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Procedures Mrs. Hornsby’s Class.

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1 Procedures Mrs. Hornsby’s Class

2 What are procedures? Procedures tell you what to do
Procedures explain how things are to be done in the classroom If you forget to follow a procedure correctly, you will continue to practice until it is a habit

3 Why do we need procedures?
We need procedures so we will know what to do without being told Procedures will help our classroom run more smoothly and minimize interruptions, which means we can learn more

4 What is CHAMP? For each activity, I will tell you what the CHAMP guidelines are. C = Conversation H = Help A = Assignment M = Movement (Can I get out of my seat? P = Participation

5 What are voice levels? 0 = NO TALKING 1 = WHISPER 2 = CONVERSATION
3 = OUTSIDE If the voice level inside ever reaches 3, the entire class will face penalties

6 Classroom Signals We will do a lot of group work this year; therefore, I will use hand signals to get your attention. STOP, LOOK, LISTEN (sign language) Stop everything you are doing immediately. Put your hands on your desk quietly. Look me in the eye. Put your listening ears on and be prepared to hear any information I give you. GIVE ME FIVE Eyes are watching Ears are listening Lips are closed Hands are still Feet are quiet

7 What should I do if someone is talking?
Look the person in the eye Lean slightly forward to let them know you are listening Listen to what the person is saying Do not interrupt!

8 Lining Up Procedures Before we can go anywhere, we must ALWAYS line up correctly. I do not permit talking for any reason while lining up. Voice Level = 0 I will call one row at a time. When I call your row, you may stand up silently, push your chair under quietly, and walk to the line. You must get in line with your row. Never run to try to be near a friend because you are not permitted to talk to them in the hallway. Once in line, stand silently with feet and hands at your side, facing forward. Wait on other rows to be called.

9 Restroom Procedures Voice Level = 0 Use the Restroom Wash & Dry Hands
Keep Hands & Feet to Self Respect School Property Get a Drink & Line Up Quietly

10 Hallway Procedures Voice Level = 0 Walk on 2nd row of tiles
Hands at side Face forward Single file line (No gaps)

11 Stairwell Procedures Voice Level = 0 Hands on rail or at sides
Do not hold onto the rail and pull yourself up One step at a time Single file; right side

12 Cafeteria Serving Line Procedures
Voice Level = 0 Remain in a straight line at all times Get ALL needed items You will not be permitted to go back through the line or get extra items. Say your number loudly Touch your food only

13 Playground Procedures
Voice Level = 2-3 Once you are on the playground Show respect & kindness to others Keep hands, feet, & objects to yourself Use equipment appropriately Follow adult directions

14 Morning Arrival Procedures
Voice Level = 1 Report to your classroom ONLY Go directly to breakfast (Visiting is not permitted) Go to restroom if needed (Pass required) Return to the classroom promptly Get everything ready for the day (Sharpen 3 pencils) Complete morning work WORK UNTIL MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS! If you finish early, you must read a book silently.

15 What should I do after the morning bell rings?
Make sure you have all materials ready to begin the day Make sure you have completed your morning work Listen and participate in morning announcements Stand during the pledge and recite School Mission and Guidelines for Success Absolutely NO TALKING Prepare to switch classes

16 What should I do when I am given an assignment?
After I have explained CHAMP for the assignment, you should begin working IMMEDIATELY You should never stop working on an assignment until you are finished

17 What should I do when I am finished?
Check your work carefully Read your library book or a book from our classroom library Work on homework or work that you did not finish earlier YOU MAY NOT TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBOR OR GET UP OUT OF YOUR SEAT IF YOU ARE FINISHED

18 What should I do if I need help on an assignment?
Sit quietly Raise one finger Continue to work on a part of the assignment that you do not need help with.

19 What should I do when I need to sharpen my pencil?
Students are not permitted to use the pencil sharpener after 8:15 in the morning. You must have at least 3 sharpened pencils in your desk before class starts each morning. Sharpen your pencils quickly and return to your seat each morning to finish your morning work. Only three students are permitted at the pencil sharpener at a time. No mechanical pencils are permitted

20 What do I need to do when I need to use the restroom?
You will be permitted two restroom breaks throughout the day at 10:10 and 12:03. Students are NOT permitted to leave class to use the restroom(district rules).

21 Afternoon Dismissal Procedures
Voice Level = 0-1 Use time wisely to finish homework/read Gather homework Stack chairs Clean desk area Gather all belongings

22 What do I do if I am a pickup?
Five minutes before buses are called, I will tell you to get your things together. When the bell rings, I will dismiss you. THE BELL DOES NOT DISMISS YOU. I DISMISS YOU. You will walk to the door and exit quietly. If you fail to follow this procedure, then you will be asked to repeat it until you do it successfully. You will line up in a straight, quiet line in the hallway.

23 What do I do if I ride a bus?
5 min. before the pick-up bell rings, I will tell you to get your things together. You will get your things, and walk quietly back to your seat and put your chair on your desk. You will go to another teacher’s classroom until the bus bell rings. I EXPECT EXEMPLARY BEHAVIOR WHEN YOU ARE IN ANOTHER TEACHER’S CLASSROOM. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE FLOOR FOR ANY REASON WHEN YOU GO TO ANOTHER TEACHER’S CLASSROOM. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THEM AND FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS THEY GIVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 Bus Procedures Conversation Allowed, appropriate, voice level low
Talk to the person at your left or right Activity Remain seated in assigned seat when the bus is moving Walk to unload when driver signals ready Keep hands & objects to yourself Follow driver’s instructions Respect Show consideration for others The best way to get respect is to give respect Expectations Follow All bus rules in the student code of conduct Cooperation + mutual respect = safe & enjoyable bus trip

25 What happens if I forget these procedures?
If you forget a procedure or do not follow a procedure correctly, we will repeat the procedure. We need procedures in our classroom so we can learn and it is very important to do your best to follow them!

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