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I never thought that I could take the burn

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1 I never thought that I could take the burn
never say never 永不言败 I never thought that I could walk through fire I never thought that I could take the burn I never thought that I could feel this power I never thought that I could feel this free 宾语从句 object clause

2 表语从句 predicative clause
I always dream that I can enter a key university. 宾语从句 object clause My dream is that I can enter a key university. 表语从句 predicative clause That I can enter a key university is my dream. 主语从句 subject clause I have a dream that I can enter a key university. 同位语从句 appositive clause

3 Noun Clauses 名词性从句

4 名词从句的功能 功能相当于名词词组, 它在复合句中能担任主语、宾语、表语、同位语,因此根据它在句中不同的语法功能,名词从句又可分为四类

5 whether he will come or not
I don’t know whether he will come or not 宾语从句 object clause The question is whether he will come or not. 表语从句 predicative clause

6 连接词 conjunctions

7 引导名词性从句的关联词 that;whether;if (只起连接作用在从句中不做成分)
2. what;who;whom;which;whose (在从句中做主、宾、表、定成分) 3. when;why; where;how (在从句中做状语成分) 其它: That he didn’t come to school is because he was ill. She looks as if she has really been there. Things are not as they seemed to be.

8 语序问题(word order) 结论:名词性从句应选用陈述句语序。 1.He asked____for a violin.
A. did I pay how much B. I paid how much C. how much did I pay D. how much I paid 2.You can hardly imagine ____when he heard the news . A. how he was excited B. how was he excited C. how excited he was D. he was how excited 结论:名词性从句应选用陈述句语序。

9 I heard that he joined the army.
一.宾语从句 宾语从句就是一个句子作宾语。 1. 动词宾语从句 I heard that he joined the army. 老师说光比声音传播快 The teacher said ______________________________________. 我告诉他不久后我就会回来。 I told him __________________________________. (that) light travels faster than sound. (that) I would come back before long

10 2. 介词宾语从句 Our success depends on how well we can cooperate with each other. 除了他视力不好,我对他一无所知。 I know nothing about him except ___________________________. 我担心是否我能通过期中考试 I’m concerned about ____________________________________. that he has poor eyesight. Whether I can pass the mid-term exam

11 I am afraid (that) I’ve made a mistake.
3. 形容词宾语从句 I am afraid (that) I’ve made a mistake. 我确定我能解决这个难题。 I am sure _________________________________________. 小女孩感到很难过 ,她的风筝飞走了。 The little girl felt upset ________________________. (that) I can solve this difficult problem (that) her kite flew away.

12 √ 4. it 可以作为形式宾语 it作为形式宾语而真正的宾语常由that 引出。
He makes it a rule that he gets up at 6:00 o’clock every morning. We thought it strange that Tom did not come yesterday. 5. 虚拟语气(the subjuctive mood ) 谓语动词为 insist(坚持主张)suggest(建议) demand ,order, advise, request, require 等词,后边的宾语从句要用虚拟语气,即,(should) +do They advised that he go there alone. They advised that he went there alone.

13 √ √ 6. 否定转移(transferred negation )
谓语动词为think, consider, suppose, believe, expect, guess, imagine……,其后的宾语从句若含有否定意义,一般要把否定词转移到主句谓语上,从句谓语用肯定式。 I think this dress doesn’t fit you well. I don’t think this dress fits you well. I suppose he hasn’t finished the job. I don’t suppose he has finished the job.

14 He told me that he would come and that he would come on time.
7.并列第二个以上的宾语从句不能省略(omit)that. He said (that) he had finished reading this novel and that he would borrow another one. He told me that he would come and that he would come on time. ( )

15 小试牛刀: 1.It was ordered that all the soldiers ____ to the front(前线). A. should send  B. must be sent C. should be sent D. must go 2.I hate________ when people talk with their mouths full. B.that C.these D.Them

16 4.they suggested that he ___do it alone. A. didn’t B. doesn’t
3.He told me __he had come the day before and ____he was going to stay here for a week. A. / , / B. that, / C. /, that D. how, / 4.they suggested that he ___do it alone. A. didn’t B. doesn’t C. not D. can’t

17 8. 宾语从句也可由how, wh-疑问词来引导 1.Suppose you were late yesterday, what did the teacher say to you? The teacher said to me—(object clause) why you were late yesterday? How you explained for being late yesterday? 2.When you go to see a doctor , what will the doctor say to you ? The doctor will say to me how long you have felt like this?/ what is the trouble?/what is the Matter?/ what is wong with you?

18 3.When you go shopping, and you are
interested in the trousers.What will you say? I will ask how much they are?/ Whether you can give any discount about them? 4. When you meet the singer you like, what will you say ? I will say whether I can have your signature? (签名)/ whether you feel tired after singing?

19 9. whether与if 有时可以换用,但下列情况只能用whether.
1).介词后的宾语从句. I worry about whether I hurt her feelings. 2).whether…or not的宾语从句. I don’t know whether or not she’ll like it. 3). 不定式只能用whether. Tell us whether to go or stay here. 4)如果宾语从句放在句首时,用whether Whether he has stolen the money, I don’t know.

20 用if 或whether 填空 1. I don’t know __________ I’ll be free tomorrow.
2. I don’t know _________ or not I’ll be free tomorrow. 3. It depends on ________ we will have enough money. 4._______ you are not free tomorrow , I’ll go without you. 5.__________he has told a lie , I can’t tell. whether/if whether whether If whether

21 二.表语从句 表语从句就是一个句子放在系动词之后做表语,常见的系动词有be, remain, seem, look, appear, sound, feel… 1) The fact remains that he is behind the other students. 2) The reason why he is late for school is that he missed the early bus.

