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13 Colonies.

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1 13 Colonies

2 Types of Colonies Royal Colony - territory ruled by the English government (king) Proprietary Colony – territory owned by one person Joint Stock Colony – (corporate colony or business colony) – territory in which investors own the land

3 Jamestown- starving time, John Smith, tobacco
Virginia (1607) Jamestown- starving time, John Smith, tobacco

4 Massachusetts Puritans (Pilgrims) – Mayflower, Mayflower Compact, 1st Thanksgiving

5 New York (originally New Amsterdam) 1624
Manhattan Island was bought from the Indians for pots, cloth, beads and hatchets Settled by the Dutch (from the Netherlands). The Dutch treated people badly and in 1664, the English overtook them without firing a shot. The people had no loyalty towards the Dutch. Land was given to the Duke of York and he named it New York.

6 New York

7 Maryland (1633) Settled by Lord Baltimore as a safe place for Catholics. Gave religious freedom to all that came there.

8 Rhode Island (1636) Roger Williams was kicked out of Massachusetts Bay Colony by the Pilgrims. He settled in what is now Rhode Island. His colony offered religious freedom to all. Also the government could not interfere in religious matters. (Separation of church and state)

9 Connecticut (1636) Clergyman Thomas Hooker left Mass. To look for more land 1639 – Fundamental Orders of Connecticut – first written Constitution in the New World. It stated that all men who owned property and swore an oath of loyalty to the colony were permitted to vote

10 Connecticut

11 Delaware (1638) Settled for trading purposes. Founded by the Swedish, then taken by the Dutch, then taken by the English. Stayed part of Pennsylvania until the 1170’s

12 New Hampshire Settled for fishing and trading purposes

13 North Carolina & South Carolina
Land given to proprietors as a reward for their loyalty to the king

14 New Jersey (1664) This land was given to two men (Sir George Carteret and Lord Berkeley) by the Duke of York. They promised self-government and religious freedom

15 Pennsylvania Land was given to William Penn by the King of England. Penn was Quaker. Called “Quakers” because they trembled at the word of God. They believed in equality of men and women and the rich and poor. Quakers were persecuted in England due to their beliefs and Penn. Became a place to flee to. Pennsylvania means “Penn’s Woods” Penn promised freedom of religion and guaranteed not to tax settlers without their consent.


17 Georgia (1732) James Oglethorpe founded this colony. Settled originally as a buffer between Spanish Florida and the rest of the colonies. Oglethorpe believed Georgia could be a safe place for debtors in England to get a fresh start.

18 Georgia

19 When King George II died in 1760, he gave complete control of the colonies to his son King George III. About 1 million colonists and 500,000 slaves lived here.

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