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2 Cookie Sale Materials Bag 2013 Cookie Book – This is your go to for all cookie information – Answers to most questions are in this book! Order cards – To record orders – girls need this to deliver orders later – Use for Initial Order cookies (formerly Town Delivery) – Use from December 7 until January 11ish All Initial Orders must be entered into SNAP by 10:00pm January 18. If you miss it, you will not get cookies on February 4. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE. Databases historically have crashed on the afternoon of the deadline!!!!! 2

3 Cookie Sale Materials Bag cont. Money Envelope – Many girls use this to collect their money. Put their name on the envelope and empty it often! – Please do not accept personal checks unless you know the person. – Cookies are $4.00/box Take some change! – Collect money at the time of order…. 3

4 Cookie Sale Materials Bag cont. Volunteer Toolkit – Includes a poster, goal chart etc. – Go over safety guidelines! Receipt Book – Use at Initial Order distribution – Use if transferring boxes to another troop Order worksheet – Use to tally Initial Order for all girls – Use to track distribution/sales of extra boxes 4

5 Important Dates Nov. 23 Troop Cookie Advisors/Leaders granted access to SNAP( Dec. 1Deadline to enter Troop contact info into SNAP Dec. 2Reserve cookies for booth sales Dec 7, 8, 9 (Reserve in SNAP on the Sunday prior to pick up date) Dec. 7All cookie sales begin Dec. 15Submit requests for January COBS (Council Sponsored Booth Sale, not Hopkinton!) Dec. 22 – Jan 1Cookie Cupboards are CLOSED 5

6 Important Dates Cont. Jan. 2Council uploads girl info into SNAP Jan. 1810:00pm Deadline for Initial Orders Feb. 4Initial Order Arrives Feb. 8Recognitions Opt-Out form due March 12 Deadline for Initial Order Payment (must authorize debit in SNAP) March 12 Sale ends, Cookie Cupboards close 6

7 SNAP – Account access Logging on for the first time – Go to – User Name is the Email address provided to – Temporary password will be emailed to you – You will be asked to reset your password when you log on – Make sure you have your troops banking info! 7

8 SNAP – Adding Contacts Adding Contacts – Only contacts in SNAP may pick up cookies – You may add more than one contact – Go to MY TROOP, EDIT TROOP INFORMATION – Make sure you SAVE often you can get timed out – set at 25 minutes – DO NOT HIT THE BACK BUTTON! It will take you back to the log in page 8

9 Selling Cookies – Initial Order Cookies are $4.00/box – Troops make $0.60/box – Collect money at the time of order! You may collect it at the time of delivery but sometimes this mean multiple trips – Deposit money into your troop account, dont hold onto it Initial Order payments are due March 12, the debit needs to be authorized in SNAP Planned Orders (Cupboard cookies) also may be paid for via SNAP. Or deposit a check into GSEM account at Citizens Bank before returning unsold cases. Due 10 days after picking up cookies Do not use Troop funds to cover a delinquent family! 9

10 Selling Cookies – Initial Order Adhere to Safety Guidelines! – Use common sense and stay SAFE Younger girls should always have an adult with them Girls can go out in groups DO NOT ENTER SOMEONES HOME – THERE ARE REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS LIVING IN TOWN If conducting a booth sale, respect businesses by adhering to their requests Always Wear Girl Scout Uniform – you are a representative of Girl Scouts – be respectful and act accordingly 10

11 Selling Cookies – Booth Sales Sign up online at under the Cookies – First come first served! First booth sales are December 8 th See location descriptions on above website for site specific info (where to set up, what is needed) Coach girls on how to act, what to say BEFORE sale Get a Cash box! $100 in small bills is not too much. Do not accept checks. 11

12 Selling Cookies – Booth Sale Order cookies as Planned Order in SNAP – A Standard Order is 240 boxes, chances are you will not sell this! – Make cookie reservation in SNAP (Planned Order) the Sunday BEFORE your scheduled sale Select the cupboard you will pick up from Cupboard hours/locations are on page 32 of the Cookie Book Select the date you plan to pick up your order Enter the NAME and PHONE NUMBER of the person picking up the order in the Order Reference field – Only the contact listed in SNAP will be allowed to pick up cookies – All unopened cases may be returned within 10 days to the cupboard originally ordered from 12

