders Icon When you click this icon you will see a list of all your Troops. Just click the pencil icon to get to the Girl Order page for that Troop.

7 Girl Order Page Note the 4 step process listed in the Troop Order container. Step 1 - Enter number of Girls Registered and click Save.

8 Step 2 – If allowed by the Council, add Girl Names to the system by clicking the Add Girl Name button to the left. When the pop up appears, type in the information per the instructions of your Council and click Add Girl Name. Keep adding names until you are done.

9 The girls will appear in the bottom container. Step 3 - Add Girl Orders by clicking the green plus icon. FYI – At this point you can also edit a girls name/ID (pencil icon) or delete her from the list (red x icon).

10 All 3 portions of each girls order must be Saved. Type in the quantities for each Product item and keep tabbing until all items are filled. NOTE: Both Magazine Dollars & Magazine Units are required. 1) Click Save on either side of the Product Order container.

11 Recognitions will automatically calculate based on the girls order. Make selections as necessary. 2) Click Save on either side of the Recognitions Earned container.

12 3) Click Yes in the pop up box to complete the order. You must click this to save her order! The system will automatically take you back to the girl list.

13 As you can see the first girls totals have been added. Once all orders have been entered, the user should proceed to the final step. Step 4 - click the pink Submit Nut/Candy Order button. Note: Girls and QSP items can still be added after you submit your Nut/Candy Order. All girl orders will LOCK after the Council submits their recognition order.

14 Girl Payments Troops have the ability to track individual Girl Payments in the system. These payments will appear on the G2 report. Click the Girl Payments button.

15 Click Add Payment and enter the Amount Paid and Date Paid and then and click Update. Multiple payments can be made per girl.

16 Troop Special Order The Troop Special Order button will appear next to the Girl Payments button. (This is extra product that the troop is responsible for and is not accredited to any specific girl.)

17 The user can enter quantities in the Troop Special Order and then click Save on either side of the container. Recognitions do NOT automatically calculate but they can be added manually in this area.

18 The Troop Special Order will appear in the yellow highlighted row. These quantities will be included in the Troop Totals.

19 New Girl Activity Log – located on the Girl Order page. This log will track each girls initial order as well as any transfers into or out of her order. (This report button will only appear if girl transfers have been made.)

20 Reports Icon This page contains all reports as well as manuals and tutorials. The T-2 – Nuts/Candy & Mags Report is especially helpful. If you have any problems opening PDF reports please update your system with the free Adobe Reader upgrade at the top of the page.

21 The G-2 is a great recap report for individual girls.

22 The T-2 is a great recap report for Troops!

23 Have Questions? Click on the HELP Icons SU & Troop Manuals Call Us! ?

24 THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO! We cant say it enough or in too many different ways

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