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Virginia The economy was based on the growth and export of tobacco

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1 Virginia The economy was based on the growth and export of tobacco
John Smith worked for the Virginia Company Smith took control of Jamestown: “He that does not work does not eat”

2 Massachusetts: Plymouth
William Bradford-Puritan Minister Came over on the Mayflower One of signers of the Mayflower Compact Longtime governor of Plymouth Colony

3 Massachusetts Bay Colony
John Winthrop: Puritan governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony Created a model society where only Puritans could vote

4 New Hampshire – English Settlers
Originally just a fishing village Grew over time; but remained an English colony throughout colonial period

5 New Jersey – Duke of York
Originally settled by the Dutch as part of New Netherlands In 1664 Sir Carteret received a grant from the Duke of York to establish the colony of New Jersey

6 New York – Dutch Settlers
In 1626 Peter Minuit with other Dutch settlers “bought” the area from local Indians Named their purchase New Netherlands In 1664, King Charles II reclaimed the area from Peter Stuyvesant The King gave the land to his brother, the Duke of York, and renamed the land New York

7 Maryland Lord Baltimore founded Maryland
Wanted colony to be a refuge for persecuted English Catholics Encouraged freedom of religion

8 Rhode Island Roger Williams left Massachusetts and founded Rhode Island Believed in separation of church and state Made peace with the local Native Americans

9 Rhode Island Anne Hutchinson: Puritan woman from Massachusetts
Forced from Massachusetts for wanting women to be able to interpret and teach the Bible for themselves Fled to Rhode Island

10 Connecticut Thomas Hooker was a clergyman who founded Connecticut
In 1639 the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut were enacted to govern the colony First colonial constitution

11 Delaware – Dutch Traders
Originally established in 1631 by Dutch traders In 1638, Peter Minuet led a group of Swedish settlers to Delaware These Swedish settlers brought the log cabin design to America

12 North Carolina Poor Tobacco Farmers From Virginia
Established to serve as a buffer for the southern frontier

13 South Carolina – English Nobles
King Charles II granted permission to some of his loyal supporters to create the colony

14 Pennsylvania William Penn founded Pennsylvania for religious freedom
He was a Quaker He made peace with local Native Americans Believed in non- violence

15 Georgia James Oglethorpe founded Georgia
Created the colony as a refuge for debtors Georgia’s purpose was to serve as a buffer zone between the colonies and Spanish Florida

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