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Social Structures. Social Structure Do you think a society can exist without a social structure?

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1 Social Structures

2 Social Structure Do you think a society can exist without a social structure?

3 Social Structures…  A network of interrelated statuses and roles that guide human interaction  Dynamic (changing)  People’s actions can affect and even reshape

4 Stop, Read, and Think….  What factors might help determine how a person functions in society?

5 …  The groups to which the person belongs  The jobs or roles the person fulfills

6 Social Structure  Statuses-a position in a group that guides human interaction A status carries with it a set of culturally defined rights and duties…  Roles- the behavior

7 Status  Defines where individuals fit (i.e. mother, daughter, sister, teacher, Jewish)  Ascribed- assigned based on inherited traits or age (i.e. senior citizen, sex, or race)  Achieved-individual efforts (i.e. doctor, athlete)  Master-ranks the highest above all others (occupation, marital status, parenthood)

8 Roles  “ You occupy a status, but you play a role ”  Roles bring status to life  You play many different roles everyday.  Reciprocal-defining the pattern of interaction between related statuses (i.e. student-teacher, leader-follower)

9 Roles  Role expectations or Social roles- socially determined behaviors expected of person performing a role Ex. Lawyers defending/prosecuting clients  Role performance-actual role does not always match behavior expected Ex. Parents abusing children

10 Roles  Role set -Many different roles attached to a single status  Role conflict -occurs when incompatible expectations arise from two or more social positions held by the same person  Conflict between statuses Ex…being a good student sometimes makes you a bad friend, employee, sister…

11 Roles  Role strain- difficulty that arises when the same social position imposes conflicting demands and expectations

12 Social Institutions  Statuses and roles are organized to satisfy one or more basic needs of society Ex. Family, medical, educational, economic, religious,legal and political systems  Organized pattern of beliefs/behavior centered on basic needs

13 Classwork  Identify a role conflict  Write a paragraph explaining the reasons for the conflict and individual and group resolutions to the conflict

14 Assignment  Family  Medical  Educational  Economic  Religion  Legal  Politica

15  Social structure- how is the institution organized  Identify statuses and roles within  An example of role conflict or role strain for each

16 Types of Social Interaction  Social interaction the way in which people respond to one another  Examples of interaction: Exchange Competition Conflict Cooperation Accommodation

17 Exchange  Most basic and common form  Interaction in effort to receive a reward  Reciprocity- you do something for someone, that person owes you something

18 Competition  2 or more groups of people oppose each other to achieve a goal that only one can attain  Common feature of Western society  Cornerstone of capitalism  Can be positive motivator  Can be negative: psychological stress, lack of cooperation, inequality, conflict

19 Conflict  Deliberate attempt to control a person by force, to oppose someone, harm another person  Few rules of conduct

20 Conflict Simmel’s 4 sources of conflict: wars, disagreements within groups, legal disputes, and clashes over ideology (such as religion or politics)

21 Conflict  Conflict reinforces group boundaries, strengthens group loyalty focusing on outside threat  Lead to social change by bringing problems to forefront  Seek solutions

22 Cooperation  2 or more people or groups work together to achieve a goal  Social process that gets things done  Cooperation is used with other forms of interaction  Examples…. Cooperation and competition…

23 Accommodation  The state of balance between cooperation and conflict  “you give a little, you take a little”  Compromise  Truce  Arbitration

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