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Examining Social Life Chapter 1 – Section 1.

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1 Examining Social Life Chapter 1 – Section 1

2 Sociology Social Science Social interaction Social phenomena
studies human society and social behavior Social Science study human social behavior and functions of human society Social interaction study of how people relate and influence each others behavior Social phenomena study of facts or events that involve human society

3 The Sociological Perspective
A look at social life in a scientific way, rather than common-sense explanation Sociological imagination Ability to see connection between larger world and personal life

4 Sociology’s Place in the Social Science
Anthropology Study of past and present Economics Study of choices people make to satisfy their needs and wants

5 Psychology Social Psychology Study of behavior and thinking organisms
Study of how the social environment affects the behavior and personality of individuals

6 Political Science History
Extermination of the organization and operation of governments History Study of past events

7 Sociology: Then And Now
Chapter 1 – Section 2

8 Sociology as academic discipline Developmental Factors
Social and Political changes Growth of Urban Population

9 The Early Years Sociology developed primarily in France, Germany and England

10 Auguste Comte (1798-1857) Founder of Sociology Social Statics
Social Dynamics

11 Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) Influenced by the views of Darwin
Society is a set of independent parts that work together to a certain system Social changes needed towards stability and perfection

12 Social Darwinism “Survival of the fittest”
Most popular in France and Britain

13 Karl Marx (1818-1883) Society is divided into two classes
Bourgeoisie Proletariat Class conflict Classless society

14 Émile Durkheim (1858-1917) Applied method of science to sociology
Function – is the consequence that an element of society produces to maintain its social order

15 Max Weber ( ) Focused on the influence of the group on the individual Verstehen Ideal Type

16 Current Perspectives Theory Theoretical Perspective
Guide and helps interpret new findings Theoretical Perspective Set of assumptions about the nature of social life

17 Functionalist Perspective
Based on ? Set of interrelated parts to produce a stable society Dysfunctional Manifest function Latent function

18 Conflict Perspective Focus on forces in society that promote competition and change Decision making in families Race relations Workplace disputes

19 Interactionist Perspective
Focus on interaction between individuals in society Symbols Symbolic Interaction

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