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1. 2. · Designer:LI YU Teaching aims: 1.Revise some common grammars and language points. (Teaching Importances) 2.Manage to improve their ability of.

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2 1. 2. · Designer:LI YU

3 Teaching aims: 1.Revise some common grammars and language points. (Teaching Importances) 2.Manage to improve their ability of comprehension, judgment and operation. (Teaching Importances) 3.Cultivate their feelings for English learning. (Teaching Importance) 4. Focus on the culture differences and traps in the multiple-choice. (Teaching Difficulties)

4 How to do it effectively?

5 First: In context. 1.----Do you mind if I open the window? ----____ I feel a bit cold. A.Of course not. B.I`d rather you didn`t. C.Go ahead. D.Why not. A. C. D I feel a bit cold. Therefore, the answer is obviously: B.

6 2.----I'm thinking of the test tomorrow. I'm afraid I can't pass this time. ------_____. I'm sure you'll make it. A.Go ahead B.Good luck C.No problem D.Cheer up c Summary:focus on the differeces between chinese and English!

7 . · · 1.Now that she is out of a job,Lucy ____ going back to school, but she has`t decided yet. A.had considered B.has been considering going to consider D.considered The blue part tells us that the action is going on. So B is the correct answer.

8 2.John, a friend of mine, got married and spent $3,000 more than he____ for the wedding. A. will plan B.has planned C.would plan D.had planned The red part reminds us that the action should be "past of past".So D is correct.

9 3.-----Is Bob still performing? -----I`m afraid not. He is said____ the stage as he has become an official. A. to have left B. to leave C. to have been left be left Could you give us a brief analysis SUMMARY:1. 2. 3.

10 · · · · · · · 1.As we joined the big crowd, I got ___ from my friends. A. separated B.spared C.lost D.missed Similar phrases: get married, get engaged,get lost, get hurt,get burnt,get hit, get treated,get broken( ) A

11 2.Progress so far has been very good.____,we are sure that the project will be completed on time. A.However B.Otherwise C.Therefore D.Besides 3.All the people ____ at the party were his supporters. A.present B.thankful C.interested D.important A C

12 Second:Traps in it ( ). 1.He believes in himself, ___, in my opinion, is of great importance. A. that B.which C. What 2.----He has`t come yet. -----What do you consider ____ to him? A.happens B.has happened C.happening happen B B

13 3.John plays football ____, if not better than,David. well well as well well as 4.The manager decided to give the job to_____ he believed had a strong sense of duty. A.whoever B.whomever C.who D.those B A

14 . 1.Tom, ____ sure to come tomorrow. C.was D.would be 2.Alice, you feel the bird,_____? But I fed it yesterday. A. do you B.will you C.did`t you D.don`t you. Who would you rather ____ with you tomorrow,Tom or Smith? A.have to go B.have go C.have gone D.had go You would rather have who sb. do.... B B B

15 . 1.On the grass ___ two sheep. A.lies B.lie C.lying D.laid 2.Only when your identity ( ) has been checked, ____. are allowed in will be allowed in C. will you allow in D.will you be allowed in

16 3.The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once ___with each other. A.they had quarreled B.they have quarreled C.have they quarreled D.had they quarreled TIPS: 1.and 2.have been married 3.never So the answer: C

17 . 1.The question came up at the meeting____ we had enough money for our research. A.that B. which C.whether D.if 2.It was an exciting moment for these football fans this year,_____ for the first time in years their team won the World Cup. A.that B.while C.which D.when focus on the relationship between the two blue parts.

18 . 1.The girl is very shy, and never speaks until ____ to. A.spoken B.speaking C.speak spoken 2.----Mum, why do you always make me eat an egg every day? ----____ enough protein and nutrition as you are growing up. A.Get B.Getting C.To get D.To be getting A C

19 . Every minute is made full use of ____ at our lessons. work B.working D.worked A

20 . 1.This is the very room ___ I slept in that evening. A.that B.which C.where which 2.This is the very room ___I slept in the evening. REALLY?

21 . It is the ability to do the job____ matters [not where you come from or what you are]. B.that C.what I like football. ____ my sister and me. A.So do B.So are C.So did D.So it is with

22 .. 1.He is a strange character,____ is very hard to get along with. A.who B.which C.that D.where 2.He has a strange character,____makes him difficult to get along with..

23 Third:skills for it 1. 2. 3.


25 Homework: 1. Manage to feel the usual traps in it and put them into practice. 2. Learn to form a habit to imagine what we have seen into a vivid picture! Try a sentence again : The complementary coastlines and certain geological features ( that seem to span the ocean) are reminders of where the two continents were once joined.

26 Consolidation: 1.There _____ no bus, we had to walk home. There _____ no bus and we had to walk home. A. was B. being D. to be 2. The teacher ____, there are fifty people in the room. Fifty people are here, ____ the teacher. A. includes B. including C. included D. include 3. I found his eyes ____ on the baby. I found him ______ his eyes on the baby. A. fixing B. fixed C. to fix D. fixes

27 4. I saw him __ at the back of the room. I saw him ___ himself at the back of the room. A. seat B. seated C. be seated D. seats 5. I can`t help ___ the heavy work for the girl of only seven. I can`t help ___ the work for her, because I was busy now. A.doing B. to do C. done D. do

28 6. Please remember ____ off the light before going out. I remembered _____ off the light. Who has turned it on? A. turn B. turning C. turned D. to turn 7.Try _____ the work in another way if you can`t do it in this way. We must try _____ the job, however hard it is. A. doing B. to do C. to be doing be done

29 8. The film is worthy ___. The film is worth ____. The film is worthy of ___. A.seeing B. to be seen C. to see D. being seen 9. Our teacher required him ____ the composition again. Our teacher required he ____ the composition again. His composition required ___ again. A.towrite B.writing C.write D.writes

30 10. The building _____ now will be a chemistry lab. The building _____ last year is our chemistry lab. The building _____ next month is designed by a professor. A. to be built B.being built C.built D.having built 11. ______ the whole city, we should stand on the top of the hill. _______ on the top of the hill, you can see the whole city. A. Seen B. To see C. Seeing D.See

31 BYE-BYE! Thank you for your attention!!

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