13 Selling Cookies – Booth Sale Payment for cookies from a cupboard is due within 10 days after picking up order. – Payment can be via SNAP as automatic debit – Payment can be a deposit to GSEM account at any Citizens Bank, cash or troop check ONLY You must get a dated receipt from the teller that you bring when returning unsold cases to the cupboard – ONLY UNOPENED CASES MAY BE RETURNED! 13

14 Selling Cookies – Booth Sale COBS (Council Organized Booth Sales) – Each month GSEM holds a lottery for sales in popular locations (Malls, T Stations etc.) Locations may be added at any time during the sale period Daisies and Brownies are not allowed to request MBTA sales – Locations can be found in SNAP under Cookies, Schedule Lottery Location – Requests for the following month are due on December 15 (January sale), January 1 (February sale), February 1 (March sale) These fill quickly! If you get a location/date, you will be notified via SNAP 14

15 Placing Initial Order in SNAP Council will populate SNAP with registered girls in your troop on January 2, 2013 – You will not be allowed to enter girls before 1/2/13 Collect flyer order information from all girls in troop (can be via email) – Set a deadline to allow you enough time to enter all info into SNAP (dont wait until the 1/18/13 deadline!) – Use Worksheet provided or make your own 15

16 Placing Initial Order in SNAP Enter total number of boxes/cookie type needed for entire troop into SNAP SNAP will require you to round up to a full case (12 boxes = 1 case) – The Hopkinton Service Unit is aware that some troops may not be able to purchase/sell these extra boxes and is working on ways to alleviate this - you will be notified on how to order your cookies as the time gets closer! Save your order often If you get timed out, you lose any unsaved changes! 16

17 Placing Initial Order in SNAP Do NOT click on the back arrow in your browser. It will take you back to the log-in page! Do NOT commit your order until you have finished entering ALL orders and you are certain you are correct! – You will not be able to change your order after clicking on commit – Only the SUCM may make changes within the first 24 hours before your order is fully committed to council 17

18 Payment for Initial Orders Payment for all Initial Orders is due in full on March 12 2013 – You pay council $3.40/box, NOT $4.00 – If you entered all of your banking information into SNAP, you still need to authorize payment BEFORE Council debits your account – it doesnt happen automatically – You may also pay by money order, certified check or troop check – this must be received by council by 3/12/13! – Collect money from girls early enough for checks to clear BEFORE money is due to council (5 to 10 days) You may accept cash, a personal or a bank check from a troop member BUT let your parents know beforehand what they will need! 18

19 Initial Order Delivery Day Cookies arrive on February 4 th Pick-up schedule will be sent at least one week prior to delivery day – Pick up times are between 8:00am and 12:00pm ONLY – Troops are scheduled in 10 to 15 minute intervals – Your order will be assembled for you – You must verify counts. Print out Initial Order from SNAP and bring with you to pick up to verify that your order is correct IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE YOUR ORDER IS CORRECT BEFORE YOU LEAVE WITH IT. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY COOKIES AFTER THEY LEAVE THE BUILDING! 19

20 Initial Order Distribution Once you pick up your troops cookies, you are responsible for them! – Distribute boxes as soon as possible – Use receipt book to transfer boxes If money was not collected at time of order, collect money from girls and deposit into troop account Council will debit troop accounts on March 12 2013 – Leave enough time for checks to clear before the debit occurs! 20

21 Assignment of Boxes to Girls All cookie boxes sold need to be assigned to girls in SNAP by March 15 This is a Transfer Order – You can transfer box assignments from the troop to a girl (Booth sale boxes) – You can also transfer from girl to girl (re-assignment for recognitions) – You can only transfer box number assignments within your own troop Contact if you need to sell/transfer boxes to another troop! 21

22 Recognitions Recognitions and required number of boxes can be found on the Order Card Girls must sell a minimum of 24 boxes to earn the first patch Eco-Totes are ONLY given to girls who have 87 or more boxes for their Initial Order Both Initial Order and Planned Order boxes count toward Recognitions AS LONG AS THEY ARE ASSIGNED/TRANSFERRED BY MARCH 15 Recognitions will arrive mid April for distribution 22

23 Recognitions – Opt Out Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors may choose to Opt Out of recognitions – ALL girls in the troop MUST sign Opt Out form – Form MUST be received by council NO LATER THAN February 8 – Girls will receive an extra $0.05/box sold – Girls will also receive participation patch but no other incentives 23

24 Things to Remember If you have a question, look at your Cookie Book If you make a mistake, dont worry, someone else has done it too! – Every mistake can be easily fixed as long as you have not waited until last minute If you still have a question, email Finally, dont stress - Its just cookies! 24

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