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World History Chapter 8 Section 2

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1 World History Chapter 8 Section 2
Feudalism and the Manor Economy

2 A New System of Rule With attacks by Vikings, Muslims, and Magyars, kings could not always maintain law and order People had to defend their homes and lands Feudalism Powerful lords gave fiefs to vassals estate Lord granted land in exchange for service and loyalty to a greater lord

3 Estates Vassals A few acres Hundreds of square miles
Included peasants, towns, buildings Vassals Provide 40 days of military service/year Certain money payments Advice


5 Lords, Vassals, and Knights
Monarch Dukes Vassal Counts How many of you have a friend who may not like another friend of yours? Problems arose if a vassal pledged his loyalty to more than one lord

6 The World of Warriors War was a way of life How to become a knight
Many men wanted to be knights Mounted warriors How to become a knight Age 7: go to castle of father’s lord Learn to fight, ride, care for equipment Difficult and strict Beatings Age 21: ready to be a knight Kneel before older knight Dubbing


8 Battles subsided in the 1100’s
Tournaments and mock battles Began dangerously Captured knights held for ransom Eventually became more ceremonious

9 Independent Practice:
Write and explain: How is the game of capture the flag like a medieval war? Write (1 min.) Explain (1 min.)


11 Castles Early Middle Ages lords would leave their homes during an attack Wooden tower surrounded by a fence with a moat 1100’s Stone castles with a moat and a drawbridge Point of war would be to seize a castle Food and water were stored up in the castle If someone could not be starved into surrender, they could try to tunnel their way under

12 Role of noblewomen “lord of the manor” when man was away at war
Supervise vassals, manage house, farm, and medical duties Maybe even fight for estate on her own Some got involved in politics Eleanor of Aquitaine became queen of France and England Had a hand in European affairs for 70 years

13 Sons usually got the family land
Women did get some as part of dowry If husband died, woman regained land rights Girls were often sent to friends or relatives for training Had to know how to spin, weave, supervise servants Some learned reading and writing Bear many children and be a good wife

14 Chivalry Code of conduct for knights during the middle ages
Brave, loyal, and true to their word Fight fairly and be generous to enemies *Only applied to nobles, not commoners Women were to be protected and cherished Troubadours Wandering poets Chivalry became modern idea of romantic love

15 The Manor Lord’s estate Lord’s provided protection and land to live on
One or more villages and surrounding lands Peasants worked on the manor Serfs- peasants bound to the land Couldn’t leave without lords permission Work several days a week farming Repair roads, bridges, fences Paid fees for marriage, getting land, grinding grain Holiday fees Money wasn’t used as much as grains or goods Lord’s provided protection and land to live on

16 A narrow world Peasants produced all they needed Manor included
Didn’t go far from city Little education of larger world Manor included Many one room huts Water mill Church Land was evenly divided

17 Daily Life Peasants worked sunup to sundown Diet Sleeping conditions
Black bread, peas, cabbage, turnips, onions Fish if near a river No meat unless they killed wild game Sleeping conditions One room hut held the family and any farm animals

18 Seasons Spring Summer Fall Other times
Plow Summer Hay Fall Harvest Other times Weeded, fix fence, chores Disease and starvation were hard to overcome Life expectancy was around 35

19 Celebrations Marriages and Births Christmas and Easter
Week off from work Other Christian Holidays Celebrate by: Killing an animal and eating meat Dancing Sports

20 Beliefs Attend chapel on the Sabbath Medieval Europe believed in:
Gossip and dance after Medieval Europe believed in: Elves, fairies, and other nature spirits Love potions and magic charms Witches Priests did their best to “Christianize” old beliefs

21 Word Definition Vassal A. Noble who served as a mounted warrior 2. Fief B. Wandering poet 3. Knight C. Cod of conduct for knights during the Middle Ages 4. Chivalry D. Peasant bound to the Lord’s land 5. Troubadour E. An estate granted by a lord to a vassal in exchange for service and loyalty 6. Manor F. lord’s estate. One or more villages and surrounding land 7. Serf G. Lord who was granted land in exchange for service and loyalty to a greater lord Independent Practice Match the vocabulary word with the proper definition. Answers: G E A C B F D

22 Before and After Journal
Pretend you are a peasant living in the middle ages Write a journal what life would be like, not only for you, but for Monarchs, Lords, and Knights as well

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