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Family Meeting!. Training Materials 2015 Family Guide Recognition Flyer.

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1 Family Meeting!

2 Training Materials 2015 Family Guide Recognition Flyer

3 Role of Parents Cookie Support Staff for our Girl Scout Cookie Professionals! Motivate Fun! Educate Support your Girl Scout

4 Why the Cookie Program Matters Girls = 5 Skills Troops = Proceeds Council = Supports Girls & Volunteers

5 Do Now! Ensure your Girl Scout is registered Review Create Troop Cookie Team Discuss Girl Goal Setting Session Determine Initial Order

6 Guiding Girls to Set Goals Electronic copies at GSCookiesETC.o rg

7 Family Meeting Electronic copies at GSCookiesETC.o rg

8 Family Meeting


10 Happy 10 th Anniversary Thanks-A-Lot! $5.00 per package! Gluten Free Trios

11 Virtual Cookie Share Cookie donation Given to Military & Food Bank Tax Deductible Family Meeting How it works: Record on order card, collect $5, give Cookie Share receipt Troop enters order in Snap using Reorder Feature Council delivers! Cannot be ordered online “Digital Cookie” has arrived! Girls register on COCO Must Use Girl Scout name! Set Goals Send 12 emails for Patch Send special e-card for online orders

12 Family Meeting New! Online Booth Sale Training for ALL adults!

13 Family Meeting

14 Determining Initial Order Review Troop’s Previous Cookie Program Results Determine Troop’s Goal Initial Order flyer Review Council Average By Girl Scout level 85% of Troop’s Goal

15 Troop Booth Sale Kit Calculator Cookie Apron Counterfeit Detection pen with UV light Rollabana It’s Cookie Time Yard Sign 3 Cookie Posters (8½ X 11) Cookie Share flyer, stickers & receipts Initial Order Recognition Girl Entrepreneur Toolkit Clipboard Clear Poncho Door Hangers Clear Tote Bag Cookie Theme Pen Case Exchange Day!

16 Booth Sales  Permission Slips  All Adults Must Complete Training  Booked Booth Sales Summary & Booth Sale Location reports  A Note About the Notes  Cancel Booth Sales in Snap Concession Boxes

17 Girl Payments 1.Turn in money promptly and frequently 2.Don’t forget your receipts

18 Cash, Checks or Credit? Cash Protect Against Counterfeit Bills  Do not accept bills larger than a $20  Counterfeit Detection Pen Credit Cards Smart Phones with Card Readers Linked to parent’s account Fees may not be passed onto consumer Door – to – Door and Booth Sales Checks Accepting Checks is risky business

19 Mobile App for Girls! Set & track goals Enter & manage cookie orders See summary of orders & totals Email confirmations to customers View nutritional info & cookies View recognitions, identify level achieved, track sales needed Track payments & export file COCOdirect for Online Sales! COCO Troop Page too! What’s New

20 Thank You

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