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SILENTLY… Copy this week’s assignments in your agenda

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1 SILENTLY… Copy this week’s assignments in your agenda
Get out 1 sheet of paper for notes

2 The Southern Colonies

3 Why does England want colonies in America?
What do you think they hope to gain? 1st colony: Virginia

4 Jamestown? 1st permanent English settlement (1607)
Established by 105 men & boys sent by the London Company (joint-stock company)

5 Problems facing Jamestown?
No survival skills (farming, carpentry) Disease-carrying mosquitoes Conflicts with Natives Hunger 2/3 of original colonists died by 1st winter

6 John Smith Takes over Jamestown in 1608 Forces people to work harder
Makes peace with Powhatan tribe Success is short-lived….

7 Tobacco Saves Jamestown Major cash crop
New blend developed by John Rolfe-married Pocahontas


9 Importance of 1619 First slaves arrive in VA House of Burgesses
Elected assembly First republican gov’t in colonies

10 Economy? Depends on AGRICULTURE
Tobacco, rice, indigo are grown on plantations leads to reliance on Slave Labor

11 Bacon’s Rebellion Small farmers (led by Nathanial Bacon) opposed to taxes and policies towards NA want to take Indian’s land Controlled and burned Jamestown but rebellion ended after Bacon died

12 Guided Reading Questions
Sec. 1 & 3 Southern and Middle Colonies

13 1. List the remaining southern colonies.
Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

14 2. Why did Cecilius Calvert establish the colony of Maryland?
As a safe-haven for English Catholics

15 3. Why was the Religious Toleration Act of 1649 important?
1st law in support of religious freedom in the colonies

16 4. Who were the Lord Proprietors of the Carolina Colony?
8 of King Charles II supporters Became known as the Lords Proprietors

17 5. Why did the Carolina colony split into North and South Carolina?
Settlements were far apart, making it hard to govern Conflicts with Natives and Pirates

18 6. Why did James Oglethorpe found Georgia?
Place for debtors to get fresh start Goal: small farms, slavery illegal

19 7. List the Middle Colonies (4 )
New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware

20 8. How do New York and New Jersey become English colonies?
The English took it from the Dutch DUKE OF YORK

21 9. Who are Quakers? Religious group
Supported nonviolence and equality of men & women

22 10. How did William Penn’s beliefs influence the government in Pennsylvania?
He had limited power Elected assembly Religious freedom to all Christians

23 11. How was the economy of the Middle Colonies similar to that of the Southern colonies? How was it different? Both relied on farming South—cash crops on plantations Middle—staple crops like wheat & oats on farms Did not use as many slaves as the South but more than the New England colonies

24 12. How were indentured servants different from slaves?
They were eventually given their freedom after a certain number of years. Slaves are slaves for life.

25 The New England Colonies
Sec. 2

26 New England Colonies Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island
New Hampshire

27 Puritans & Pilgrims Puritans—want to change Anglican Church (Church of England) Pilgrims—want to SEPARATE (and form new) from the Anglican Church

28 Pilgrims on the Move Pilgrims move to Holland and then…
Sail to America on the Mayflower in 1620 Land on Cape Cod & form Plymouth colony

29 Mayflower Compact 41 male passengers sign
Agree to make laws for general good

30 Pilgrims & Native Americans?
Friendly with Wampanoag tribe Squanto teaches them to farm 1st Thanksgiving

31 Massachusetts Bay Colony
Founded by Puritans under John Winthrop Goal: Create ideal Christian community Includes Plymouth colony

32 Role of Religion? Closely linked to gov’t
Religious leaders had LOTS of power Only male church members were allowed to vote Very INTOLERANT of differences! Led to new colonies

33 Connecticut—founded by Thomas Hooker
Rhode Island— founded by Roger Williams Anne Hutchison—critic of Puritan leaders Salem Witch Trials

34 Economy? NO staple crops because of harsh climate and poor soil
Economy based on TRADE FISHING and SHIPBUILDING were leading industries They also had lots of skilled craftsmen such as blacksmiths, weavers, and printing press workers

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