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Chapter 3: The English Colonies in America. indentured servant.

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1 Chapter 3: The English Colonies in America

2 indentured servant

3 cash crops

4 democratic

5 assembly

6 slave trade

7 Puritans



10 3.2 The New England, Middle, & Southern Colonial Regions New England Colonies: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island Middle Colonies: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware Southern Colonies: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

11 INB pg. 15 1.Identify four details from the map. (Answer on your own.)

12 INB pg. 15 2. Into how many regions are the 13 colonies divided? Three: New England, Middle, & Southern Colonies

13 INB pg. 15 3. Which region had large tobacco plantations? Southern colonies

14 INB pg. 15 4. In which region was fishing important? New England colonies

15 INB pg. 15 5. In which region would you find ironworks? Middle colonies

16 INB pg. 15 6. Why do you think many large farms were located in the Southern colonies? Broad rivers & vast wetlands Fertile soil Hot, wet climate

17 INB pg. 15 7. Why do you think so much shipbuilding took place in the New England colonies? Plenty of forests for lumber Fishing was a main source of food

18 Philadelphia Originally settled by Swedes & called New Sweden Later taken over by English & William Penn Became settled by people from many nations High population of Quakers, who were somewhat wealthier than others Treated natives well Most populated colonial city Busy trade center

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