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Internet Ordering TrophyNut OrderSystem Service Unit Instructions Troop by Girl Ordering.

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1 Internet Ordering TrophyNut OrderSystem Service Unit Instructions Troop by Girl Ordering

2 To access - Log on to This TrophyNut Order System Welcome Screen will appear. Click on the 2012-2013 Order System. Easy ordering Clip Art Nutrition Facts Link to

3 To go back to, click Trophy Nut Order System (TNOS)

4 You can get all the Nutrition Facts right off the web. Click on the item and it will show you a picture of the can or box and nutrition values.

5 2. Then enter the User ID (your email address) and the Password that was provided by Council and press enter Service Unit Order Entry

6 1. Check to make sure your Service Unit Info is correct…if changes are needed, click on Edit… 3. Then Click Troops under Views to add a new troop. Service Unit Order Entry 2. You may also enter the Addresses for Forms Delivery Product Delivery, and Recognition Delivery

7 To Add New Girl to your troop just click Add New Girl PLEASE NOTE! When you set up your Troop, remember to enter the number of Girls Registered (the OrderSystem will automatically calculate Number of Girls Selling based on the number of girl orders entered) Make sure to add a user ID and password for each troop as instructed by your council. Please make sure you enter this information for accurate Reports!!!

8 NEW for 2012-2013: Troops will now use their email for their User ID log-in NEW for 2012-2013: Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters. All passwords must be updated to match this requirement NOTE: The troop information email adress and the user ID (email address) do not need to match

9 1.ADD NEW Girl – Enter the girls name as council has instructed. If this troop/girl is participating in E-Nuts+ and/or Web Magazine sales, please check the box for each If the Council has made an option for recognitions for a certain level, please make sure to select which choice this girl would like

10 The system this year will only list the recognitions that the girl has a choice in. It will not list any recognitions where there is no choice. These choices can be made at this time or at a later date by editing the girl information. 3. Make sure to click Add at the bottom of the page (you may have to scroll down) to include this girl in your troop list Make the choice between the options of Recognitions

11 To view any payments for this Girl, click on Payment Summary to drop down payment information

12 To view recognitions the girl has earned at any point of the sale, click on Earned Recognitions to drop down the information

13 PRODUCT ORDERS. Click Orders under Views from the home page to place Product Orders

14 Click Add to add order

15 1. For the Initial Order, be sure that the circle is clicked. Note, for some councils, the only option is an Initial Order. 2. Choose the troop, the girl, and her level, that you are entering the order for. If this is the troop entering the order, all they have to do is choose the girl. If the girl is not there, they can enter her at this time. Note: If the girls name is not listed in the drop down menu, you can Add her at this time. 3. Enter in the units ordered for Magazines, if applicable, and for Products. Hit Enter or click Add when finished.

16 Your orders for each girl will show up on this screen along with any Initial Booth order you enter. Again, if you council is not using Booth orders, you will not see this part.

17 If you need to edit an existing order click on the Order ID #

18 Cupboard Orders. (if they apply to your council) Any orders that a troop picks up from a cupboard will be listed here. In order for the recognitions to be chosen automatically for the girls, these products including any initial booth orders will have to be applied to the girls within a troop.

19 Assigning Orders. To assign a cupboard or booth order to a girl, click Add New Order. You will only need to do this if your council is using Initial Booth Orders and / or Cupboard Orders.

20 Assigning Orders. 1.Make sure the dot for Assign Troop Cupboard Orders is clicked. 2.Choose Additional or Booth. (Additional means the girl made the sale and is financially responsible for the product. Booth means that only the troop is financially responsible.) 3. Choose the girl that you are applying the product to and then the items to apply.

21 Assigning Orders. You will then see this screen which will show all orders including assigned orders as well as any units still not applied.

22 There are two buttons at the top for Submitting Magazine and Product Orders. DO NOT use these buttons until you are sure all troops are finished Entering their orders. Once these buttons are pressed, the troops and the Service units will no longer be able to enter orders, they can still enter products thought. If for some reason, this has Been done prematurely, the council can change the status of the service unit and/or a troop. If a troop has pressed these prematurely, you as a service unit are able to Unsubmit Products/Magazines by editing the Troop Information from the main log-in page.

23 To change the status of a troop from Submitted to Un-Submitted, click on Troops.

24 Click on Edit.

25 Click Unsubmit next to either Products have been submitted or Magazines have been submitted to unsubmit these.

26 Payment Entry Click here to add new payment 1.Click on Payments under Views from main log-in page

27 Payment Entry (Is not available in all councils) Payments can be made by the girl to the troop or from the troop to the council. Choose the payment from the drop down box and then choose the girl if it is a girl payment. Add the necessary payment information including the amount paid.

28 Payment Entry On this Screen, you will see any girl payments as well as any council payments made. Also, if a girls name is in bold, she still owes the troop Money. Put your cursor over her name to find out How much.

29 Delivery Tickets (for Troop Pickups) Click Reports to view, download or print your Troop Report(s) To view Delivery Tickets, click here

30 You have the option to view Delivery Tickets for Products by Service Unit, by Troop or By Troop By Girl.

31 Use this option to search for a Girls Information, Troop Information or Order Details Quick Search

32 Using the Quick Search option, you may search for either a Troop, Girl or Order by Number, Contact Name, Girl Name or Order Number

33 Messaging feature allows you to send messages to Troops/Girls internally, the Troop leader will be notified of a new message upon log-in Messages

34 To compose a message, select if you would like this message to go to Council, Troops (which troops or All troops), enter your subject and message, and send! Note: This message will also be delivered to the email address under the Service Unit or Troop information

35 The message can be viewed under Messages after it has been sent. Any unread messages will be in bold until opened

36 SU Reports Various reports are available to view, print, or download in to Excel

37 NEW for 2012-2013: Final Report! NEW for 2012-2013: E-Nuts+ Plus Sales & Emails: we have combined both reports to provide all the E-Nuts+ information in one report instead of two!

38 Service Unit Final Report You may select to view a certain Service Unit or Troop from the drop down list provided at the top. This report will also show you E-Nuts+ sales information, as well as Service Unit/Troop statistics. The Final Report for Service Units will provide the number of units sold, percent/item, retail cost, gross sales and total troop proceeds for the 2012-2013 as well as previous year sales information.

39 Troop Reports These are the reports available to the troops.

40 Remember to log-out at the end of your session GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SALE!

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