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Review The Thirteen Colonies. Review The Thirteen Colonies.

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2 Review The Thirteen Colonies

3 A plant raised to make dye in South Carolina.

4 Indigo Indigo Indigo indigo

5 The Wealthiest city in the Southern Colonies.

6 Charleston

7 These people worked for no wages for years to pay for their transportation to the colonies.

8 Indentured Servants

9 Virginia was founded by men seeking…..

10 Gold and looking for a shipping route to Asia.

11 Rice was raised on the big slave plantations of …….

12 South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina

13 Who was the trustee of the Georgia Colony?

14 James Oglethorpe

15 Which two states were once a single colony?

16 North Carolina South Carolina

17 The three main exports of North Carolina were……

18 furs Forest products for wooden ships tobacco

19 This man was a Catholic colonial proprietor.

20 Cecil Calvert

21 Which Southern Colony originally outlawed slavery?

22 Georgia Georgia Georgia

23 Catholics were important
Leaders in the early days Of this colony…..

24 Maryland

25 This colony was the First to establish a Representative Government.

26 Virginia

27 This colony was the First to enact a law Promoting religious Freedom.

28 Maryland

29 This colony was founded to promote Humanitarian goals.

30 Georgia georgia Georgia

31 Privately owned Colonies were called….

32 Proprietorship colonies

33 This colony was the first English colony founded in America.

34 Virginia Virginia

35 This English colony Was the last to be Founded.

36 Georgia Georgia

37 What provided cheap labor
In Maryland?

38 Indentured servants

39 North Carolina’s Assembly met at….

40 Tyron Palace

41 Maryland provided Freedom of religion Through this act.

42 Toleration Act

43 Puritans admired the Teachings of….

44 Calvinism

45 Pilgrims of Plymouth were..

46 Separatists

47 Maine was part Of what colony?

48 Massachusetts Bay Colony

49 Who founded the Colony of Rhode Island?

50 Roger Williams

51 The economy of the American colonies Depended on trade Routes called….

52 Triangular Trade Route

53 What was the protective
British trade policy called?

54 Mercantilism

55 The government of The colony of Connecticut was Based on this group Of laws.

56 Fundamental orders

57 People in Massachusetts
Were executed for this crime.

58 Witchcraft

59 The _____founded Plymouth in______.

60 Pilgrims 1620

61 There was greater religious
Freedom in the colony of ________than anywhere Else in the 13 colonies.

62 Rhode Island

63 People from the colony of
Plymouth were the first to Settle this colony…..

64 New Hampshire

65 Thomas Hooker founded The colony of …….

66 Connecticut

67 Made laws.

68 House of Burgesses

69 Privately owned colonies
Are called…..

70 Proprietorships

71 Name the five Southern Colonies.

72 Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

73 Name the New England Colonies.

74 Massachusetts Bay Connecticut New Hampshire Rhode Island

75 Name the Middle Colonies

76 Pennsylvania New Jersey New York Delaware

77 Carteret and Berkley were ______ in the Colony of New Jersey.

78 Proprietors

79 This colony was split in half
and then put back together again.

80 New Jersey

81 This man founded the colony of Pennsylvania.

82 William Penn

83 The City of Brotherly Love
was in this colony.

84 Pennsylvania

85 The Dutch purchased this
Island from American Indians And built the city called…

86 Manhattan

87 People who belonged to the
Society of Friends were also known by this title….

88 Quakers

89 People from this nation started the colony in what is today……

90 Sweden Delaware

91 Peter Stuyvesant Was the governor Of this colony.

92 New Netherland

93 England conquered This colony without Bloodshed.

94 New Netherland

95 What group of People are pacifists?

96 Quakers

97 What colony was Originally a part of New York?

98 New Jersey

99 Patroons were Wealthy _____ Settlers.

100 Dutch

101 What was Pennsylvania’s Main export?

102 Wheat



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