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Sexually Transmitted Infections STIs are germs/pathogens Examples pathogens include: virus, bacteria, parasite, fungus…

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1 Sexually Transmitted Infections STIs are germs/pathogens Examples pathogens include: virus, bacteria, parasite, fungus…

2 Objectives 1.Name the 4 H’s. 2.Explain how STIs are transmitted. 3.Explain why the use of a condom is now known as “safer sex” and not just “safe sex.” 4.Explain the importance of getting tested if sexually active. 5.Explain where to get tested. Do not write down. These are our goals for today!

3 How are STIs passed from 1 person to another? How are they passed? Commonly-Many STIs –Skin to skin contact (close skin contact) –Sex (vaginal, oral-mouth to private areas of another person, anal) Sometimes-Some STIs –Mother to baby –Blood to blood (needles) Rarely-Very Few STIs –Shared items (towel, bedding) Fluids that cause transmission Male penis: semen Female vagina: vaginal secretions Blood –sharing needles with drug use or tattooing Mother to baby in breast milk (HIV)

4 STIs Without a Cure HPV = Human Papillomavirus HBV = Hepatitis B HSV = Herpes Simplex Virus –HSV-1 Cold Sores –HSV-2 Genital Herpes HIV 1 & 2 = Human Immunodeficiency Virus –Virus that may lead to AIDS –AIDS is the end stage of the viral attack Syphilis –After stage 1 The SYMPTOMS can be treated, but the pathogen itself can’t be cured. Some meds can slow disease progression. The Four H’s

5 HPV – Human Papillomavirus Most common sexually transmitted virus in US –40+ types affect genital area At least 50% of sexually active people will have genital HPV at some time in their lives –90% cases the immune system will clear it up naturally within 2 years Vaccine shots –Gardasil: Protects against cervical cancer & most genital warts –Cervarix Causes –Cancer (abnormal cells) Commonly: cervical cancer Sometimes: vulva, vagina, penis & anal cancer –Genial Warts –Oral (mouth) infection can cause throat cancers

6 HBV – Hepatitis B Causes liver inflammation Very contagious Good news! –You’re vaccinated!

7 HSV - Herpes HSV – 1 Cold Sores –AKA: Fever Blisters –Most people get this as a child –Sores come and go –Virus stays in the body HSV – 2 Genital Herpes –Medicines to suppress outbreaks

8 HIV 1 & 2 What does it stand for? –Human: affects human population –Immuno: Immune system that fights infections Deficiency: lacking in, not working –Virus: type of germ/pathogen AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome –Stage with low T-Cell (White Blood Cell count) or an opportunistic infection –A person can be HIV+ and never have AIDS No vaccine Medicines: Anti-virals


10 STIs That Can Be Cured Chlamydia Gonorrhea (the clap) NGU Syphilis Yeast Infection Scabies Vaginitis Trichomoniasis Pubic Lice –Commonly referred to as having “crabs”

11 STI Warning Signs 1. Difficult or painful urination 2. Unusual discharge 3. Soreness in genital area or inside 4. Itching genitals 5. Flu-like symptoms

12 STI Warning Signs 6. Painless rash on hands, feet or body 7. Warts, blisters, sores, bumps, rashes 8. Unusual bleeding 9. Stomach cramps (not from menstruation) 10. Painful intercourse

13 Where to get tested! Doctor’s Office –Pediatrician McHenry County Health Dept After sexual assault / rape –If you go to the hospital they will present you with information % options for STI testing –Meds can be prescribed to prevent infection Illinois clinics –

14 Where to get tested! McHenry County Health Department 815 - 334 – 4500 Department of Health: Annex A 2200 North Seminary Ave Woodstock, IL 60098 The McHenry County Department of Health provides STD testing for men and women by appointment only. Please call 815-334-4500 for an appointment. Testing Fee Gonorrhea & Chlamydia $50 (includes testing & treatment) Syphilis No Charge HIV No Charge To schedule an appointment, please call 815-334-4500. Information gathered 3-5-12

15 Why Get Tested? It is your “sexual responsibility” –It is your responsibility to deal with consequences of your decisions (pregnancy and STIs are a risk if you choose to be sexually active) Treat & cure –May prevent infertility (not able to have babies) So you can inform partners so they can also be tested and treated Stress relief Helps the community –If a person gets treated for an STI then it won’t be spread to others!

16 How do they test for STIs? Visual inspection Urine sample (pee in a cup) Blood Pap Smear for Women Urethra sample for men Cheek swab Fluid from a sore, discharge

17 Chlamydia Gonorrhea

18 Info Obtained: 3-5-12 McHenry County Dept of Health

19 Which STDs are transmitted via Oral Sex?

20 Extra Slides


22 STI True/False Answers 1. False 2.True 3. False 4.True 5. False 6.True 7. False 8. False 9.True 10. False 11.True 12. False 13.True 14.True 15.True 16.True 17.True

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