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Welcome to Mrs. Keeler’s Third Grade Class

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1 Welcome to Mrs. Keeler’s Third Grade Class
Getting to know you and me!

2 A little about me… Jennifer Keeler Husband: Jason
Children: Mollie, 12 and Connor, 8 Graduated from the University of Central Florida Experience: Teaching for 18 years Love to read, spend time with family, and go to the beach

3 My expectations of each and everyone of you!
Why? Because I believe in you! I know you are ALL smart, and never want to hear differently. You can do anything you try. “I can’t” is the acronym for “I Completely Admit I’m Not Trying.”

4 What Are Procedures? Procedures are put in place for our classroom so you will know what is expected of you on a daily basis. This will allow us to focus all of our attention on the wonderful world of learning!

5 Entering Class Procedures
Open your agenda and leave it on your desk. Take out and sharpen two pencils. Go to the bathroom. Get a drink. Get started on your Welcome Work. Morning Routine is what is to be done prior to getting started. Beneath you will find our lesson for the day. Please have these procedures complete and be in your seat working on your “Welcome Work” by the time the tardy bell rings each day. Finish writing a paragraph to the sentence starter, “Over the summer I…”

6 “Whose turn is it to talk?” Procedures
We will all have the opportunity to talk. When it is your turn, we will all listen. When it is my turn, we will all listen.

7 1, 2, 3 Fins Up! 1 Eyes on Speaker 2 Mouths Quiet 3 Ears Listening

8 Want to do something? If you need to use the bathroom, get a drink, or sharpen your pencil then follow these simple steps. Put one finger up if you have to go to the bathroom. Put two fingers up to get a drink. Put three fingers up if you need to sharpen your pencil.

9 Need some help? You have a library pocket on your desk. Inside there are four colored cards. If you need help, place the red card at the top of your desk and raise your hand. There will be another use for the other cards that I will explain later. If I am assisting another student put your hand down and I will be around to assist you.

10 Entering /Exiting Procedures
Entering the classroom: Please come in quietly, take your seat, and listen for instructions. Exiting the classroom: Lining up to travel – Students will be called in number order to line up. One through seven, eight through fifteen, sixteen through nineteen. Dismissal: The bell does not dismiss you; I do. Please wait for instructions.

11 Hallway Procedures All students will line up in ABC order.
Each person will hold the door for the next person in line. Always use the right side of the sidewalk. Make sure you are single, straight, silent, and smiling all the way to your destination.

12 Lunchroom Procedures Use your manners.
Food belongs on your tray or in your mouth. Clean up your table and the floor around. Talk quietly. Say “thank you” to the people who work so hard to feed you!

13 Playground Procedures
Walk. Stay on the swing until you are able to get off. (no jumping) Go down the slide on your bottom.

14 Absence Procedures I really and sincerely miss you when you are not here. No empty chairs! Do your best never to be absent. I understand sometimes we get sick, but try to always be here. Let’s beat the other classes and have the most perfect attendance at the end of the year. WE CAN DO IT!

15 Visitor/Substitute Procedures
When someone enters the classroom: immediately there should be silence. Continue on with your lesson. I am rarely out, however if I am, please treat the substitute as respectfully as you treat me. I expect the same good behavior at all times.

16 Busy Binder Procedure Your busy binder is your organization for this class. This binder will include all handouts and notes you take for each concept learned in class. You will use your busy binder each time you write in your agenda, place homework in the side pocket, and keep important papers. The busy binder is very important. It should be brought back and forth from school to home and home to school everyday.

17 Monday Folder Procedure
Every Monday you will receive a Monday folder. You will bring home checked and/or graded classwork and tests. Your parents must sign the Monday folder and you are to bring it back the next day.

18 SAFE ZONE Procedures This classroom is a Safe Zone.
No one is allowed to say anything ugly about you or to you while you are here. You are not allowed to talk about others, and others are not allowed to talk about you. You are free to ask/answer questions, share your feelings, and be your true self. If someone calls you a name or is negative to you, they will be asked to apologize and say three positive things about you. We are a family unit in this class and anything you share will remain here.

19 Finally… I am so happy to be here with you.
You are all very important to me. We are going to have an outstanding year. Fins Up!

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