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Colonies. Division of Colonies Southern Middle New England.

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1 Colonies

2 Division of Colonies Southern Middle New England

3 Virginia Jamestown-1607 first permanent settlement for England in the Americas. 2/3 die by winter because no one knew how to farm. John Smith took control over Jamestown and they did better. Would often get into fights with the Native Americans, Powhatan tribe.

4 Life in Virginia Paid your way got 50 acres plus 50 acres for any dependents Workers were indentured servants Slavery quickly expands throughout the colony.

5 Impact of Jamestown/Virginia Trend with natives established ▫At first positive then turn negative Focus of colonization changed ▫Less nobles come over Start to use colonies for industry ▫Tobacco in Virginia Independent government

6 Maryland Lord Baltimore received a charter to establish a colony. He intend it to be a refuge for Catholics. Protestant started moving in causing conflict with the Catholics. Toleration Act of 1649-protected religious rights of all Christians

7 Carolinas Originally one colony which was given to 8 individuals. Was to big to govern so they had to split into two colonies. In some parts the slaves out numbered the whites. Crown bought it back in 1732

8 Georgia Charter to James Oglethorpe Ex-prisoners (debtors) could make a new life Slavery outlawed until 1752 when the crown took back over the colony.

9 Economy of the South Large Plantations ▫Grew tobacco, indigo, and rice ▫Slavery was used ▫Established Slave codes

10 Bacon’s Rebellion After southern colonies expand government needed money. They began taxing people Promoted/protected Indians 1676 Nathaniel Bacon and a group of indentured servants rebelled against government. Attacked and burned Jamestown and at one point controlled most of the colony. Bacon died of a fever and the rebellion died.

11 Northern Colonies

12 Pilgrims Wanted to separate from church ▫Thought the priest and bishops had to much control over the members. Moved to Netherlands ▫Did not like the Dutch ways 1620-First group left for America on the Mayflower ▫William Bradford was one of the first leaders

13 Mayflower Land North of Virginia-They were outside their charter. So they have no form of government. Mayflower Compact-Agreed to have fair laws. Half of them died the first winter at Plymouth.

14 Thanksgiving Squanto taught Pilgrims to fertilize soil. Pilgrims celebrate first Thanksgiving with the Wampanoag Indians.

15 Community Most were farmers. Family members worked together. Women Cooked, sewed clothing, wove wool. Had more legal rights than in England

16 Puritans Puritans disagreed with Church of England. Thousands left: Great Migration 1629-1640. Puritan colonists went to Massachusetts to seek religious freedom. Established Massachusetts Bay Colony

17 Religious Government Established a General Court that turned into a type of self-government. Government leaders were also church members. Dissenters were forced out of the colony.

18 Religious Dissenters Thomas Hooker and followers founded Connecticut to make government more democratic. Roger Williams founded Providence and supported the separation of church and state. Anne Hutchinson was forced out because she disagree with leaders.

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