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Washington and Adams Administrations 1788-1800 1.

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1 Washington and Adams Administrations

2 After the new Congress convened, George Washington was elected President ( ) and John Adams was elected Vice President, the Congress and the President began immediately to build a government. Departments were created and a basic Judicial system was established. Washington selected the following for his Cabinet: Secretary of State-Thomas Jefferson Secretary of Treasury- Alexander Hamilton Secretary of War- John Knox In addition, he selected: Attorney General- Edmund Randolph 2

3 Problems of the New Nation Problems of the New Nation  Americans quickly embraced the new system of government created by the Constitution, but there were still serious economic, political, and international problems to be solved. 3

4 Political Parties Emerged:  The Federalists-led by John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, believed in a strong national government and an industrial economy supported by bankers and business interests 4

5  The Democratic Republicans, ( called Anti-Federalists by the Federalists) were led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. They believed in a weak national government and an agricultural economy, supported by farmers, artisans, and frontier settlers in the South 5

6 Economic Problems  Hamilton- wanted to consolidate national and state debts and these were to be paid off or assumed by the Federal government. He also wanted to create a National Bank.  The Southern states agreed to this plan if a new capitol would be build in the south. 6

7 International Problems  Jay’s Treaty President Washington sent Supreme Court Justice John Jay to negotiate a treaty with Britain to avoid war, settle boundary disputes and increase trade.  In the treaty- Britain agreed to withdraw troops from Northwest territories and boundaries would be established-over time  (No mention of British interference in American trade)  Many were critical of this treaty as it humiliated America, or we had “sold out” to the British 7

8 Election of 1796  John Adams became the 2 nd US President ( )  Washington established the principle of serving only two terms as President In his farewell address Washington warned the nation of becoming too involved in foreign entanglements In his farewell address Washington warned the nation of becoming too involved in foreign entanglements 8

9  The Federalists were also in favor of establishing a Bank of the United States.  France insulted America when she refused to see an American Minister and then asked for a bribe and a loan from for other American ministers. This was called the XYZ Affair. 9

10 Undeclared War with France  Between , we became involved in an undeclared war with France mostly due to the following events:  XYZ- The French refused to see an American Ambassador and then refused to see an American delegation unless a bribe and loan were arranged.  France seized American ships  France interfered with our trade  The US captured 85 French ships  The US stopped trade with France 10

11 Election of 1800  After a bitter political campaign, Thomas Jefferson was elected President of the United States in Power had been transferred peacefully from the Federalists to the Democratic Republicans without a civil war or a bloody. revolution. 11

12 Questions with Answers  1. Who became the first President of the United States?  George Washington  2. Who became the first Vice President of the United States?  John Adams  3. Who became the first Secretary of State of the United States?  Thomas Jefferson 12

13  4. Who became the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States?  Alexander Hamilton  5 What was Hamilton’s economic plan?  Federal and state debts would be assumed by the federal or national government and a Bank of the United States would be established. 13

14  6. Washington served how many terms as President? Two  7. Southern states agreed to Hamilton’s plans, including a National Bank if the national government agreed to do what?  Establish a new national capitol in a southern state.  8. Who became the 2 nd President of the US?  John Adams 14

15  9. What is the name of the incident in which French agents attempted to bribe our American diplomats? XYZ Affair  10. What was the name of the resolutions which stated that states had the right to judge whether a federal law was constitutional or not?  Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 15

16  11. What laws were passed under the Presidency of John Adams which gave the President the power of deportation and the right to imprison critics of the government?  Alien and Sedition Acts  12. What is the name of the treaty with Britain which was aimed at increasing trade and avoiding war, but many Americans believed the US sold out to the British? Jay’s Treaty 16

17  13. Opposition to Jay’s Treaty and other Federalists ideas eventually led to the development of which other political party?  Democratic Republican Party  14. Who became the leader of the Democratic Republican Party?  Thomas Jefferson 17

18  15. Hamilton and the Federalists believed in a strict interpretation ( construction) or loose interpretation ( construction) of the Constitution?  Loose  16. What was the name of the slave rebellion in Richmond, Va. ? Prosser Rebellion  17. What is the name of the French diplomat that embarrassed the Washington administration by attempting to recruit support for the French Revolution?  Genet  18. Who was elected President of the United States in 1800?  Thomas Jefferson. 18

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