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Turn your Colonies Flip Book over to the back. Using your pencil, divide the back into four equal squares.

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1 Turn your Colonies Flip Book over to the back. Using your pencil, divide the back into four equal squares.

2 Title each square as follows: New England Colonies’ Economy Middle Colonies’ Economy Southern Colonies’ Economy Royal Colonies (Government)

3 Middle Colonies’ Economy  Plantations grew grain and wheat to export  Small Family Farms

4 Southern Colonies’ Economy  Plantations grew cotton, tobacco, and rice to export  The Plantation System used slavery to make a larger profit

5  Some small family farms

6 Royal Colonies (Government) 1. King appoints Governor 2. King appoints Council to advise the governor 3. Colonists elect assembly but it has limited power

7 Front of Foldable Labels 1 st Label Your name 1st Label 13 Colonies (title of foldable) 2nd Label 1620 Massachusetts (New England Colonies) 3rd Label 1644 Rhode Island 4 th Label 1636 Connecticut 5 th Label New Hampshire

8 Front of Foldable Labels 6th Label Pennsylvania 1681 (Middle Colonies) 7 th Label New Jersey 8th Label 1613 New York 9th Label 1776 Delaware 10 th Label Virginia 1607 (Southern Colonies) 11 th Label 1634 Maryland 12 th Label 1670 North Carolina 13 th Label 1670 South Carolina 14 th Label 1733 Georgia

9 New England Colonies

10 New England Colonies’ Economy  Small family farms  Small businesses  Fishing  Lumber

11 Massachusetts

12 Founded by: The Pilgrims (Plymouth) & Puritans (MA Bay) Founded for: Religious freedom

13 Government:  The Mayflower Compact (1620)  Began town meetings & democracy  Only Puritan church members could vote Massachusetts

14 Rhode Island Founded by: Rev. Roger Williams Founded for: Religious freedom

15 Government:  Had freedom of religion  Separation of church & state  Dealt fairly with Native Americans Rhode Island

16 Connecticut Founded by: Rev. Thomas Hooker “Father of American Democracy”

17 Founded because: Hooker and his followers thought the Puritan leaders had too much power. Connecticut

18 Government:  Hooker wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut as a government (1639) (first written constitution in the colonies)  F.O.C. said that ALL men could vote (not just church members) Connecticut

19 New Hampshire

20 Founded by: People who were banished from the Massachusetts colony Founded because: They wanted to get away from strict Puritan rule in MA Bay

21 Government: Part of Massachusetts first, and then became a Royal Colony New Hampshire

22 Middle Colonies “The Breadbasket Colonies”

23 Pennsylvania

24 Founded By: William Penn & the Quakers Founded for: Freedom of religion for Quakers

25 Government:  Had freedom of religion  Said the government should care for the poor Pennsylvania

26 The Quakers were against the slave system that was growing in the Southern colonies. Pennsylvania

27 New Jersey Founded By: 2 Lords Proprietor Founded to: make money

28 Economy:  Fur trade  Farming Government:  Royal Colony New Jersey

29 New York

30 Founded by: The Dutch & called New Netherlands (colony) and New Amsterdam (New York City) Won by England and re- named for the King’s brother, the Duke of York.

31 Founded to: Make money New York

32 Economy:  Fur trade  Farming wheat Government:  Royal Colony New York

33 Delaware

34 Originally part of New York Then sold to Pennsylvania Finally became itself in 1776

35 Southern Colonies

36 Virginia Founded by: The English at Jamestown in 1607 Founded to:Make Money

37 Government:  Had the first representative assembly, The Virginia House of Burgesses Virginia

38 Maryland Founded by: Cecilius Calvert, also called Lord Baltimore Founded for: Religious freedom for Catholics

39 Government:  Proprietary Colony  First written protection of freedom of religion with the Toleration Act of 1649 Maryland

40 North & South Carolina Founded by: 8 Lords Proprietor Founded to:make money South Carolina North Carolina

41 Economy:  North Carolina - small family farms  South Carolina – rice plantations Government: Royal Colony N&S Carolina

42 Georgia Founded by: James Oglethorp Founded to: Be a safe place for debtors to start over

43 Government: Royal Colony Georgia

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