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Welcome to 3rd Grade!.

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1 Welcome to 3rd Grade!

2 All About the Teacher!

3 What will we learn this year?
Science – Chemical Testing, Plant Growth and Development, Earth Materials, and much more! Social Studies – map skills and tour of the U.S.A. Math – multiplication, division, and fractions Reading – small groups and literacy circles

4 Music, Art, Computer, Counseling, & Recess
We’ll go to music or art once a week We’ll go to Mrs. Billingsley’s lab twice a week We’ll have counseling with Mrs. Carr twice a month We’ll have recess daily

5 Morning Work Get unpacked
Get everything you think you’ll need for the day Sharpen 2 or 3 pencils Turn in homework on the back table Turn in any money/notes to yellow basket on my desk If you must talk, please whisper Start on morning work (It must be completed by 8:00 a.m.)

6 Money & Note Turn In Lunch money should be in your pencil case
All other money should be in an envelope with the reason for the money, your name, and your cubby # Never just hand money to me All money and notes go in the yellow basket on my desk

7 Cubby Room Reminders You can go to the cubby room to take care of anything during the Morning Work time without permission Do not go to the cubby room during the day without permission Only 3-4 in the cubby room at a time when packing up The line leader is the monitor during pack-up time in the afternoon

8 Individual Restroom Break
If you need to use the restroom, stand at the back of the room and hold up your thumb. Wait for me to respond by nodding my head or holding up my thumb.

9 I’m done with my work! You have a few choices if you finish your work early… Read your A.R. book, or… Read one of my books, or… Work one of the “Brain Teaser” sheets Never tell the teacher that you’re finished with your work

10 When the teacher raises her hand…
This means that you do the same This means that you should stop talking and make eye contact with me “Class, class!!!” If you hear me say, “Class, class!”, you are to repeat it exactly as I say it. This is another way I may get your attention. LET’S PRACTICE!

11 Homework & Class Work Homework should always go in the homework bin
Class work should always go in the top tray

12 Hallway Behavior Walk in a single-file line Do not talk in the hall
Stay on the red squares If you see a friend from another class, you may wave and smile at them, but please do not talk to them

13 Class Restroom Trip Monitors go in first to check the restroom
Stand outside the restroom on the white tile (stay off of the blue tile) When finished with the restroom, get water and Germ-X Line up in front of Mrs. Holley’s door without talking I will choose Quiet Mouse

14 Lunchroom Procedures If you are standing in the lunchroom, you are quiet!
Enter lunchroom in a single-file line without talking The first person in line will give the lunch ladies the number count Say “Please” and “Thank you” to the lunchroom ladies Do not leave empty seats between one another at the lunch table Talk quietly and only to the people directly next to you or in front of you If you drop/spill something, then please clean it up – its your responsibility Take your tray when you are done eating Line up quietly (Remember the first rule above)

15 Paper Heading On the right side of your paper Your Number – in the air
Your First Name and Last Name – first blue line The Date The Subject Example: #23 Kim Gulledge August 15, 2011 Math Morning Work

16 When your neighbor is absent
Shoulder Partner – please tell your neighbor what he/she missed when she was absent Tidy all of their papers and keep their desk neat while they’re absent

17 Writing Down Homework Write it exactly like I have it on the board
I will sign your planner daily (except on Fridays) Your parent must sign it nightly (except on Fridays) I will do a weekly planner check

18 What are the rules in your class?
Be responsible – be on time, be prepared, and have everything you need Be resourceful – take care of things yourself and ask a neighbor for help before you ask the teacher Be respectful – say thank you, please, and you’re welcome to your classmates and to all adults, show respect at all times Treat others the way you want to be treated!

19 Group Competitions There are three groups constantly competing in my classroom. You can earn colored sticks for your group The group that has the most points at the end of a given time period wins This will make more sense as time goes by. You will earn your first points today!

20 What happens if I break a rule?
1st Time – Verbal Warning 2nd Time – Behavioral Slip 3rd Time – Behavioral Slip sent home and no recess and/or silent lunch 4th Time – Call home to parents and/or After School Detention by you Behavioral Slip

21 Daily Closing Message All students will stand and say the Daily Closing Message together

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