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Mrs. Loomis’ Classroom Expectations

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1 Mrs. Loomis’ Classroom Expectations

2 Classroom Rules Follow directions the first time given
Raise hand to speak Complete all assignments neatly and turn in on time Respect others’ rights to learn Strive to do your best always

3 Student Behavior Rewards for Positive Behavior Include:
Extra minutes at break No homework passes Excellent grades Becoming a “Loomis Leader” Mini Society (Market Day) money Field trips and classroom parties Feeling positive about self

4 Student Behavior Consequences for Negative Behavior Include:
Planner signing Study Hall Detention Poor grades Parent contact/meeting Meeting with Principal/Assistant Principal Loss of Mini Society (Market Day) money

5 Hand Signals “pinkie” = you want to ask a question
“A” = you want to answer a question “C” = you want to make a comment or share “R” = you need to use the restroom “L” = you would like to use the library “2 fingers up” = you want to leave your seat “3 fingers up” = you need the teacher’s help

6 How to Begin the Day come in quietly
Go to your desk and take out binder, books, hw, lunch/snacks Open your planner– the planner checker will check for your parent’s signature from the day before Hang up backpack on designated hook Place any signed notes, Walnut Weekly folder, papers due (not homework) into the respective red basket and cross off your number Sharpen your pencil Take out all math supplies have math hw open for Ms. L to check and begin working on the math review on your whiteboard

7 Lunch Time Wait for Mrs. Loomis or back of line leader to dismiss you
“Bucket” person leaves for lunch first Front of line leader leaves for lunch second and monitors that all students walk to lunch Walk to lunch – no running After lunch, place lunch pail/bag in bucket Bucket person brings bucket back to classroom Bell rings – walk to class and line up quietly in two lines outside our door

8 How To End The Day Fill planner out completely and leave open for Ms. L to sign Clean off tops of desk and floor Water plant and do classroom job Day of the Week person raises hand when everyone is ready Ms. L ok’s group to get backpacks from the hooks Pack all materials needed for homework in your backpack, including your silent reading book Sit quietly at your desk for end-of-the-day announcements

9 Attention If you hear me speaking, voices off and eyes on me
If I ring the bell, voices off and eyes on me If I ring the gong, finish what you are saying then voices off and eyes on me If I clap my hands in a pattern, repeat the pattern then voices off and eyes on me Tooting the train whistle means you have 3 minutes left before clean up time

10 Questions Before asking Mrs. Loomis a question, think about the following: Has she already given us this information? Did I ask people at my group during an appropriate time? Did I ask three people before I asked her?

11 Bathroom You may use the bathroom at anytime during the day except:
The first 30 minutes we have returned to our classroom (i.e. lunch, break, library, etc.) During a drill (fire, earthquake, etc.) While I am instructing, unless it’s an emergency Just hold up the “R” sign language sign – I’ll nod my head

12 P.E. or Break P.E. = the p.e. monitors will be in charge of taking out, setting up and cleaning up all equipment Students will be dismissed by either Mrs. Loomis or the back line leader After p.e., students will have 3 minutes to use the restroom and get water. Students must be back to the classroom, ready to work in this time period Break = the p.e. monitors will take out Mrs. Loomis’ two break buckets Please return all equipment to the buckets when the whistle is blown P.E. monitors will bring buckets into class

13 Snacks and Drinks All healthy snacks are permitted to be eaten during break not during instruction. Water is the only acceptable drink for the classroom. If your water bottle is empty, please fill it up when I am not instructing and NOT after coming in from break. You may drink from the water fountain during times when I am not directly teaching the class.

14 Homework All work must be completed neatly and turned in on time.
Assignments not completed on time will be dropped one letter grade. You will have 1 day to turn in a late assignment. It will be 1 grade lowered. Homework will be assigned every night and should take about 60 minutes. If homework is not completed, you must inform Mrs. Loomis, bring her your behavior card to sign and fill out the form in the “No Homework” binder.

15 Behavior Cards First signing in a week = warning Second signing in a week = home Third signing in a week = lunch detention Fourth signing in a week = parent/student/teacher conference Loosing one’s behavior card = detention Too many detentions = loss of mini society money, field trips or end of the year activities

16 Absent Work Absent work will be collected by the Absent Work Collector the day you are gone. The day you return, you must see the Absent Work Collector to discuss the lessons/activities/homework you missed. The paperwork you need will be in your absent folder. You have two days from the day you return to complete the work you missed. It must be turned in to the absent work basket on my desk with the absent form stapled to the top. You are expected to complete all current assignments on time as well. No exceptions.

17 Things To Remember Chairs must remain flat on the floor
You must clean up after yourself Always ask permission before borrowing something No writing and/or sending notes in class(EVER!) No pencil sharpening while Ms. L is instructing. All assignments must have your name, date, number and assignment or they will not be accepted All writing must be neat, or I will have you redo the assignment No bullying is ever allowed. Zero tolerance. You are never completely finished, either check your work or read quietly

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