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Welcome to Cookie Training!

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1 Welcome to Cookie Training!
Thank you so much for helping your troop with Cookie Sales! This is such an important part of the Girl Scout Experience. Girls learn important skills and it keeps Girl Scouting affordable. It couldn’t happen without fantastic volunteers like you!

2 5 Skills for Girls Goal-setting Decision-making Money management
People skills Business ethics What a Cookie Can Do.

3 Preparation you have already done
Completed the VIP eTraining

4 Preparation you have already done
Completed the Ebudde eLearning Modules

5 Cookie Chat Agenda Envelope Contents Forms to turn in TODAY
General Info Enhancements Ebudde Resources Cookie Booths Q & A

6 Troop Cookie Manager Packets
All the paper you need for your cookie sales- from beginning to end! Troop Cookie Manager Packets

7 Contents to be verified
Troop Manager Handbook Troop Cookie Manager Appointment Form Mobile Payment Intent Form ACH Electronic Debit Authorization Form Permission Slips Order Forms for Initial Orders Goal Getter Order Card Troop Family Transaction Record Cookie Receipts Gift Of Caring Receipts Girl Money Envelopes Table Tents for Booth Sales

8 Troop Cookie Manager Packets
Troop Manager Handbook: Your guide to all things Cookies! Also available online at GSCNC website

9 Mobile Payment Intent Form
If you think you *might* like to accept credit card payments this year, you should complete and submit this form. This does NOT commit you to accepting credit cards and does NOT enroll you. It only lets Council know that you are interested. You need to submit along with a voided check

10 ACH Electronic Debit Authorization Form
Council will debit your troop checking account for cookie money due three times this spring. You must have this formed turned in to our SU Money Manger by January 1, to be able to order cookies! You need to submit along with a voided check

11 Troop Cookie Manager Appointment Form
This lets the Service Unit know who is you Troop Cookie Manager It also outlines your responsibilities as TCM Please complete and sign We will sign this today and return it the yellow copy to you

12 Hand out to parents now Forms needed to prepare for cookie sales:
Each parent/child in the troop should receive: Parent Guardian Permission & Responsibility Form Order Form

13 Permission Slip Parent Guardian Permission & Responsibility Form:
Be sure to review the form carefully with your troop parents Girls cannot sell cookies unless this form is signed Parents are accepting financial responsibility for all cookie orders they submit. Cookies are NOT returnable.

14 Hand out to parents with initial delivery
Contents for Parents: Each parent/child in the troop should receive: Goal Getter Order Card/How to Sell Cookies Girl Money Envelope Yellow Coupon Receipts Pink Coupon Receipts (donations)

15 Troop Family Transaction Record
Any time a parent submits money or picks up cookies, be sure to have them sign You can photocopy this form so you have additional copies *It is essential that you count any money and any cookies together and that both parties agree the total is correct*

16 GENERAL Cookie Information
Quick review of the basics GENERAL Cookie Information

17 The Cookies: GSCNC gets its cookies from Little Brownie Bakers. Other regions get their cookies from ABC Bakers and have different names & varieties. This is the first year we only have six varieties. People may ask for older varieties. GSCNC does *not* have a Gluten-Free Cookie at this time. ABC Bakers is testing GF Cookies in some areas.

18 Finances: Cookies cost $4.00 Box
Troops retain $0.65 per box if they opt for incentives Troops retain $0.70 per box if they opt out of incentives Troops selling more than 1300 boxed retain an additional $0.03 per box on all boxes sold ($0.68 or $0.73 per box)

19 The Cookie Process: Girl Meeting: Meet with Girls. Explain basics, set goals, explain safety. Decide on incentives. Parent Meeting: Meet with Parents. Review safety, dates, and process. Explain goals. Not just a fundraiser. Parents are responsible for all orders. Cookies cannot be returned. Get signed permission forms. Handout Materials. Initial Orders: Girls take pre-orders for cookies. No money is taken at this time. Orders are tracked on order forms or through Cookie Club. Additional orders can still be taken. Cookies Arrive: As soon as cookies arrive, Girls should deliver them and collect payment to turn in to the troop Direct Sales: Direct Cookie Sales through Cookie Booths and door-to-door.

20 Dates: Cookie Sales Begin December 20 Initial Orders Due in EBudde
January 20 ACH Debit Test February 1 Cookie Deliveries February 19 Cookie Booths Feb 21-March 23 ACH Debit Round #1 March 8th ACH Debit Round #2 March 20 Cookies on the Go March 24-30 Cookie Sales End March 31 Troop Incentives due in EBudde April 7 ACH Debit Round #3 April 10

21 Troop Cookie Delivery Cookies are delivered to a central location. You will need to pick up your cookies at your designated time. Depending on the number of cookies you ordered, you may need additional drivers. A mini van with the seats in can hold about 75 cases. Do NOT bring girls to pick up cookies. Carefully check the quantities. Once you sign for your order any shortages are the troop’s responsibility. Establish times for families to pick up the cookies as soon after delivery as possible. Meet with families one at a time. Count the cookies together and have them sign the Troop Family Transaction Report for receipt (found in manilla TCM pack).