22 表语从句的引导词与宾语从句相同 但:1. that引导表语从句时不能省. 2. 表“是否”不用if应用whether. 3. seem, appear后可接that引导的从句, 而 look则不可, 这三个词后都可接as if / as though It seems / appears that he was late for the train yesterday. It seems / appears / looks as if we have to go home on foot.

23 tell me sth about you I am an ordinary English teacher, I work hard
six days a week, so my dream is that I needn’t work during weekends. My trouble seems as if my memory becomes worse and worse. What about you? Tell me your dream, hope, plan, strength, weakness, puzzle, trouble, problem, by using 2 or more sentences,and in you sentences you should include a predicative clause(表语从句).

24 why;that B. because; why C. that; because D. why; because
Choose the correct answer The reason __she asked for leave this morning was __she had to look after her baby. why;that B. because; why C. that; because D. why; because 需要注意的是,常用的结构为: the reason why … is that(不能用because)… keep it in your mind

25 一、找出下列句子中的错误,并总结出规律:
1. Can you tell me how many students are there in your class? 2. The owner of the shop came to see what the matter was. there are what was the matter/ the trouble/ wrong. 规律一:从句中须使用陈述语序 declarative sentence

26 二、找出下列句子中的错误,并总结出规律:
1. My advice is that we must do our homework first. 2. We suggested that we went to the cinema. (should) (should go) 规律二:注意虚拟语气的使用! the Subjunctive Mood

27 三、找出下列句子中的错误,并总结出规律:
1. It depends on if the weather is suitable for us to do it. 2. The question is if he himself will be present at the meeting. 3. I don’t know if or not I can accept his invitation. 4. I don’t know if to accept or refuse. whether ( ) whether whether whether 规律三:注意whether的特殊用法

28 四、找出下列句子中的错误,并总结出规律:
I think that worthwhile that we spent so much money on these books. 2. Everybody considers it impossible which he wants to finish the job in such a short time. it that 规律四:注意it作形式宾语,其真正宾语 的引导词用that。

29 名词性从句应注意: 1、陈述语序 2、虚拟语气 3、Whether的使用 4、It作为形式宾语

30 Exercise

31 1.He didn't know which room _______. they lived B . did they live in
热点试题集锦 1.He didn't know which room _______. they lived B . did they live in C. did they live D. they lived in 2.These photographs will show you _______. A. what does our village look like B. what our village looks like C. how does our village look like D. how our village looks like

32 3. — Do you remember ________ he came?
— Yes, I do. He came by car. A. how B. when C. that D. if 4. — I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week. — Is that _________ you had a few days off? A. why B. when C. what D. where

33 5.You can't imagine ________ when they received these nice Christmas presents.
A. how they were excited B. how excited they were C. how excited were they D. they were how excited 6.I had neither a raincoat nor an umbrella. _________ I got wet. A. It's the reason B. That's why C. There's why D. It's how

34 7. My consideration is ______ the financial crisis(经济危机) in the USA will heavily influence China.
A. which B. if C. what D. why 8. I think this trip was well worth ______ we had paid. A. that B. what C. which D. how

35 9.What are you anxious about?
—______. A. If we succeed B. That we can succeed C. Do we succeed D. Whether we can succeed 10.The recent UK official studies show ______ fewer teenagers are now studying foreign languages. A. what B. that C. which D. whether

36 D B 11.Some one is ringing the doorbell. Go and see _______.
A. who is he B.who he is C.who is it D.who it is D 12.The road is covered with snow. I can’t understand _____ they insist on going by motorbike. A. where B. why C. what D. how B

37 D 13. What the doctors really doubt is _____ my mother will recover from the serious disease soon. A. when B. if C.why D. whether 14.Little Tommy was unwilling to tell the schoolmaster ______ he had done the day before. A. that B. what C. where D. how B

38 Fill in the blanks using the new words:
homework 5.The conclusion they have made is r___________. 6. In this picture the tree is the s_______ of life. 7. I c__________ him that she was honest. ridiculous symbol Do the exercises about the noun clauses on your text book convinced

39 在because前为:it is , that is , this is 时, 称为表语从句. 当然, because也可引导原因状语从句.
He didn’t come on time,that was because he had missed the train. He was late because he hadn’t caught the bus

40 8. 由wh-疑问词引导. Complete these sentences
1)我们完全理解他所说的 We fully understood________________. 2)去问问他昨天为什么晚了 Go and ask____________________________. 3)他不能说出他家在那 He couldn’t tell______________________. what he said why he was late yesterday where his home was

41 Complete the following sentences by using predicative clause
问题是这部电影是否值得看(worth) The question is _______________________________. (2)事实是我们输了比赛 The fact was___________________________. (3) 看起来好像要下雨 It looks________________________. whether the film is worth seeing that we lost the game as if it is going to rain

42 用 what/ whether /as if /why / if / how/ because
where填空 1.The question is _______we can rely on him. 2.I was late for school this morning. That’s _______ I stayed up too late last night. 3.He looked _______he was going to cry . 4.What she couldn’t understand was_____fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lesson. 5.What we want to know is _________ we can improve our English in such a short time. 6.That’s just ______I want. whether because as if why how what

43 用whose, whom, what, how, as if, when, that,why填空.
1.I think ____ he will be all right in a few days. 2.Do you know _____ they are waiting for? 3. He asked _____ dictionary it was. 4. Please pay attention to ____the teacher said 5. Can you tell me _____ I can get to the railway station? 6. I don’t know ______they will arrive . whom whose what how when

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