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Unit 4 Medieval Origins of the Modern State. Geography.

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1 Unit 4 Medieval Origins of the Modern State

2 Geography

3 The Birth of England  History  5 th Century invaders (Angles, Saxons and Jutes)  Locals  Alfred the Great (Wessex 871-899)  United the 7 kingdoms against the Danish Vikings  Won support as King of all England  Began tradition of “consulting” his Barons  Limited monarchy

4 The problems of succession  Edward the Confessor (1042- 1066) his death with no heir caused a number of problems  English Barons elect Harold II  William Duke of Normandy claims Edward promised him the throne  William finally invades and defeated Harold II at the Battle of Hastings in October of 1066

5 William I (1066-1087)  Subdued Saxon revolts  Built castles  Gave his Norman Barons 5/6 of the land  Loyalty oaths  Domesday Book (1085) Census


7  Angevin Lands

8 John I (1199-1216)  “Lackland” lost Normandy early  Heavy debt (lots of new taxes), confiscated Church property, abusive and corrupt  1215 at Runnymede forced to sign Magna Carta  Limited monarchy  Preserved the rights of the Nobles against the monarchy (ex: Taxation)  Mostly ignored by English Kings but still considered the cornerstone of modern English law

9  Rule of law  Powers and privileges of the king are clearly defined and limited  Charter provides for enforcement of restrictions placed on the king  Fairness of the laws and their execution  "Reasonable" rules and regulations  Equal justice under the law  Recognition of customs, traditions, and established rights  Restoration of property and fines if not justly taken  Punishment in proportion to the crime  Commitment to "due process of law"  Established procedures  No trial without evidence/testimony to support accusations  Reliance on local courts and magistrates  Trials held in a timely manner  Trials open to the public  Trial by a jury of one's peers  Respect for economic rights  Right to property  Fairness in economic transactions—standard weights and measures  Reimbursement for and/or restoration of property  Freedom for merchants to move in order to conduct business

10 France  The Capetian dynasty (replaced the Carolingians  They controlled very little land  Most of the country dominated by powerful feudal princes  Slowly established a solid power base and eventually imposed their will on French Nobles

11 Phillip II Augustus  King at 25  Took Normandy back from John in 1204  Claimed John forfeited the land because he failed to appear at the French court  New administration (Royal over local)  Absolute Monarchy is the result  Estates General too weak (Nobles not unified)

12 English possessions in France

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