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Sociology Introductory Topics.

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1 Sociology Introductory Topics

2 Starter Sociology= science that studies human society and social behavior Based on this definition, why is studying sociology important? What are the benefits for you studying sociology?

3 Why do people study sociology?
Understand how behavior is influenced by social factors. Learn how to view the world through others’ eyes. Attempt to balance one’s personal desires with their social environment. Find your ‘place’ both within society and history. In other words to develop your sociological perspective and sociological imagination! Illustrate the term ‘social imagination’

4 Sociology and the Media
Look at this from a sociological perspective:

5 Sociology as a Social Science
Social science= disciplines that study human social behavior or institutions and functions of human society in a scientific manner. Other social sciences: Anthropology Psychology - How does sociology Economics fit in with these? Political science History

6 First 5 of Sociology Auguste Comte Herbert Spencer Karl Marx
Emile Durkheim Max Weber Instructions: break up into groups of 6/7 and summarize the section of your assigned sociologist to present to the class.

7 Guess Who? Fact: Believed the structure of society intertwines with economic structure. Sociologist: Karl Marx

8 Guess Who? Fact: Coined the term ‘function’ for the interrelated parts of society. Sociologist: Emile Durkheim

9 Guess Who? Fact: Influenced heavily by Charles Darwin. Sociologist: Herbert Spencer

10 Guess Who? Fact: Focused on the effect of society on the individual, rather than society as a whole. Sociologist: Max Weber

11 Guess Who? Fact: Developed the first university sociology course. Sociologist: Emile Durkheim

12 Guess Who? Fact: Wanted to uncover the causes behind French Revolution. Sociologist: Auguste Comte

13 Guess Who? Fact: Conflict theory arose from his ideas. Sociologist: Karl Marx

14 Guess Who? Fact: Conceptualized social statics and social dynamics Sociologist: Auguste Comte

15 Guess Who? Fact: Believed that sociologists should focus theories on what is directly observable. Sociologist: Emile Durkheim

16 Guess Who? Fact: Conceptualized the ‘ideal type’ as a key feature of societies. Sociologist: Max Weber

17 Writing Activity- Classwork
Choose from the first 5 sociologists which you believe to have had the greatest impact on the field of sociology. Defend your choice using the information you have learned in class today. (10 minutes) Make sure your name and date are on the assignment and please write legibly!

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