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S.NO.COMPARISON BETWEEN SAFEKHATAOFFLINE ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE 1 Completely hosted accounting information in the cloud Susceptible to computer/server.

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5 S.NO.COMPARISON BETWEEN SAFEKHATAOFFLINE ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE 1 Completely hosted accounting information in the cloud Susceptible to computer/server crashes 2 Access to system can be as open as or as restricted as desired. Risk to work being affected when computers or systems are confiscated By any person. 3 Accessed using the internet Other unforeseen risks such as fire/ water/ damage/ virus and other hazards. 4 No additional training required, hence makes affordable in price & easy use. Special training/course is required to use Offline Accounting software. 5 Backup can be uploaded in Multiple systems to use anywhere. Generally backup is stored on the same system or network 6 Information safe, secure independent of office location Backup may not be current; susceptible to power based outages 7 Information is backed up everyday automatically in clouds. Your data backup is not safe,as your system’s hard disk/drive may be corrupted. 8 24x7 support & special Demo is provided by us without any charge. For any query you have to contact paid training institutes


7 After getting license kit, you can get Firm Access & create number of Users.


9 Click on submit to login your Firm. User Name & Password provided by SAFEKHATA as per your Choice. You can purchase license for new Firm in the same ID.

10 Balance sheet is made yearly, so session is made on financial year basis, i.e. from 1 st April to 31 st March of every year.

11 We can make so many users/accountants to handle the Firm.

12 You can change your Firm Admin password at any time of your Firm.

13 You can set the accounting heads of cash and bank for every session you use. These are used to facilitate the cash and bank entries of the firm. You can make as many accounts under the cash and bank heads

14 This tab is used to authenticate the users or you can give different types of rights to every users. You can set the rights for every page for every user to enter the data. There are five types of entries for every page. I.Display: Used to display the page to that user if it is checked. II.View: This box is used to view the entries. III.Add: gives the Authentication to user to add the data in that page. IV.Modify: This is to update any record made by that users. V.Delete: To delete the records made by an particular user.

15 These are rights given to J.P. Sharma

16 This menu is used to check the data entered by an user, while it is of add, modify or delete an entry. Even you can check the entries with an IP address. It helps to show where the user entered it at which time & data. You can check the modified or deleted entries of every user.

17 To download the Firm data on your local computer system. To log off your Firm ID


19 Enter user login ID & password You can also create unlimited new users

20 Here a user can view or edit his/her profile. As you know a user can work with several Firms. So this tab is to select the Firm &session for which you entered the data

21 City is used for grouping of accounts. With this you can view the accounts according to city or area.

22 Head decides the perfection & performanc e of our accounting books.

23 Every Account have head which are of Three types: I.Trading head: Related to our Trading items like Sales, Purchases, or Direct Expenses. II.Profit & Loss Heads: Contains accounts of our daily expenses or office expenses like Indirect Expense, Indirect Income. III.Balance Sheet: Shows the Financial Position of our Business these heads are like Debtors, Creditors, Cash, Bank etc.

24 To Enter: I.New ledger Accounts II.Daily Expenses III.Personal info. IV.Last Opening Balance V.Reference wise VI.Upload client image/product

25 Click add to save new entry. Click on view to see pre-entered Accounts

26 Cash Entry: It belongs to the cash transaction or entries of the Firm, from where the cash comes in or goes out & what is the current position of liquid cash in the firm Receipt: When the entry is for receipt of cash. Payment: To pay the cash.

27 Click Add to enter new cash entry

28 Click Add to enter new Bank entry

29 Journal Entries are to settle the account with one another. There are two option in journal entry. i.e. Cr. & Dr. The total amount of these entries must be same, if not matched, the entry will not be completed. Journal entry is also used to due any amount to any account

30 Cash Book is the group report of cash account.

31 This is the group report of bank accounts under the bank head selected in the bank selection box in set up menu of Firm login

32 Ledger is the full summary of a particular account between two dates. It contains the opening balance, closing balance & full report of the account.

33 The report contains the closing balance of accounts under the city being selected in the selection box which contains the entries made in city option under master menu.

34 It consists how many accounts referred by a particular account.

35 It shows the opening balances of accounts which is being filled in the opening balance box in accounts form.

36 Reminder: The service actually shows the alerts being created by an user in the cash, Bank or journal entry. During the entry if you want to remember the entry at an given date, then you create it & the software will alert you or display a message on that date. You can extend that message at any other date or cancel it for future when the message flashes at your screen.

37 Trial Balance: It is the statement of each & every account of the Firm with their closing balances. It helps the owner to show the actual position of accounts in an Firm. Head Wise: The list contains the account balances according to the selected head in upper selection box. The selection box contains the heads created in the head form under accounts menu.



40 Trading Account: The statement shows the account balances under the heads which are under main Trading head & it shows the Gross profit of an Firm.

41 Profit & Loss Account: The list shows the account balances under the profit & less account heads. The statement shows the actual profit or loss of an Firm.

42 Balance sheet: It shows the Financial position of an firm with head balances under balance sheet.

43 To log off your User ID

44 Fast, Easy Online Business Accounting. Say Goodbye To Offline Softwares.

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