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Chapter 8 The First Political Parties

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1 Chapter 8 The First Political Parties
Section 3

2 Opposing Views Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson—2 cabinet members with different views Political Parties Emerge Federalist—the group of people who generally supported the policies of Hamilton Thomas Jefferson and James Madison become the 2 leaders of the Democratic-Republican Party /Anti-Federalist

3 Democratic-Republicans believed in strict interpretation of the Constitution.
Federalist believed that honest and educated men who owned property should run the government. Washington's Dilemma Washington hoped that Jefferson and Hamilton would work out their differences.

4 Federalist Party Alexander Hamilton and John Adams Pro-British
Implied powers of the federal government Ruled by educated property owners Favored banking and shipping interest Strong central government Passed the Alien and Sedition Acts New Englander and Wealthy Southern plantation owners typically favored this party

5 Dem/Republican Party Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
Strict interpretation of the Constitution French alliance Strong state government Rule by ordinary citizens Passed the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions Small Southern farmers and urban workers in Mid-Atlantic states favored this party

6 The Election of 1796 Federalist Candidate John Adams wins with 71 electoral votes, becomes the President. Dem/Republican candidate Thomas Jefferson finishes in 2nd with 68 votes, becomes the Vice-President.

7 President John Adams A. The XYZ Affair 1. The French seized American ships that carried cargo to Great Britain to punish the United States for signing Jay’s Treaty with Great Britain. 2. John Adams was furious after hearing that 3 agents demanded bribes and a loan for France.

8 3. Congress prepared for war with
France by establishing the Navy Department, set aside money for building warships, and increased the size of the army. B. Alien and Sedition Acts--1798 1. Strict Laws est. by the Federalist to “protect” nation’s security. 2. You could go to jail for speaking against the government.

9 C. Domestic and Foreign Affairs
1. Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions a. States should have the right to judge the constitutionality of federal laws. b. States have the right to nullify a federal law within the state

10 2. John Adams support of the Alien. and Sedition Act hurt his chance
2. John Adams support of the Alien and Sedition Act hurt his chance for reelection a. It opened the door for Jefferson's election in 1800

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