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Thirteen Original Colonies

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1 Thirteen Original Colonies
By Nick Fleming Andrew Hardin and Alex Fultz

2 New England Colonies Rhode Island- founded in 1636 by Roger Williams
New Hampshire- founded in 1638 by John Wheelwright Massachusetts- founded in 1630 by John Winthrop Connecticut- founded in 1636 by Thomas Hooker

3 New England Cont. Rhode Island was named after the Island of Rhodes
New Hampshire was named after Hampshire in England Massachusetts was named after an Indian name that means great hill Connecticut was named after an Indian name which means long river

4 New England Geography Forest Small Mountains Plains

5 New England Natural Resources
Fish Ships Whales Furs Rum

6 Important People in New England
Thomas Hooker Roger Williams Anne Hutchinson

7 Southern Colonies Georgia- Founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe
South Carolina- Founded in 1663 by Eight Nobles North Carolina- Founded in 1653 by Virginians Virginia- Founded in 1607 by the London Company Maryland- Founded in 1634 by Cecil Calvert

8 Southern Cont. Georgia was named after King George the second
South Carolina was named after King Charles the first North Carolina was named after King Charles the first Virginia was named after Virginia Company Maryland was named after Queen Henrietta Maria

9 Georgia Georgia was founded because a bunch of people were in prison and they needed to find more land for those people. The people from England wanted more land for the people in prison.

10 North and South Carolina
North and South Carolina were founded so they could grow rice and indigo. The people of England wanted to use the Carolina’s for businesses North and South Carolina were just Carolina until they had an argument and split into two

11 Maryland Maryland was founded so that a group of English Catholics could their practice their religion. The English wanted a place to practice their religion since they were not allowed in England.

12 Virginia Founded so they could practice the religion and for political reasons. People from England wanted a place for religious and political reasons

13 Geographical Characteristics
The southern colonies stretched along the Atlantic Coast from Maryland to Georgia. Natural Resources were water and fertile soil. The southern colonies were mainly founded so they could trade.

14 Middle Colonies New Jersey-Founded in 1664 by the English colonists
Delaware-Founded in 1638 by Peter Minvit and New Sweden Company New York- Founded in 1664 by the Duke of York Pennsylvania- Founded in 1682 by William Penn and others

15 Middle Colonies Cont. New York named after Duke of York.
Pennsylvania named after Sweden but later changed to Pennsylvania. New jersey named after isle of Jersey in England. Delaware named after the Delaware tribe.

16 New York Founded for fur trade
People from England wanted land to trade furs.

17 New Jersey Founded

18 Pennsylvania Founded to get Quakers out of England
Quakers went there for religious freedom

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