22 Additional Cookies There are opportunities to obtain additional cookies after the initial order phase. However, since Cookie Booths begin before Cookie Cupboards open, it is recommended that you plan for booths in your initial order. Inter-Troop Transfers: Troops who require additional cookies can request them from troops who may have too many cookies. A Troop Transaction Report (NC-6) must be completed. Please the SUCM and turn in to the SUCM immediately, so that ACH payments will be done to the correct troop. Cookie Cupboards: Beginning February 26th, volunteers around the area, will store cookies at “Cookie Cupboards.” No money exchanges hands at the cupboards. Cookie Cupboard requests can be scheduled through eBudde. Replace a package of cookies that is not up to standard or is damaged on delivery—remember *you* are responsible for proper storage and handling of cookies. Get additional cookies. Exchange cookie varieties (with some limitations)

23 Cookie Booths Cookie Booths run from February 21-March 23rd
You will sign up for Cookie Booths using the Cookie Booth Scheduler in eBudde. In order to distribute booths fairly, sign up follows this calendar: January 10 –2 slots, max 1 booth per chain January slots, max 2 booth per chain January 16 – 6 slots, max 3 booth per chain January 19 – no restrictions on chain repetition or total slots Maximum of FOUR girls and TWO adults No non troop siblings are allowed Girls should sell, adults should supervise No eating (or smoking, etc). Only water bottles, no other drinks. Decide in advance how to credit cookies sales from booths Permission Forms are required and all Girl Scout Safety Guidelines must be obeyed Cookie Costumes can be borrowed!

24 Enhancements to this Years Cookie Sales
A lot has changed this year! Enhancements to this Years Cookie Sales

25 What is New: Super 6 cookie types Gift Of Caring
Cookie money deposited to troop account Council will do ACH debits to get their share Option for bounced checks Credit Cards are now an option

26 Operational Enhancements:
Research has shown troops sell more cookies when customers are offered the premium six Girl Scout cookies known as No need to order a full case when a troop only sold 4 boxes of a less popular variety

27 Gift of Caring: Those who don’t want to buy cookies for themselves can donate cookies to others Hometown Heroes: You can pick local “heroes” like the fire department and deliver the cookies to them. You accept payment at time of “sale” Troop2Troop: Your troop can drop off cookies at Fort Belvoir for the USO on specific dates in April. You accept payment at time of “sale” Capital Cookies Care: Cookies are donated to the Capital Area Food Bank. During the initial order phase you collect payment. Cookies are delivered directly to the food bank. Troop does not receive cookies. Please note: You cannot solicit cash donations, although you can accept them if they are offered (Cash donations can go to your troop or to SHARE. You cannot accept cash on behalf of another organization). Refer to page 13 for more information.

28 Cookie Money All Cookie Money is deposited into YOUR troop account
This includes cash, checks and credit card payments You can determine what type of funds you will accept.

29 Checks Council will no longer handle bounced checks
It is a troop decision to accept checks Be deliberate from whom you accept checks Be sure check is made out to GSCNC Troop #(your troop) this is a change!!! Make regular deposits Any Troop Leader/trustworthy adult can make deposits Timely deposits reduce the risk of bounced checks

30 Checks: Bounced Check Mitigation
Check Again (by Fiserv) ACTION NEEDED; Troops must enroll to participate; Once enrolled, you will receive a welcome packet with further details and access to reporting and check data online After enrolled, your bank will automatically forward bounced checks to Check Again to pursue payment Free of charge to all troops Your bank may charge a fee for attempting to deposit a bounced check More information on page 20

31 ACH Debits Automated Clearing House (ACH) Electronic Debit
Council Requirement in order to sell cookies No accidental over payment to Council & have to wait until Spring for reimbursement (783 troops last year overpaid $61,800)

32 ACH Debits, Continued Requirements
Troops must have bank account w/ Council tax ID ACH Electronic Debit Authorization Form Failed ACH = No additional cookies may be picked up from the Cookie Cupboard (In a failed ACH attempt, no funds are taken from the account)

