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13 Colonies By Mr. Griffin. List the 4 Middle Colonies.

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1 13 Colonies By Mr. Griffin

2 List the 4 Middle Colonies


4 What country was the first to settle NY?

5 The Dutch/Netherlands

6 What year did England take New York from the Dutch?

7 1664

8 Delaware was originally part of what colony?

9 Pennsylvania

10 New Jersey was originally part of what colony?

11 New York

12 How did Pennsylvania get its name?

13 Named after William Penn – Penn’s Woods

14 How did the colony of New York get its name?

15 The Duke of York

16 What does proprietary mean? (proprietary colony)

17 Relating to business – goal was to make money

18 How did the colony of New Jersey promote religious freedom?

19 New Jersey’s laws protected religious freedom Allowed people of all different faiths to settle in NJ

20 True or False The Quakers were a protestant religion.

21 True

22 NJ became a Royal Colony in what year?

23 1702

24 What were 2 beliefs that the Quakers held?

25 Peace Fairness Not supporting War Not supporting the Church of England All men were equal Toleration Not bowing to royalty

26 What country were the Quakers from?

27 England

28 What current product is associated with the Quakers?

29 Quaker Oats

30 How did Pennsylvania help further the cause of religious freedom?

31 William Penn wanted Pennsylvania to be a “holy experiment” – by allowing people of all faiths to settle there. Side note – later Penn was forced to turn away Catholics and Jews by English officials

32 Pennsylvania became known as one of the “bread basket” colonies– what does this mean?

33 Major role in food production

34 Name the 4 New England Colonies

35 Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New Hampshire

36 What was the first colony settled in New England?

37 Plymouth

38 What year was Massachusetts founded? (Plymouth)

39 1620

40 Why did Boston grow to become a large important city?

41 Many “new” colonists settled in Boston. - during the Great Migration

42 Who was Thomas Hooker?

43 Puritan who left Massachusetts and Connecticut.

44 Who began the colony of Rhode Island?

45 Roger Williams

46 Why was Roger Williams unhappy in Massachusetts? How did he disagree with the way the colony was being run?

47 He believed that the church and state should be separate. The church should not make laws!

48 Why were Puritan ministers threatened by anyone with opposing views?

49 Threatened their control

50 How did the Puritans view the role of women?

51 Very limited – could not vote, participate in government, they could not become ministers, etc….

52 What were two of the most important industries in New England?

53 Whaling/Fishing Lumber

54 How was Anne Hutchinson an important symbol for religious freedom?

55 She was a Puritan woman who refused to be silent.

56 List the 4 Southern Colonies

57 Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

58 How did Maryland promote religious toleration?

59 Allowed all forms CHRISTIAN religions

60 What was the first colony in Virginia?

61 Jamestown

62 Why was the colony of Georgia established? (set up)

63 To act as a buffer between the Spanish and English Colonies A place for people who owed money to start over

64 What colony contained many small, poor tobacco farmers?

65 North Carolina

66 What was the first group to call for end to slavery?!

67 The Quakers

68 What was triangular trade?

69 Trade between New England, the West Indies, and West Africa

70 After the addition of Georgia, how many English colonies are in North America?

71 13

72 What is a debtor?

73 Someone who owes money

74 What is a plantation?

75 A large estate farmed by many workers.

76 Which group of colonies had rocky soil?

77 The New England Colonies

78 Which group of colonies has the warmest climate and longest growing season?

79 The Southern Colonies

80 What colony grouping contains the cities of Boston, Salem, and Hartford

81 New England

82 What colony grouping contains the cities of Philadelphia, Dover, and Albany

83 Middle Colonies

84 What are cash crops?

85 Crops that are sold for money!

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