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Slide Number1 Myscouts “How To” for Manitoba & Saskatchewan May 2013.

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1 Slide Number1 Myscouts “How To” for Manitoba & Saskatchewan May 2013

2 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Where can I get more HELP?! Scouts Canada Help Centre: 1-888-855-3336 Searchable Knowledge Base: Training page on myscouts:

3 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Agenda 1.Tips and Tricks: #1 Registration set up 2.Tips and Tricks: #2 Find a Group 3.Tips and Tricks: #3 Register a participant 4.Tips and Tricks: #4 Register a volunteer 5.Tips and Tricks: #5 Add or remove a role 6.Tips and Tricks: #6 Quick reports 7.Tips and Tricks: #7 Record management 8.Scouts Canada Volunteer Requirements 9.Myscouts process for volunteers 10.Myscouts tips – volunteer activation 11.You should learn something new everyday! 12.Where can I get more HELP?!

4 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Tips and Tricks #1: Registration set up Main steps for registration set up (traditional or online registration): –Setting up fees and date parameters for the Group –Setting up maximum participants and volunteers for the session –For online registration: Submit Group bank account information to the National Service Centre Ensure the “tick box” for self-registration is enabled Enter day of week for meeting & proper address How to test if online registration is working? Organization-Fees

5 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Tips and Tricks #2: Find a Group Find a Group set up – what information is required? –Address (both Group and Section) –Postal code (VERY IMPORTANT) Why doesn’t my Group show up? –Information not entered correctly –Closed Group status Where do the Find a Group inquiries go? –An e-mail is sent to the first available of these Group individuals: (they must be active in myscouts) Group Registrar Group Commissioner Area Registrar Area Commissioner Online registration confirmations are sent to the Primary Contact.

6 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Tips and Tricks #3: Register a Participant Register a Participant: New-Participant New-Participant –Access org profile where registration to be entered (Section) –Org Options menu>Register a participant –New or existing participant –Search by participant or parent –Participant should appear on the participant tab Mass renew/transfer functionality: Transfer-Members Transfer-Members

7 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Tips and Tricks #4: Register a Volunteer Register a volunteer: new-Volunteer new-Volunteer –Access org profile where registration to be entered (Group or Section) –Org Options menu>Register a volunteer –New or existing volunteer – should always search first to reduce duplicate profiles –Ensure role selection is accurate and NOT the DEFAULT –Information is updated in real time and the volunteer should appear immediately on the volunteer tab –If no volunteers in a Section/Group, then the tab will not appear – this is the case for all tabs in myscouts

8 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Tips and Tricks #5: Add or remove a role Add or remove a role: Existing-Volunteer-to-an-Organization Existing-Volunteer-to-an-Organization –Org options menu>Add Existing Volunteer –Add a volunteer role to a participant? –Where do Rovers fit in? Most important thing to remember: –When incorrect role is present – important to first add correct role before deleting incorrect role Ability to change primary role – what are the parameters?

9 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Tips and Tricks #6: Quick reports Emergency contact and medical information: leaders-produce-a-report-with-participant-medical- information- leaders-produce-a-report-with-participant-medical- information- Pre-printed registration forms: Registration-Events Registration-Events

10 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Tips and Tricks #7: Record management Parent roles: Add-a-Non-Member-Parent-Helper-Role-Record Add-a-Non-Member-Parent-Helper-Role-Record Ability to track parent compliance: verify-whether-parents-have-completed-the-online- training- verify-whether-parents-have-completed-the-online- training- Accessing and editing parent and participant records; Reporting: –Membership listing and summary –Training and screening compliance report –Training report –Recognition report

11 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Scouts Canada Volunteer Requirements To be considered an active volunteer in the myscouts system: Volunteer registration for current year (through paper registration or self-registration); Mandatory training (CYS, Accessibility, WB I – module 1); Returning volunteers must have completed their section- specific WB I training; Complete set of screening requirements (PRC/VSS, Interview and Reference Checks); Signed code of conduct (paper copy entered by Registrar or electronic through; Approval from Group/Area Commissioner and/or Council representative.

12 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Myscouts process for volunteers Once all elements are in place – your Group/Area Commissioner, or Council representative can confirm your status is active from their screening tab; (activation may take up to 24 hours to be processed in the system) Outstanding requirements are shown next to role on the Roles listing from the Volunteer Dashboard; Can also view full requirements through the Screening and Training Compliance report available under the “Reporting” area on; If a volunteer is activated without ALL requirements completed, the information (volunteer, approver, date and missing elements) will be added to an exception listing which is distributed and followed up by your Council. –It’s ok to Activate New Volunteers without “MS1.”

13 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Myscouts Tips – volunteer activation Terminology for statuses in myscouts: –Not renewed: no current registration for Member in myscouts; –Pending: the Member is missing screening or training requirements, or is waiting for approval. Members without an “Active” status do not have access to information about other Members; Group Registrars must be active before registering their Group Members; It is currently not possible to view Member profiles for those who are not renewed, or are inactive. These Members can be renewed by choosing the “Register a Volunteer” option; Training is available to all Members with a profile on myscouts, regardless of their status in the system.

14 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | You should learn something new everyday! Wildcard search capability: ‘%’ - multiple; ‘_’ - single; Email in profile versus myscouts web account; Permissions are cumulative based on your roles; Profiles versus roles; Youth aged 14-18 require set up for access to myscouts and a unique email address; To view information on not-renewed members, start their registration process, and then cancel; In Volunteer Screening Tab, use right click and back to move back to previous screen; Timing on nightly system updates;

15 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Questions – sent and not yet answered: Do we still need a paper registration form if they registered online? The signed Code of Conduct sheets aren’t mailed to the Council office anymore? How do you remove names of youth from myscouts who got a refund and left the program? What about volunteers? What should happen if a volunteer’s interview information is shown as incomplete? What should you do if one of your volunteers has the incorrect role listed? I am the GC for 1 st Expedition and I don’t have the admin options button to add a role for my daughter who is an SIT – Why?

16 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW | Where can I get more HELP?! Scouts Canada Help Centre: 1-888-855-3336 Searchable Knowledge Base: Training page on myscouts:

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