33 ACH Debits Sample Sample Math Assumptions
The troop sells 600 boxes during Initial Order Girls elected to earn incentive items (earn $.65/box) Troop does not participate in booth sales or have additional orders (But why the heck not?! To keep the math simple for the example!) Total to collect: $2,400 Troop proceeds: $ 390 Council payment: $2,010 Pmt #1: 50%(600boxes)= $2/box for 300 boxes = $600 Pmt #2: 75%(600 boxes)=450 $2/box for 450=$900 $900-$600=$300 Pmt#3: $2,010-$ =$1,100

34 ACH Debits-Important Dates

35 ACH Debits-Pay Attention
Pay attention to automatic payments to Council dates. Ensure Troop Leader & TCM info is current in eBudde Alert Council via confidential & secure Survey Monkey link (pg. 20 of TCM Handbook in manilla envelope) Alert Council of any new account set-up (Survey Monkey) within 2 days Be mindful of cookies order in preparation for Troop booth sales and their impact to the auto payment schedule; Be sure to plan for a sufficient bank balance A failed ACH attempt may result in bank fees

36 ACH Debits-Successful
Following a Successful ACH Payment Council will upload deposits into eBudde Be sure to check Troop Sales Report to ensure the proper amount was deposited and your troop received credit

37 Operational Enhancements: Credit Cards Accepted!
Mobile payments accepted via Spark Pay CapitalOne product Troops may receive up to 3 devices for free Each device is linked to a unique address Recommended Troop Money Mgr request 1st device as this account will have ability to reports as well as performing refunds AND has access to the linked bank account Additional devices available for a small charge

38 Troop decision to accept Credit Cards
Business Decision to Accept Credit Cards No Troop is required to accept credit card payments Last year, Boy Scouts increased sales by 30% with credit card sales Girls should discuss the pros and cons and decide whether to accept credit cards Spark Pay by CapitalOne is Council endorsed method, however, other mobile payment systems may be used. Council will not provide support to alternate systems

39 Spark Pay Two plan options
Ability to switch between plans month-to-month Software preconfigured with GSCNC Cookie Sales info: varieties, prices, description, bar codes, etc. Includes Miscellaneous product category which can be used to collect troop dues, payments to Badge Nights or other troop money earning activities Receipts can be ed to customers Customization of receipts available (“Thank you for purchasing cookies from Troop 1234!”); All have GSCNC logo

40 Spark Pay Fees First $1,000 processed is FREE February 21 through March 21, 2014 No set up fees or hidden costs If you process over $1,300/month, chose the Pro Plan, it will help save on processing costs (fee will come out of bank account attached) Monthly Fee charged at the Account level, not for every user added to your account 2-3 business days for funds to be deposited into linked account More information on page 21

41 Spark Pay, Continued: Sign-up

42 Spark Pay: Supported Products

43 How are you ever going to keep track of it all?
Ebudde- Your new Buddy

44 Logging In for the first time ebudde is your online portal for all things cookie. If we already have your info, you should have been sent a temporary and password. If we are collecting your info for the first time tonight, you will receive login info through shortly.

45 Navigation 2. Links across the top for eLearning, manuals, and Cookie Club 2. Tabs for different work areas.

46 Dashboard Tab Quick view of important announcements, upcoming due dates and a checklist of what needs to be done.

47 Contacts Tab Troops Leaders and Cookie Chairs address, phone numbers and s can be updated on the Contacts Tab. Gets is the way to “opt out” of receiving announcements.

48 Settings Tab Make sure all information is accurate.
Update if you are receiving awards or extra 5 cents per box. Shows prior years sales for the troop.

49 Girls Tab Verify and update the Girls in your troop who are selling. This info was imported from council earlier in December

50 Other tabs Other tabs will allow you to enter do other tasks required
Cookie Booth Reservations start on Initial Cookie Order Submission by January 20th Initial Reward Submission by January 20th (Early Achievement Incentives) Delivery Pick-Up Reservation Record bank deposits Verify debits made by council Submit Final Reward Submission by April 9th

51 Any Questions About Dates:
Cookie Sales Begin December 20 Initial Orders Due in EBudde January 20 ACH Debit Test February 1 Cookie Deliveries February 19 Cookie Booths Feb 21-March 23 ACH Debit Round #1 March 8th ACH Debit Round #2 March 20 Cookies on the Go March 24-30 Cookie Sales End March 31 Troop Incentives due in EBudde April 7 ACH Debit Round #3 April 10

52 Other Resources Lots of places to get help
GSCNC Product Sales page for Cookies ( Cookie Club ( Little Brownie Bakers ( Cookie VIP eTraining. ( Online eBudde training ( Service Unit Cookie Managers Contact Information

53 Cookie Club
Cookie Club allows girls to track their orders online. You can set up each girl with an account. When a girl logs in for the first time, they will be given a safety briefing. Girls can set goals and enter contacts to about cookies. They can track both online and traditional orders (there is no online payment, just order requests)

54 Questions?

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