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Organizing, Outlining, and Writing Presentations

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1 Organizing, Outlining, and Writing Presentations
Chapter 12 Organizing, Outlining, and Writing Presentations

2 Chapter Objectives Organize your main points Use your research
Outline your speech Develop a strong introduction Move smoothly from point to point Conclude with strength Harness the power of language

3 Organizing Your Main Points
Main points are… The central claims that support your specific purpose and thesis statement Ideas that will lead the audience to accept or consider what you are asking them to do, believe, or consider

4 Organizing Your Main Points
Identifying your main points Each main point should be one major idea “Does this point prove my thesis? Does it help me achieve my specific purpose?”

5 Organizing Your Main Points
Utilizing main points and subpoints Subpoints support the main points Ask yourself: “Does this bit of information back up my main point?” Sub-subpoints support the subpoints

6 Organizing Your Main Points
Utilizing main points and subpoints

7 Organizing Your Main Points
Popular Organizational Patterns Chronological pattern Topical pattern Spatial pattern Problem-solution pattern Cause-effect pattern Narrative pattern Motivated sequence pattern

8 Using Your Research Clear definitions Facts and statistics
Meaningful examples Comparisons

9 Outlining Your Speech Working outline Speaking outline
Rough draft used in speech preparation Firm up thesis statement and organize points Speaking outline Delivery outline Final speech plan The basis for your note cards

10 Outlining Your Speech Outlining Essentials [show text]
Use standard symbols Use subdivisions properly Separate the parts of your speech Cite your sources MLA APA Give your speech a title

11 Outlining Your Speech Styles of Outlines Sentence outline
Full text of your speech in outline format Phrase outline Key-word outline **Phrase/Key-word are best for speaking outlines

12 Outlining Your Speech From Working to Speaking Outline
Working outline is raw material for speaking outline Speaking outline includes delivery cues Speaking outline contains oral citations

13 Tying It All Together Writing Introductions Preview your main points
Connect with your audience Capture your audience’s attention Use surprise Tell a story Start with a quote Ask a question Make them laugh

14 Tying It All Together Using Transitions
Words, phrases, and observations that connect thoughts, points, and details Allows the speech to flow naturally Signposts Internal previews & internal summaries

15 Tying It All Together Writing Your Conclusion Signal the end
Summarize your points Make an impact Quotes and questions A final story

16 Using Language That Works
Respect your audience Keep it simple Use vivid language Use language to make a lasting impression Repetition Allusion Comparisons, similes, and metaphors

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