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Welcome to 4 th Grade Miss Pender Room 209. Why we have rules and procedures … Keep us safe Save time Making sure learning is happen Feel comfortable.

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1 Welcome to 4 th Grade Miss Pender Room 209

2 Why we have rules and procedures … Keep us safe Save time Making sure learning is happen Feel comfortable Stop interruptions LEARNING

3 Bulls Rules Be responsible and respectful Use kind words Listen well Learning = fun Safety first

4 Morning Procedures

5 Get to School on Time! If it is after 8:30 a.m., YOU are late!

6 The 8:30 am Bell. 1.Unpack your backpack 2. Sharpen at least 3 pencils 3. Homework should be in the HW bin (except Math) 4. Place notes in notes bin 5. Go to the restroom 6. Get Math materials ready 7. Start your brainwork

7 After 8:30 a.m. Listen to the morning announcement – Talking is OFF! Working on brainwork Ask Miss Pender any final questions before the day begins

8 Daily Procedures

9 Assignment Notebook Bring notebook to all classes Parent signature every night Record homework Record daily activities

10 Classroom Signals Give Me 5 ! 1.Body – stop moving 2.Hands – to yourself 3.Eyes – focused on speaker 4.Mouth - closed 5.Ears - listening

11 Questions and Answers Raise your hand quietly I will only call on QUIET hands Do not come to my desk Think time When someone is called on, put your hand down and actively listen to what is said

12 Restroom Procedures Use in the morning before 8:35AM Use bathroom pass – place on desk Walk quietly to the restroom Wash your hands with soap Leave the restroom clean Quickly and quietly return to your seat and continue working

13 Pencils Sharpen pencils in the morning ONLY before 8:40am If your pencil breaks: check with your desk for another Trade a pencil Ask a friend to borrow (please return when finished)

14 Paper Notebook (lined) paper is on the back table – it is not used for drawing There is paper to be used for drawing the in the scrap paper bin If you are missing a class worksheet or homework paper you may find another copy in the extra bin.

15 Desk Sharing You will be sharing a desk with other students from Mrs. Snyder’s and Mrs. Mathison’s classroom. Don’t not touch the other student’s person items inside the desk. Don’t leave personal items in desk. Clean desks when finished! “Mi casa es su casa” ~ “My house is your house.”

16 Walking in Line Wait to line up until instructed to do so Walk quietly Arms at your side Stand directly behind the person in front of you – straight line! You will earn devils dollars.

17 Devil Dollars You can earn devils dollars….. Follow classroom rules Quiet voices Respect others Clean-up classroom Walk quietly in hallways Compliments from other teachers

18 Specials Art Music P.E. L.M.C Make sure you have all supplies Know schedule each day Classroom rules will be followed Earn Devil Dollars MAKE ME PROUD!

19 What to do when your done with my class work??? Read a book Work on homework Draw Work on other assignments MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don’t disturb others!!!!

20 Homework Homework every night Record your homework in your assignment notebook (remember to have parents sign each night) If homework is missing or incomplete, you will go to Focus on Friday

21 Absent … Now what? It’s YOUR responsibility to check with the teacher if you were absent You have ONE day for each day you were absent to make up the work

22 Friday Fun and Focus DO YOUR HOMEWORK and you will get to have some extra fun with your friends every Friday! NO HOMEWORK = NO FUN (you will sit in silence completing you missing assignments while your friends get to play)

23 We Recycle Paper – Notebook paper – Computer paper – News paper Plastic Bottles – Water bottles Aluminum Can – Soda cans

24 Dismissal Procedures

25 Assignment Notebooks Write all homework down Write all notes down Get checked out by teacher Get signed when you have completed your homework at home

26 Backpacks With permission, get your backpack from your locker at the end of the day Return to your seat Begin packing your backpack with assignment notebook, take home folder, homework, and any book needed

27 Clean your Area Clean your area EVERYDAY!!! Straighten the materials in your desk Clear your desk Clean the floor around your desk Put any materials you have away *** Ask yourself – Does the room look as good as it did this morning???

28 Leaving for the Day Always walk in the hallway Walkers and pick ups will be dismissed first Bus riders will be called down as their buses arrive All others will walk down to the gym with your teacher

29 Classroom Family

30 Good Choices = Fabulous Rewards

31 Respect This is your family away from home We WILL respect each other Give me examples of how we can respect each other … Making fun of others will NOT be tolerated Apologizing / “Man Up”

32 Teamwork Everyone has a part Respecting others opinion Work together Active listening Might not always agree, but can talk about it nicely Trust your team mates There’s no I in teamwork, only a W for we!

33 Kind Words Feeling good about yourself Ways to make others feel good – Compliments – Smile – Praise Using manner – Please, excuse me, thank you, and your welcome

34 Questions ???

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