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Classroom Job Descriptions

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1 Classroom Job Descriptions
Dare To Be Wise Classroom Job Descriptions Miss Wise 4th Grade Portable 21

2 Teacher’s Assistant Listen to directions very carefully so that you can explain to others what to do. Other students will come to you if they have questions or need help and Miss Wise is busy with someone else. Monitor the class if the teacher has to step outside, go to the bathroom, speak to a visitor, answer the phone, etc. Notify the teacher of any problems.

3 Librarian (2) Monitor checking out and checking in of books from students #1-10 Monitor checking out and checking in of books from students #11-22 Place books back on the shelves in the correct location Double check the binder to make sure students are writing down when a book is being checked out. Monitor binder and notify students if they have not returned a book on time. Let the teacher know if a student has not returned a book on time. Tidy up the library area

4 News Reporter Take notes on what is happening in your class throughout the week. What have we learned in class? Fill out news report form and turn in to Miss Wise on Friday. This will be uploaded to our website.

5 Gardener (2) Morning: Place plants and shelf outside on the corner of the ramp. Water plants daily. Afternoon: Bring plants and shelf back into the classroom at the end of the day or before it rains. Pull off any dead leaves or flowers so that new ones can grow.

6 Attendance Manager Count how many students at the beginning of the period. Find out if any students are absent. Tell the teacher at 9:30 and 2:10 if there are any students not in class. Write down classwork and homework assignments for any students who are absent. Collect any extra work for them.

7 Door Holder Hold the door for students during arrival, dismissal, and in case of emergencies. Make sure bathroom door is propped open when the bathroom is not in use.

8 Technology Specialist (2)
Turn off ActivBoard at end of class. 12:00pm and 3:45pm. Make sure any laptops are logged out of and then shut down at the end of each day. Turn on the laptops in the morning. (9:15am) Help students with any computer questions or problems.

9 Homework Checker (2) 1 student will check the mailboxes to see if everyone turned in the homework or classwork assignment. If a mailbox is empty, quietly go remind that student to turn in the work. Notify the teacher if there is a student who did not bring/complete the assignment. 1 student will collect the assignments from the mailboxes, keeping the papers in number/alphabetical order. If a student is missing their name or number, quietly take the paper over to that student and have them write the correct heading.

10 Messenger (2) 2 students will always go together when running errands around campus. You must WALK on campus and be very quiet in hallways and classroom. Knock at the teacher’s door and use your best manners. You must be able to read a map and be familiar with the campus. The teacher will trust you with delivering items quickly and efficiently. You must be trustworthy and responsible!

11 Paper Handler (2) Pass out and collect papers, textbooks, binders, or folders when needed

12 Motivator (2) This person will need to write one kind note to someone in the class by 12:00pm or 3:45pm. This note must state something specific a fellow classmate did that demonstrated following the “Be Rules.”

13 Desk Inspector (2) Observes students’ desk areas and reminds others to stay organized. Once a week inspect the inside of desks and leave at least one positive message to a student who has an extra tidy desk! Make sure the supply bucket at each team are kept clean and clutter free!!

14 Job Checker Monitor others to make sure they are completing their job correctly. Politely and quietly remind a student if they have not done their job yet. Move the clips at the end of each week.

15 Substitute Fill in a job for a student who may be absent.
You must know all job descriptions.

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