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Name That Colony. Which Colony was lead by the Virginia Company of London? Virginia.

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1 Name That Colony

2 Which Colony was lead by the Virginia Company of London? Virginia

3 Which colony had tobacco and cattle as a cash crop? Maryland

4 Which colony was united with S. Carolina until they split? Eliza Lucas lived there for a while. North Carolina

5 Which colony was a southern colony established in 1712? South Carolina

6 Which colony did James Oglethorpe want to settle with debtors? Georgia

7 Which colony is also known as New Sweden? Delaware

8 Which colony did the Swedish move to to set up trading posts? New Jersey

9 Which colony was William Penn a leader of? Pennsylvania

10 Which colony had the following products. Farming products, iron, cattle, fur, grain, and lumber? Pennsylvania

11 Which colony was a middle colony that the Dutch first settled? New York

12 Which colony built their town around a center Puritan meeting house? Massachusetts

13 Which colony was Thomas Hooker the leader of? Connecticut

14 Which colony was Anne Hutchinson a leader of? Rhode Island

15 Which colony was settled from people from Massachusetts for business reasons? New Hampshire

16 Which colony was Roger Williams a leader of? Rhode Island

17 Which colony was settled because the Puritans wanted to make their religion more pure? Massachusetts

18 Which colony became the center of trade after it split from N.J? New York

19 Which colonies were ruled by King James II? North and South Carolina

20 Which colony was led by the Calverts? Maryland

21 Which colony had tobacco, grain, fur and fish as a cash crop? Virginia

22 Which colony was considered a safe place for Catholics? Maryland

23 Which colony was settled by the British and English as a trading post for cash crops? Virginia

24 Which Colony was settled by the Dutch and French to start a trading post for fur? New York

25 Which Colony was a southern colony that had developed plantations to help grow indigo? Georgia

26 Which Colony did Penn and the Society of Friends settle? ( Quakers) Pennsylvania

27 Which colony did Roger Williams settle? Rhode Island

28 Which colony had the Swedish as its leaders? New Jersey

29 Which colony had Puritans as its leaders? Massachusetts

30 Which colony cut lumber to send to England? New Hampshire

31 Which colony means Penn’s woods? Pennsylvania

32 Which colony was called the bread basket? Pennsylvania

33 Which colony established Fundamental Orders? Connecticut

34 Which colony was a royal colony and the king collected all its profits? Virginia

35 Which colony was named after Queen Henrietta Maria? Maryland

36 Which colony was the first to have religious freedom? Maryland

37 Which colony had the most plantations and slaves? South Carolina

38 Which colony was named for King George? Georgia?

39 Which colony at first did not allow slaves? Georgia

40 Which colony became the center of trade? New York

41 Name the southern colonies South Carolina Georgia Virginia Maryland North Carolina

42 Name the middle colonies New York Delaware New Jersey Pennsylvania

43 Name the New England Colonies New Hampshire Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut

44 Who were the leaders of Rhode Island Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson

45 Who was the leader of Pennsylvania William Penn

46 Georgia was established by who James Oglethorpe

47 What was the first city established by the Spanish? It is considered the oldest city in North America.

48 What was the French territory called?

49 What was Fundamental Orders?

50 What is the definition of a cash crop?

51 What was the purpose of Spanish missions?

52 What is indigo?

53 Swedish settled there, it was known as New Sweden until the British took it over.

54 Settled by colonists who left Massachusetts and the founder was Thomas Hooker

55 The capital was Charles Towne and was where all the slaves were traded. They had many plantations.

56 This colony had a fur trade and was named after the Duke.

57 The Puritans settled there because they wanted to make their religion more pure.

58 Was part of another colony, and then split off. People came here when Virginia got too crowded. Their cash crop was Indigo.

59 The Calverts settled here because it was a safe place for Catholics.

60 James Oglethorpe established this colony with debtors. At first slaves were not allowed.

61 This colony’s main cash crop was lumber. People settled here for business reasons.

62 Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were the leaders of this colony.

63 This colony’s main cash crop was iron and it used to be called New Netherland.

64 was established by the Quakers for religious reasons and its name means Penn’s woods.

65 was established by the Virginia Company of London as a trading post. Later the king collected the profits from the Tobacco for himself.

66 STUDY!!

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